Tecnologia Homes Destroyed as Fires Rage in South Africa's Western Cape
Author: 0 Homes Destroyed as Fires Rage in South Africa's Western Cape

Western Cape local governance spokesperson James-Brent Styan told The Times that an evacuation of the town's 77 000 residents was under way, but it was unclear how many people had been evacuated. - Dawie Bosch (@dawierbosch) June 7, 2017Any donations to make soup and take it to an informal settlement in Cape Town is needed pls DM me. The cold front sweeps over the Eastern Cape today with gale-force winds expected between Plettenberg Bay and Port Alfred, said SA Weather Services spokesman ...

Tecnologia SpaceX tries again to launch 1st recycled supply ship
Author: 0 SpaceX tries again to launch 1st recycled supply ship

Apart from the food, water, clothing and other gears for the astronauts at the ISS , Dragon capsule is also carrying other things for scientific research. SpaceX's business strategy is predicated on reducing the cost of space travel by landing and reusing its rockets, something experts have long questioned.

Tecnologia Apple's upcoming Siri speaker may be a big problem for Sonos
Author: 0 Apple's upcoming Siri speaker may be a big problem for Sonos

For the last few years, Amazon Prime subscribers were forced to watch shows using their Apple TV by using Apple AirPlay, a cumbersome workaround that involved tethering the set-top-box to another device like a MacBook or iPhone. Amazon has not yet revealed whether the Apple TV will return to its online store as a result of this deal. Apple is also bringing the ability to send money to friends or other people through its payment service, Apple Pay.

Tecnologia HAL, Godrej contribution propels India's heaviest rocket, satellite into space
Author: 0 HAL, Godrej contribution propels India's heaviest rocket, satellite into space

Unlike the cryogenic engine (CE7.5) on GSLV Mk II that borrows from Russian technology, the advanced cryogenic engine (CE20) supporting GSLV Mk III is developed from scratch by ISRO . Billed as India's most powerful rocket-GSLV Mark III is 43.43 metres tall and weighs 640 tonnes-it has put many heavy payloads in orbit before. With communication satellites becoming heavier (up to six tonnes), the capability for larger payloads is vital.

Tecnologia Titans' Murray wearing cast after 'procedure' on ring finger
Author: 0 Titans' Murray wearing cast after 'procedure' on ring finger

Murray has almost 1,700 touches in his career, including 1,032 in the last three seasons. There is no word on whether or not Sharpe sustained the injury in the #alleged fight. He was in a soft cast Thursday but is expected to be out of that at the start of next week. "Definitely, if there was a game I'd be playing". "He wants to work next week, I'll see".

Tecnologia Apple Unveils the HomePod
Author: 0 Apple Unveils the HomePod

The Apple HomePod is going to be made available initially in Australia, the United Kingdom and the USA, and that will be in December 2017. Siri has officially entered the smart speaker market. For Apple , the HomePod is supposed to be a great speaker that'll double as a way to introduce more people to Siri in the home. Schiller was much more interested in talking up Siri as a "musicologist".

Tecnologia Amazon drops its unlimited data storage plan
Author: 0 Amazon drops its unlimited data storage plan

After that, you'll automatically be switched to the new 1TB tier, if you have less than 1TB of data stored or if you have auto-renew turned on. The original options were categorised simply as $11.99 a year for unlimited photos, or the $59.99 price tag for unlimited everything .

Tecnologia Claims for US jobless benefits fall by 10000 to 245000
Author: 0 Claims for US jobless benefits fall by 10000 to 245000

The largest increases in initial claims for the week ending May 27 were in California (+4,813), Tennessee (+3,528), Kansas (+2,408), Missouri (+2,314), and NY (+1,319), while the largest decreases werein MI (-1,496), Vermont (-511), OR (-250), Hawaii (-208), and North Carolina (-187).

Tecnologia ISRO's GSAT-19/ GSLV MK III Launched Successfully India's heaviest rocket
Author: 0 ISRO's GSAT-19/ GSLV MK III Launched Successfully India's heaviest rocket

Another rocket will be turbo-charged into space today with its 3,136 kg payload (the GSAT-19 satellite) from India's space launch site in Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh. "I wish to congratulate the entire team which has relentlessly worked each day for today's launch from 2002", he said . In a series of tweets , he said, "Heartiest congratulations to ISRO on the historic launch of GSLV-Mk III".

Tecnologia Djokovic knocked out of French Open in quarter-finals
Author: 0 Djokovic knocked out of French Open in quarter-finals

That helped Nadal to become the first player to enter the French Open semi-finals for the 10th time. "All the top players have gone through that and I guess I have to learn lessons and figure how get through". No. 3 Simona Halep def. Play has started in the final two women's quarterfinal matches at the French Open. The Djokovic-Thiem victor will face Rafael Nadal in the semifinals.

Author: 0 Two Pre-Order Characters Announced for Agents of Mayhem, Including Johnny Gat

Deep Silver and Volition have announced that Saints Row favourite Johnny Gat will be making a comeback in Agents of Mayhem , prowling the streets of his birthplace, Seoul. Johnny's hatred of robots and love of guns and all out mayhem make him an obvious recruit for MAYHEM. His performance as the mad dog leader of the Saints in the Saints Row series has become so ubiquitous that I nearly can't separate the two.

Tecnologia Apple Releases Faster, Brighter iMac (mid-2017)
Author: 0 Apple Releases Faster, Brighter iMac (mid-2017)

In fact, I wasn't even able to touch it. Up until now I haven't seen enough incremental improvements in subsequent iMac releases for me to feel the need to upgrade. "The 12" MacBook - the one with a single USB Type-C port - has received minor price cuts as well and is now priced at Rs. 1,09,900 for the 256GB SSD variant (Rs.

Tecnologia Project Cars 2 Release Date Announced
Author: 0 Project Cars 2 Release Date Announced

It will be playable on the E3 show floor next week, giving people a taste of the revamped controls and multi-class action that allows players to compete in numerous world's most famous endurance races. This is motorsport in Project CARS 2 . There's a new grip and slip physics system that promises to improve "control and feel". How does it affect your racing experience? Project cars is also VR compatible if you have an Oculus Rift.

Author: 0 IMac Pro Is Apple's New Super-Powered Workhorse

The all-new iMac Pro, with its gorgeous 27-inch Retina® 5K display, up to 18-core Xeon processors and up to 22 Teraflops of graphics computation, is the most powerful Mac® ever made. iOS 11 features improved camera software, upgrades for SIRI and expansion of APPLE PAY. The iMac 21.5-inch is priced at $1099, a 21.5-inch iMac with Retina 4K display will cost you $1299, and a 27-inch iMac Retina 5K is priced at $1799.

Tecnologia Minecraft: Story Mode Season Two Coming in July
Author: 0 Minecraft: Story Mode Season Two Coming in July

The first episode, called Hero in Residence , follows Jesse and the gang after they have defeated the Wither Storm and saved the world. This kicks off a new journey that includes both old friends and entirely new characters while retaining Telltale's classic tough choices.

Tecnologia Threat of asteroid impact looming over Earth
Author: 0 Threat of asteroid impact looming over Earth

Later to that, the scientists have also said that the asteroids are very fragile, but when they are this large they may penetrate deep into the atmosphere and pose a real threat of collision with Earth. The narrow range of orbital parameters of the new branch makes the association of Taurids with these asteroids much more reliable than it was possible before.

Tecnologia Trump urged to reconsider Paris Agreement move
Author: 0 Trump urged to reconsider Paris Agreement move

The governor and county mayors and their representatives gathered for the signing of two bills and a mayors' agreement that "support the commitments and goals of the Paris climate accord", a news release from the Ige's office said . Former Unites States president Barack Obama praised USA states and cities for maintaining measures against climate change in a fresh jab at his successor's decision to quit the Paris accord.

Tecnologia Little Nightmares: annunciata l'espansione Secrets of the Maw
Author: 0 Little Nightmares: annunciata l'espansione Secrets of the Maw

Secrets of the Maw racconta la storia parallela di un altro personaggio, indicato come Runaway Kid, che cerca di scappare da questo luogo di sventura. Il terzo e ultimo capitolo verrà rilasciato a gennaio , e deciderà il destino del Fuggiasco . Se avete già completato il gioco saprete bene che la storia si conclude, dunque i nuovi contenuti si concentreranno su un nuovo personaggio, denominato semplicemente " Il Fuggiasco ".

Author: 0 IOS 11: addio Facebook Login per accedere alle app?

Tra i protagonisti indiscussi del keynote introduttivo della Worldwide Developers Conference 2017 non poteva mancare iOS 11 , l'aggiornamento del sistema operativo più diffuso, che arriverà sugli iPhone e gli iPad compatibili tra pochi mesi portando con sé un carico consistente di migliorie.

Author: 0 Apple WWDC 2017 Conference Revealed New iMac Models With Intel Kaby Lake

Apple's new iMac Pro features a Space Gray variant, a unique design that the tech firm is rare to take. "We're also increasing CPU and SSD speed on MacBook , adding faster processors and making faster graphics standard on our 15-inch MacBook Pro and introducing a new S$1,898 13-inch MacBook Pro ".

Author: 0 Apple releases new features for Chinese market

When activated, it will send people trying to get in touch with you a message to say that you'll check your phone when you arrive at your destination. The service uses the card already registered with Apple's Wallet app and pays funds into a new Apple Pay Cash account. The special keyboard is similar to other one-handed typing features - when enabled, it compresses the keyboard to one side of your screen so that you can better type while you are pre-occupied.

Tecnologia Rebellion Unveils Co-Op Third-Person Shooter
Author: 0 Rebellion Unveils Co-Op Third-Person Shooter "Strange Brigade"

Just like Tom Cruise's The Mummy , Strange Brigade focuses the fight against a terrifying army of mythological menaces, unleashed by no less than a resurrected Egyptian witch queen! A 1930s-set third-person adventure. Journeying to the "remote corners" of the British Empire, you'll encounter ancient lost civilisations, and then set about shooting them to bits. There, Strange Brigade will task players with uncovering some mysterious lost civilizations, hunting through tombs and taking on ...

Author: 0 Apple unveils watchOS 4 for Apple Watch with new fitness features

Other useful fitness functions include the new ability to use the display as a safety feature to make you more visible when night running. The face dynamically updates with information and also supports third party apps. However, the coolest feature may be that with WatchOS 4 your watch will be able to sync directly to gym equipment like treadmills and ellipticals.

Author: 0 Apple Wwdc 2017 | Le novità della Mela

Abbiamo visto il prossimo iPad da 10.5 pollici, aggiornamenti di linea per Macbook e iMac e soprattutto l'ingresso nel pacchetto dell'inedito HomePod , lo speaker con Siri incorporato. Che diventa anche un assistente per la casa: legge le notizie, le previsioni del tempo, invia messaggi, controlla gli apparecchi connessi in casa, come il termostato o le luci.

Tecnologia New Nintendo Switch Summer Trailer - Pokken Tournament, ARMS and Splatoon 2
Author: 0 New Nintendo Switch Summer Trailer - Pokken Tournament, ARMS and Splatoon 2

As mentioned above, the release date for Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon will be about a year after the release of Pokemon Sun & Moon . Nevertheless, these titles are undoubtedly welcome additions to the 3DS system . In the past, Game Freak has stated that they " believe that Pokemon is best on a handheld ", though obviously the Switch is a hybrid console. We can pretty safely infer from this and the brief trailer that these games will basically fill in the gaps left behind in Sun ...

Author: 0 Atlus Announces Three 3DS RPGs

In case you were anxious about the state of JRPGs on the Nintendo 3DS , Atlus just announced not one but three new games coming to the console in the USA in late 2017/early 2018, with Australian release dates yet to be announced - Etrian Odyssey 5: Beyond the Myth , Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology and Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux .

Tecnologia Apple's iMac Pro is its most powerful computer ever
Author: 0 Apple's iMac Pro is its most powerful computer ever

With the iMac Pro , Apple is particularly targeting professionals who need really fast processing and lots of computing horsepower. The new iMacs will have brighter screens that display more colours, faster processors, better graphics, faster drives and the addition of USB-C ports, along with normal USB ports, on the back.

Author: 0 Apple Takes On Venmo With Money Transfer Service Built Into iMessage

The service which will debut along with iOS 11 later this year, will be directly integrated to Apple's iMessage app , enabling users to directly send and receive money to their friends and family. This technology from Apple is already in use for Apple Pay, so a further rollout should not be too much trouble for the tech giant. And Square , the payments startup of Jack Dorsey, has Square Cash in the US.

Tecnologia Zoo visitors watch in horror as live donkey is fed to tigers
Author: 0 Zoo visitors watch in horror as live donkey is fed to tigers

One witness told the Global Times that although it is natural for tigers to prey, the scene was too brutal for tourists, especially children. There are zoos in China that allow live feedings, including a tiger sanctuary in the northeast province, Heilongjiang, which allows guests to pay to watch a live cow or chicken fed to tigers.

Author: 0 Apple CEO Supports Using Repatriation Tax For Infrastructure

Apparently, as all this unfolds, Apple has introduced a host of updates, which Cook claims will enhance Apple customers' privacy. That would both protect privacy but also help solve the hard puzzle of terror attacks . This does not include the content of messages, but the context - when they were sent, from where, and to who. Last year, Apple clashed with the Federal Bureau of Investigation regarding the issue of encryption, particularly regarding the iPhone of one of the shooters ...

Author: 0 Apple release details of their new update coming later this year

Images captured from an iPhone can be looped impeccably due to its computer vision integrated with its camera; hence, making Boomerang animation more sensible. But several important features were not mentioned in the keynote presentation, which means many people who were following the event could not get a clear picture of the OS and what it offers.