Author: 0 NASA telescope finds 10 more planets that could have life

Kepler planet candidates, plotted by size relative to Earth and length of orbit, which is a function of distance from its star. That planet is situated around the closest star. While the catalog from the Kepler mission, the first four years Kepler was in space, will not change after Monday, the catalog from K2 may change and grow in the future.

Tecnologia LG annuncia ufficialmente il nuovo LG G6 Plus
Author: 0 LG annuncia ufficialmente il nuovo LG G6 Plus

Quel momento è finalmente arrivato ed è in questi giorni che LG ha presentato al pubblico il nuovo G6 Plus , una nuova variante del modello originale che si rinnova solo in alcuni aspetti, mantenendo per il resto tutte le specifiche tecniche già conosciute nel modello già acquistabile nei negozi.

Author: 0 Hideki Matsuyama closes with 6-under 66 in US Open

With athleticism and power, and four straight putts over the back nine that allowed him to pull away, Koepka capped off his hardscrabble journey around the world and found stardom at home as the U.S. What he does in the gym has a lot to do with why he's your new U.S. Open champion. He led by two shots when he finished the third round, but had fallen behind by one by the time the final round began.

Tecnologia Yoshida afferma: Non comunicherò più le date di uscita con leggerezza
Author: 0 Yoshida afferma: Non comunicherò più le date di uscita con leggerezza

Durante un'intervista, ha parlato Shuhei Yoshida , presidente di Sony Worldwide Studios. Perché i giochi PS4 sono davvero imponenti e tutti i team - composti da veterani che lavorano nell'industria da 20 anni - ancora commettono degli errori di calcolo sulle quantità di lavoro da svolgere nelle ultime fasi di sviluppo, sulla pulizia e sul debugging.

Tecnologia Google tightens measures to remove extremist content on YouTube
Author: 0 Google tightens measures to remove extremist content on YouTube

The search giant has today taken to its official blog to detail measures the company is adopting to curb the issue at hand. Mr Johnson said there should be no "safe space" for terrorists online adding: "We are pushing back Daesh militarily, but the threat we face is evolving rather than disappearing as they lose ground in Iraq and Syria".

Author: 0 Xbox One X non porterà profitti a Microsoft

Il problema principale è scegliere un nome utilizzabile a livello globale . Sembra, inoltre, che l'interfaccia di sistema sarà praticamente la stessa che vediamo attualmente su Xbox One standard e Xbox One S: solo in seguito, probabilmente sarà pubblicato un aggiornamento per apportare eventuali modifiche al software esistente: ci aspettavamo una soluzione del genere, trattandosi di fatto Xbox One X di una console mid-generation, dunque costruita su una build di sistema già solida ...

Author: 0 Mike Pence hires his private lawyer in Russian Federation probe

In May, President Donald Trump hired lawyer Marc Kasowitz - who previous year represented the Trump campaign and has previously represented Trump personally - to serve as the president's attorney for investigation-related issues. Pence has stood by his March statement that he first learned of the now-fired national security adviser Michael Flynn's ties to Turkey from media reports .

Tecnologia Four foreign inmates escape Bali jail using tunnel
Author: 0 Four foreign inmates escape Bali jail using tunnel

DENPASAR, Indonesia Indonesian police have launched a search for four foreign inmates, who escaped from an overcrowded prison on the resort island of Bali by crawling through a narrow tunnel dug under the walls, authorities said on Monday.

Tecnologia China launches X-ray telescope for black hole observation
Author: 0 China launches X-ray telescope for black hole observation

The government launched a Long March 4B rocket on Thursday, June 15 carrying what has been described as perhaps the most important astronomy mission for China in years called the Hard X-ray Modulation Telescope (HXMT ). Even though the scientific world is well aware of the existence of black holes, it actually possesses a small body of knowledge about them. Briefing to the media the project lead scientist said that this new launch would bring the new breakthrough in physics.

Author: 0 Death toll from London inferno rises to 58

People demonstrate demanding answers over the Grenfell Tower fire , in London , Friday June 16, 2017 . "Are there other tower blocks across London and across the country that have that cladding? ". Tower residents and many others in the area are still struggling to come to terms with what they have seen and lived through. Cundy said police had now managed to get to the top of the tower and had undertaken a first visual search for victims, ahead of later painstaking searches.

Tecnologia Brexit minister Davis:
Author: 0 Brexit minister Davis: "No doubt" over Britain leaving EU

Britain gave official notification that it would leave the European Union at the end of March, meaning it will leave the bloc, which is its biggest trading partner, in March 2019. He wouldn't be drawn on whether he supported Britain's continued membership in the single market and said May's minority government will negotiate in a "pragmatic" manner, striving for a solution that works for both sides.

Tecnologia PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds annunciato per Xbox One X e Xbox One
Author: 0 PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds annunciato per Xbox One X e Xbox One

Otto milioni di pixel, 7 miliardi di transistor per il più potente processore mai apparso su una console . Tutti i giochi e tutti gli accessori per le precedenti Xbox One saranno compatibili anche con la nuova. Vediamo le specifiche tecniche: otto Core Custom x86 a 2,3 GHz, Gpu a 1172 MHz; 12 GB di Ram; larghezza della banda di memoria di 326 GB/s; hard disk da 1 TB e lettore ottico 4K UHD Blu-ray.

Tecnologia Motorola Moto C Plus to launch in India today
Author: 0 Motorola Moto C Plus to launch in India today

And, it seems that Motorola was also thinking the same as its fans, as is evident from the latest AnTuTu leak about the upcoming Moto Z2 smartphone. "Yes, it's a cool place to be at!" It may also be available on offline channels like with the Moto C launched a few months earlier.

Tecnologia Rocket League on Nintendo Switch makes graphics sacrifice for framerate
Author: 0 Rocket League on Nintendo Switch makes graphics sacrifice for framerate

I'm going to stop right here and congratulate the team at Psyonix and Microsoft for allowing cross network play for Rocket League , this is a huge achievement on its own and will only spur the Rocket League community and gamers alike. The message is clear, though: don't expect Rocket League to look as pretty on Switch as it does on other platforms. One thing the Switch version will have over the other versions is the addition of ad hoc multiplayer.

Author: 0 For Whole Foods workers, fears of robots, drones and culture clash

Amazon announced Friday they would buy Whole Foods Markets; a move that sent Kroger shares tumbling. But Jana sure had good timing, and now they're poised to make about $300 million on a stake in Whole Foods ( wfm ) they had only disclosed in April, Reuters reports .

Tecnologia The ACCC is looking for NBN speed testing volunteers
Author: 0 The ACCC is looking for NBN speed testing volunteers

ACCC acting chair Delia Rickard said Australians spend more than $4 billion annually on fixed broadband services. "This will lead to more competition and better value for money for broadband services". The consumer watchdog is now investigating examples of where ISPs may have misled consumers in relation over broadband speeds and other aspects of consumer guarantees.

Author: 0 South Korea to scrap building new nuclear power plants

But a scandal over forged certificates for spare parts in 2012 and the 2011 Fukushima meltdown in neighboring Japan have undermined public support for nuclear power, while the new left-leaning government aims to speed up plans to move away from both coal and nuclear.

Tecnologia Rocket League Cross Play On Switch, Developers Frustrated At PlayStation
Author: 0 Rocket League Cross Play On Switch, Developers Frustrated At PlayStation

He further said that despite Microsoft's disagreement with Sony over the user's safety, they would like to change things and they are very open about that. Shadow of the Colossus was a pretty big hit back in 2005/2006 but now, over ten years later, it's starting to look a little dated. As usual, there are a ton of games to get excited about.

Author: 0 Wind rincara All Inclusive Gold

La variazione è stata determinata dalla modifica delle condizioni strutturali di mercato . In caso di possibilità di attivazione e di conseguente accettazione da parte del cliente, il numero selezionato riceverà un SMS (come quello che vedete a fine articolo) al quale sarà necessario rispondere seguendo le istruzioni per dare il definitivo assenso all'attivazione.

Author: 0 Xbox One X venduta in perdita? Nessun profitto dalle vendite

Secondo Phil Spencer questa feature potrebbe servire ad aiutare i giocatori a riavvicinarsi al single-player grazie ai vecchi classici della prima console Microsoft . La casa di Redmond , infatti, percepisce una percentuale su ogni gioco venduto. La radice Xbox One era obbligatoria in quanto parte della famiglia.

Tecnologia Giochi Xbox su PC, presto la svolta per tutti
Author: 0 Giochi Xbox su PC, presto la svolta per tutti

Xbox One X? Potrebbe essere soltanto una trovata pubblicitaria di Microsoft , un modo per "mostrare i muscoli" e niente più. Secondo Spencer , infatti, il vero business non è la console ma il mondo dei videogiochi . Siete d'accordo con le dichiarazioni di Phil Spencer , in merito al fatto di non obbligare gli sviluppatori a garantire la massima fluidità possibile nei videogames previsti in futuro per Xbox One X? "Siamo stati sorpresi da quanto rapidamente siamo stati in grado di farci ...

Author: 0 Le ultime su OnePlus 5: specifiche, prezzo e una foto

Il display sarà un tradizionale 5, 5 pollici a risoluzione Full-HD mentre sarà supportato lo spazio di colore DCI-P3. Non ci sono dubbi sul processore che sarà utilizzato: Snapdragon 835 di Qualcomm da 2,45 GHz di clock e GPU Adreno 540.

Author: 0 Una settimana di lavoro per portare Anthem su Xbox One X

La presentazione ufficiale di Xbox One X durante la conferenza Microsoft all'E3 di Los Angeles ha sicuramente generato tanto rumore sulla rete, nel bene e nel male: nel primo caso per la qualità e la potenza della piattaforma, nel secondo per via dell'assenza di esclusive di peso e per un prezzo non proprio user-friendly.

Author: 0 Shoppers may see big changes after Amazon buys Whole Foods

Amazon has already put a toe in the water of the $675 billion US retail grocery sector with food delivery services like Amazon Fresh and Amazon Prime Now. "It's probably like the flawless match right", Whitney Winchester said. While the transaction is subject to approval by Whole Foods' shareholders, regulatory approvals and other customary closing conditions, the two parties expect to close the deal during the second half of 2017.

Tecnologia DIY bomb in China kindergarten blast
Author: 0 DIY bomb in China kindergarten blast

Officials later revised the death toll from seven to eight, saying two had died at the scene and six succumbed to their injuries later in the hospital. Explosives are relatively easy to obtain in China, home to the world's largest mining and fireworks industries. The blast is the latest tragedy to strike nursery schools in China in recent months.

Author: 0 Angry Trump decries being target of Russian Federation probe

And it was Rosenstein who appointed Robert Mueller as the special counsel to lead that investigation after Comey was sacked. Moreover, the Senate intelligence committee has already grilled several high-ranking officials - including Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats , National Security Agency Director Mike Rogers and Attorney General Jeff Sessions - about whether Trump sought to interfere with the Russian Federation investigation and the criminal probe into his former ...

Tecnologia Virat Kohli wishes Indian hockey team ahead of crunch game vs Pakistan
Author: 0 Virat Kohli wishes Indian hockey team ahead of crunch game vs Pakistan

All of India's goals came from field play as they sent a warning to their Sunday's opponent Pakistan , who were blanked 0-6 by Canada on Friday (June 16). India's young dragflick sensation Harmanpreet Singh made no mistake with a brilliant flick, picking up the ball from injector Sardar Singh, to send the ball like a bolt to the top corner of the post.

Tecnologia Singapore PM Lee Hsien siblings rebuke him
Author: 0 Singapore PM Lee Hsien siblings rebuke him

I think for most Singaporeans, the takeaway from this episode (and I am sure it is not the last) in the Lee family drama should be that one family is too enmeshed in our national fabric. The war of words has mostly unfolded on Facebook , with allegations of cheating, lying and dynasty-building that escalated Friday with claims that Lee's will had been altered without his knowledge 15 months before he died.

Author: 0 Apple Announces New 'Homepod' Smart Speaker

But Google and Apple don't offer a budget option at all. Speaking about the "HomePod" , it comes with around 7 inches of height and a large woofer designed by Apple . Speaking to CNET , Amazon's senior vice president of devices David Limp stated that the company is open to the idea that maybe other software such as Siri or Google Assistant could be installed in the Echo .

Author: 0 Leaked renders show the iPhone X running iOS 11

The TouchID on the iPhone X also seems to be merged in the OLED display itself and the report claims that it, "will feature Touch ID technology built into the front-facing glass" However, the sources on the Reddit thread did say that Apple tested a design with the TouchID built right into the glass but was abandoned after the success ratio was found to be quite low.

Author: 0 London fire protesters storm city hall

British Prime Minister Theresa May met at her Downing Street office Saturday with survivors of this week's deadly high-rise fire, a day after being chastised by protesters and as the death toll continued to rise. There are a lot of fearless firefighters and police and ambulance workers. He said: "What did she bring, what useful things did she bring?" Survivors of the building claimed the fatal fire resulted from a lack of maintenance to the tower.

Tecnologia Twitter cambia pelle: nuove icone, nuovo menu e foto dei profili tonde
Author: 0 Twitter cambia pelle: nuove icone, nuovo menu e foto dei profili tonde

In arrivo un nuovo aggiornamento per l'app di Twitter che apporterà molte modifiche. Uno degli aspetti più evidenti nel nuovo design di Twitter sono le foto profilo che ora sono diventate rotonde . Proprio parlando di layout, la reinvenzione dell'app vede tutte le voci Profilo , account , impostazioni e privacy raccolte in unico menu di navigazione posto lateralmente.