Author: 0 Terni, giornata mondiale del donatore di sangue: Tk-Ast apre le porte all'Avis

In questo inizio del periodo estivo, quando già sono aumentate le richieste e cominciano a calare le donazioni in quanto i donatori periodici si allontanano per le ferie, si rende ancora più necessario l'aiuto di tutti per una sensibilizzazione al dono gratuito, volontario e consapevole del sangue in favore di coloro che ne hanno bisogno.

Salute Mosquito pool in Roscoe area tests positive for West Nile Virus
Author: 0 Mosquito pool in Roscoe area tests positive for West Nile Virus

You can thank all of the recent flooding we had for providing plenty of prime breeding ground for the blood-suckers. Declaring a local disaster to help combat mosquitoes isn't typical, but Sam Holt, education specialist with the Mosquito Abatement District, says this isn't a typical year for Idaho.

Salute Pisa, gioielliere fa fuoco e uccide un bandito durante una rapina
Author: 0 Pisa, gioielliere fa fuoco e uccide un bandito durante una rapina

Stando alle prime testimonianze raccolte, i malviventi sarebbero stati armati ma non è ancora chiaro se le armi fossero vere oppure no. Secondo una prima ricostruzione ancora al vaglio di polizia e carabinieri , il titolare del negozio di via Angelo Battelli - il 69enne Daniele Ferretti come rende noto Repubblica - avrebbe reagito al furto ferendo mortalmente uno dei due rapinatori con un colpo di pistola.

Salute Drones carrying defibrillators could aid heart emergencies
Author: 0 Drones carrying defibrillators could aid heart emergencies

The median time from dispatch to the arrival of the drone stood at 5 minutes and 21 seconds, while the median time from the emergency services was 22 minutes and 0 seconds. "Drones able to deliver defibrillators can reach the patient inside the first few minutes and are thus a new and important complement to existing emergency services".

Salute Tac e risonanze mai effettuate, 7 arresti a Napoli
Author: 0 Tac e risonanze mai effettuate, 7 arresti a Napoli

Secondo i risultati delle indagini dei carabinieri di Bagnoli , coordinati dalla procura di Napoli , gli indagati avrebbero chiesto e ottenuto dal SSN rimborsi per costosi esami diagnostici - tac o risonanze magnetiche - mai effettuate e che avrebbero fatto risultare come prestazioni a favore di pazienti del tutto all'oscuro dei fatti.

Salute ISTAT: sempre meno nascite e residenti, ma crescono gli stranieri
Author: 0 ISTAT: sempre meno nascite e residenti, ma crescono gli stranieri

Il rapporto ci dice che, in particolare, il saldo naturale è positivo per i cittadini stranieri , mentre per i residenti italiani il deficit è molto ampio e pari a 204.675 unità. È dal 2008, anno dell'inizio della crisi, che i nati in un anno non aumentano rispetto all'anno precedente. Proprio da questo punto di vista il 2015 è stato un anno record per la mortalità, ma in linea con il trend degli anni precedenti, 'stimolato' dall'invecchiamento della popolazione.

Author: 0 Cosby jury sent home after deliberating 4 hours

McMonagle said that while the comedian had been unfaithful to his wife, he did not commit a crime. "Ladies and gentlemen, he has told you what he has done", District Attorney Kevin Steele said in his closing argument, according to Reuters .

Author: 0 England beats Venezuela to lift U20 World Cup for 1st time

They had the lion's share of the chances in South Korea - Josh Onomah hitting the crossbar. This was England's first World Cup final appearance at any level since 1966 and the achievement of Paul Simpson's squad should not be underestimated.

Author: 0 Jason Peters wants to retire an Eagle, willing to rework contract

At least part of Eagles veteran left tackle Jason Peters' decision to skip the voluntary Organized Team Activities this offseason was driven by his unhappiness about his current contract situation. "(The OTAs) are voluntary, so I chose to work out (in Maryland). I just wanted to get the reassurance that I'm going to retire here and not have to worry about it.

Author: 0 French See No One to Counter Macron, Set to Sweep Parliament

If not, all candidates who earn at least 12.5 percent of vote will go into the second round June 18, where the victor takes the seat. The main victim of the vote is the Socialist Party of Macron's predecessor Francois Hollande . "We are grateful for the trust you have placed in all the new faces of the Republic", Catherine Barbaroux, the party's president, told supporters after seeing the projected results.

Salute Senators' demands underscore McConnell's health care problem
Author: 0 Senators' demands underscore McConnell's health care problem

Donald Trump has called for the US Senate to change the way it votes in order for him to pass his proposed legislation more quickly. Senators voted 54 to 45 for Gorsuch, who previously would have needed to meet a 60-vote threshold in a procedural vote, for his nomination to then come to the floor.

Author: 0 Donna ricoverata al San Paolo: letto pieno di formiche. Foto choc

Borrelli ha chiamato in causa anche il direttore sanitario a cui ha chiesto di fornire spiegazioni e di trasferire la donna al più presto in condizioni più dignitose. "Ho provveduto inoltre ad appaltare ad una ditta specializzata l'incarico per una bonifica definitiva". Dopo le reazioni innescate dalla foto, alla signora è stato cambiato il letto ed è stata disposta una bonifica dell'intero reparto.

Salute Las Vegas hotel guests contract Legionnaires' disease
Author: 0 Las Vegas hotel guests contract Legionnaires' disease

The bacteria which causes the disease , Legionella , was reportedly found in the water system of the hotel, according to the Health District's tests. Symptoms include headaches, chills, fever, muscle pain, cough, shortness of breath, nausea, chest pain, vomiting and diarrhea. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , most patients recover with antibiotic treatment - with a 10% rate of death due to complications.

Author: 0 LeBron says he'd want Magic, Jordan as his 3-on-3 teammates

It is possible that the competition wouldn't be exclusive to just National Basketball Association players. Even if James did want to play, he may not have had an option to do so. While James said fans shouldn't expect to see him in the competition - it's still unclear if the National Basketball Association will even allow its players to compete - he is happy the new hoops tournament was added.

Salute 9-year-old boy missing after fire killed 1 in Florida home
Author: 0 9-year-old boy missing after fire killed 1 in Florida home

He was last seen at a home on Atz Boulevard, which caught fire at 10:25 a.m. Sunday. A woman was also found dead inside the home. The fire remains under investigation. Autopsies are underway and deputies believe the woman found Sunday was killed before the fire was started, deputies said. The boat was later found driving in circles seven miles offshore of Sebastian Inlet.

Salute Anti-diabetes drug also ´lessens kidney, heart disease´ risk
Author: 0 Anti-diabetes drug also ´lessens kidney, heart disease´ risk

Study lead Prof John Petrie, from the University of Glasgow's Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences, said: "The results from this trial are significant because now cardiovascular disease is a major cause of reduced life expectancy in type 1 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease rates are more than double those of the background population".

Salute Texans OL David Quessenberry wins PFWA's Halas Award
Author: 0 Texans OL David Quessenberry wins PFWA's Halas Award

Other notable Halas Courage Award winners include New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees, former New York Jets quarterback Joe Namath and ex-Saints safety and noted ALS advocate Steve Gleason. In June 2014, Quessenberry experienced fatigue and a persistent cough during workouts, and was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin lymphoma. "They gave me that motivation to see this thing through and beat it and get back to the field, where I belong".

Author: 0 Sinn Fein maintains abstentionist stance as DUP puts out feelers to Tories

With Northern Ireland having been without a powersharing executive since March and without a first and deputy first minister since January, a new three-week process to salvage devolution is starting in Belfast on Monday. The accord commits the United Kingdom and Irish government to demonstrate "rigorous impartiality" when dealing with competing political views in the region.

Author: 0 Boris Johnson calling for end to blockade of Qatar

Doha is seeking to reassure customers as it is gripped by the biggest diplomatic crisis to hit the region in years. The Qatari government has dismissed the allegations as "baseless" and said that it has been leading the region in attacking what it called the roots of "terrorism", including giving young people hope through jobs, educating hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees and funding community programmes to challenge the agendas of armed groups.

Salute Vogtle agreement caps Toshiba obligation
Author: 0 Vogtle agreement caps Toshiba obligation

The Vogtle project is now jointly-owned by Georgia Power, Oglethorpe Power, MEAG Power, and Dalton Utilities. A second agreement allows Georgia Power and Southern's nuclear arm, Southern Nuclear, to continue using Westinghouse's nuclear reactor designs and to rely on the company's help on the project.

Author: 0 Professor eats his pro-Brexit book after election stunner

If , however, that does happen, he would happily eat his new Brexit book . Corbyn was elected Labour leader nearly two years ago on a groundswell for change - a shift mirrored across Europe, where centre-left parties have lost support to anti-establishment movements that have emerged since the 2008 crisis.

Salute Katy Perry opens up on livestream about suicidal thoughts
Author: 0 Katy Perry opens up on livestream about suicidal thoughts

You can be right or you can be loved. "And I just have to say, 'You are your own person, I am my own person, and my intentions are pure'". Katy was said to have made the confession during her ongoing YouTube livestream, Witness World Wide , on Friday.

Salute Trump cheerleaders turn on special counsel Mueller
Author: 0 Trump cheerleaders turn on special counsel Mueller

Sekulow's position points out the complexity created by the parallel congressional and criminal investigations into what happened during the campaign and its aftermath. "But I can't imagine that that issue is going to arise " with Mueller, said Sekulow. Sekulow suggested that Trump may take up the matter next week. "I mean, he said he's a leaker", Trump Jr.

Salute Tiger Woods: Watch Full Dash Cam Footage From His DUI Arrest
Author: 0 Tiger Woods: Watch Full Dash Cam Footage From His DUI Arrest

The footage came from his arrest Monday in the dark of early morning when Jupiter police noticed his Mercedes parked on the side of a six-lane road, part of it in the road and part of it in the bicycle lane. He told the officers he had not been drinking, and two breath tests at the jail registered a 0.0. Woods was taken into custody, where he took a breathalyzer test and blew zeroes.

Author: 0 Damian Green Takes Over Government Digital Leadership

After calling a General Election she had absolutely no need to call, she watched the Conservative party lose an overall majority in parliament. The reshuffle comes in the backdrop of May's closest advisers Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill resigning following the Conservatives' loss in elections held on Thursday.

Salute Missouri lawmakers return for special session on abortion
Author: 0 Missouri lawmakers return for special session on abortion

Louis. Greitens said one reason he called the special session was to protect the state's crisis pregnancy centers, or as he described them, pregnancy care centers. Congress passed that law in the wake of terrorists' attacks with hijacked jets in New York City and Washington, D.C., on September 11, 2001. "Special sessions are for extraordinary circumstances that are time-sensitive", Silvey said.

Salute Top two aides to British PM May quits
Author: 0 Top two aides to British PM May quits

The Conservative leader has been warned her days are numbered after calling Thursday´s vote three years early, only to lose her majority in parliament. "I felt what the prime minister needs when you're going through a tough time like negotiating Brexit is diplomats, not street fighters". Anand Menon, professor of politics at King's College London , said her lack of a majority made it far more likely that Britain would leave the European Union without a deal.

Author: 0 Vaccini: arriva il numero verde per parlare con gli esperti

Chiamando questo centralino, i cittadini potranno chiedere informazioni e chiarimenti sulle novità introdotte dal decreto legge direttamente ai medici esperti del Ministero. Inoltre, gli importi derivanti dalle sanzioni comminate ai genitori per il 50% saranno riassegnati ai ministeri a fini di informazione e comunicazione sul tema.

Author: 0 Napoli, denuncia dei Verdi: "Donna a letto in ospedale tra formiche"

Il consigliere Borrelli ricorda che " sono anni che denunciamo la presenza di insetti nell'ospedale e le rassicurazioni che ci hanno fornito fino ad oggi si sono rivelate inattendibili". Le formiche - ha spiegato - sono sul letto, non sul corpo della paziente, ma di sicuro questo è un fatto che non doveva assolutamente accadere . " Abbiamo preso immediati provvedimenti ".

Author: 0 European Union fears Brexit delay after May loses majority

Speaking on Superhengzt's Presseclub, Winkelman said: "We have to see how Theresa May will reorganise herself with this odd Northern Irish party, which obviously has a political structure to Donald Trump, which means that the British domestic politics will continue to be very unstable".