Author: 0 Democrats furious at evasive answers at hearing

Former FBI director James Comey accused United States President Donald Trump on Wednesday of trying to get him to water down the bureau's investigation into Russia's alleged interference in the 2016 USA presidential election. "Senator Angus King (UVa law school, class of 1969) is BY FAR the best litigator". "We can't handcuff our national-security officials when they're fighting against such a vicious enemy", Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton said in defense of the bill.

Author: 0 Trump's legal team to file complaint on Comey

Later in the press conference Trump returned to his " fake news " bashing, joking with President Iohannis "should I take a question from one of the 'killer networks, ' who treat me so badly as fake news? ". Mr Comey told Congress under oath he believed he was sacked to influence his investigation into the Trump campaign. "One hundred per cent", Mr Trump said .

Author: 0 May to form government with DUP backing

However, senior DUP figures made clear they were looking at a limited "confidence and supply" arrangement - rather than a more formal coalition - leading to some MPs to predict that there could another general election before the year is out.

Esteri Theresa May To Form New 5-Year Government With DUP Help
Author: 0 Theresa May To Form New 5-Year Government With DUP Help

Just after midnight, Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams insisted that regardless of the result his party would stand by its abstentionist policy and continue to boycott the Commons - even if that means putting the Tories into power. With two hours to go before the polls close , voters were continuing to fearless the rain to cast their ballots. We will go in and we will talk to whoever it is, and it looks like the Conservative Party will be the largest party.

Author: 0 Several arrests made at anti-Shariah rallies

The day started with the pro-Muslim and pro-immigrant group chanting for equality while holding anti-Trump signs at Wacker and Wabash, directly across from Trump Tower. The protesters in St. Paul were met by counter-protests, including one by the Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-MN).

Author: 0 Conservatives begin talks with DUP over alliance

By Friday, the DUP's 10 members of Parliament found themselves holding the winning ticket. With Home Secretary Amber Rudd , Brexit Secretary David Davis , and Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon all retaining their posts, there was speculation any reshuffle could be limited to replacing the eight ministers who lost their seats in the election.

Author: 0 Merkel assumes May will stick to Brexit talks plan

European Union commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, left, and Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka arrive for a family photo during the Conference on Defense and Security on Friday in Prague. "Her wish and will was not really too much accepted by the British people", he said. "We know when they must end", he said, referring to the March 2019 deadline.

Esteri Iran's Pretty Upset With Trump For Calling Them Out After Tehran Attack
Author: 0 Iran's Pretty Upset With Trump For Calling Them Out After Tehran Attack

The group has claimed the attack on Iran's parliament and another on the shrine of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini on Wednesday, which killed at least two and wounded more than 30 people. During his recent trip to Saudi Arabia, Trump also called for a harder line against Iran advocating for the isolation of the country which he said had "fueled the fires of sectarian conflict and terror".

Author: 0 Iran arrests two suspects linked to attacks in Tehran

TEHRAN, Iran (AP ) - Iran's Supreme Leader said Friday that the Islamic State-claimed dual attacks that killed 17 people in Tehran this week will add to the hatred that Iranians harbor toward the USA and Saudi Arabia . during weekly prayers. He said anti-Iranian remarks by Saudi Arabia's foreign minister and US President Donald Trump are a "matter of disgrace" for them.

Esteri Grillo tenta di compattare il M5S, linea dura sulla legge elettorale
Author: 0 Grillo tenta di compattare il M5S, linea dura sulla legge elettorale

Il protagonista è Beppe Grillo , il quale prima esprime un giudizio negativo sul disegno di legge, affermando che non la capisce nessuno, poi il dietrofont: " avanti così ". Il Pd quindi andrebbe al voto con una legge che non è quella che vorrebbe ma accettata solo per responsabilità inseguito dalle accuse del M5s di inciuci e violazioni varie.

Author: 0 Shivraj Singh Chouhan's Fast Is A 'Drama': Congress

Just when Maharashtra gave in to demands and quelled a rebellion by State farmers, the agitation in Madhya Pradesh on the same lines flared up, leading to at least five persons being killed and over a dozen being injured in Mandsaur district.

Author: 0 DUP agrees principles to back UK Conservatives

Downing St. chiefs of staff Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill, who resigned Saturday, formed part of May's small inner circle and were blamed by many Conservatives for the party's lackluster campaign and unpopular election platform, which alienated older voters with its plan to take away a winter fuel allowance and make them pay more for long-term care.

Esteri London Bridge attacker tried to rent larger truck to kill more people
Author: 0 London Bridge attacker tried to rent larger truck to kill more people

He said: "Because of the fact his payment method failed he couldn't get hold of that lorry". The British Red Cross's Saturday Night for London fundraising drive to support the victims of the attacks has raised over £700,000 since Sunday, and is backed by Borough Market where the knifemen attacked people enjoying a night out.

Esteri Trump declares 'total vindication' in tweet on Comey
Author: 0 Trump declares 'total vindication' in tweet on Comey

With a single tweet , Trump also castigated Comey for giving an account of his conversation with the president to a lawyer who shared it with a news outlet. Yesterday showed no collusion, no obstruction. The president also said the investigation is an "excuse" by the Democrats before they lost the election.

Author: 0 DUP to support minority Tory government after 'confidence and supply' deal reached

In her statement Ms Hill said: "I have no doubt at all that Theresa May will continue to serve and work hard as Prime Minister and do it brilliantly". May's departure from Downing remorseless". May, who accepted victory in her Maidenhead constituency, still asserted her party had won the most seats and insisted long-term stability remained.

Author: 0 Arab nations add names to terror list amid Qatar dispute

After apparently showing support for the moves against Qatar in tweets sent on Tuesday, Trump on Wednesday called Qatar's Emir Sheikh Tamin bin Hamad Al Thani and later UAE's Crown Prince Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan to calm the situation.

Author: 0 Trump blames Qatar for funding terror

Bahrain , Egypt , Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates cut diplomatic ties with Qatar on Monday. Offenders will be punished with up to five years in prison and a fine. - Abu Dhabi port eases restrictions on oil tankers going to and from Qatar. One of the distributors said his biggest clients, state-run Qatar Petroleum and its LNG subsidiaries, are buying up all his supplies and asking for confirmation that he can fulfill future orders.

Author: 0 Islamic State threatens attacks in Saudi Arabia

Reportedly two guards, 10 government staffers and five civilians were killed in the attacks that simultaneously targeted the country's parliament and shrine of late founder of the Islamic Republic Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. The Islamic State group claimed the Tehran attacks; no link has emerged of Saudi Arabia's involvement. The reports said Iran's security forces neutralized one terrorist , another one committed suicide there.

Author: 0 Two US soldiers killed in attack by Afghan soldier

The Afghan army soldier opened fire and killed the Americans, according to USA and Afghan officials. Three US soldiers were killed and a fourth wounded in Afghanistan on Saturday, the Pentagon said , after an Afghan soldier reportedly opened fire on them.

Author: 0 Apple unveils Indian prices of new iPads and Macs

Apple says that's 43% brighter than the October 2015 model . These features will turn an iPad into less of a toy and more of a tool. Both tablets have a fast A10X chip with a 6-core CPU and 12-core GPU. The MacBook Pro and MacBook Air line-up of laptops are the best in their class, only recently being outdone by what Microsoft Surface devices are capable of.

Esteri May to form government with help of Democratic Unionist party
Author: 0 May to form government with help of Democratic Unionist party

And it surely secures investment of billions of pounds into Northern Ireland . The Green Party warned that a Conservative government propped up by the DUP would be a " coalition of chaos". Despite failing to win a majority of the seats, May will attempt to form a government. "The DUP's obstruction to legal abortion in Northern Ireland has left many women in dire circumstances, forced to travel to England where they are not entitled to NHS-funded terminations or face prosecution for ...

Author: 0 IOS 11 brings NFC smarts to more apps

Another feature, called preferredUserInterfaceStyle, will enable the developers more freedom to work within a specific theme if one hasn't been chosen by the end user. For those who do need to respond while behind the wheel, there's always Apple CarPlay, which lets drivers use voice commands to listen to their messages and respond.

Author: 0 Supermarket shooter kills 3 co-workers, self

There was one witness at the scene who was not injured, police spokesman Ryan Tarkowski said . This incident comes three days after a "disgruntled" Florida man returned to a business he was sacked from in April, shooting and killing five former coworkers, police said.

Esteri United States attorney general next in scandal's spotlight
Author: 0 United States attorney general next in scandal's spotlight

Judd Legum at Think Progress said, "Instead of testifying publicly before the appropriations committees, where these matters could be discussed in the light of day, Sessions will appear before the Senate Intelligence Committee". The letter did not say whether Sessions planned to give public testimony or to appear before the panel behind closed doors. Comey's appearance raised new questions about the attorney general's relationship with Russian officials and others with ties to President ...

Author: 0 Battle for IS 'Capital' Raqqa Begins

The battle for the city is expected to be extended and bloody, and could mark a major turning point in the war against the extremists. The commander of US-led coalition forces said the fight for Raqqa would be "long and difficult" but would deliver a " decisive blow to the idea of ISIS as a physical caliphate".

Esteri Sessions says he plans to testify before Senate intelligence panel
Author: 0 Sessions says he plans to testify before Senate intelligence panel

Sessions said the Senate Intelligence Committee is most appropriate because it "has access to relevant, classified information". Sessions was scheduled to appear before the House and Senate appropriations subcommittees that day, but said in the letter that some members had publicly stated their intentions to question him about issues related to the Russian Federation investigation.

Esteri This 'bot' formats Trump's tweets as White House statements
Author: 0 This 'bot' formats Trump's tweets as White House statements

A Politico/Morning Consult poll finds 69 percent of voters think the president uses Twitter too much, and 59 percent say Trump's use of a Twitter is a bad thing. Comey said he refused on all points, told senators of the detailed memos he had written after his conversations with Trump and said he hoped those conversations were taped because he is confident of their veracity.

Esteri Theresa May's best hope, DUP opposes abortion, same-sex marriage
Author: 0 Theresa May's best hope, DUP opposes abortion, same-sex marriage

Downing St. said the Cabinet will discuss the agreement on Monday. May announced later that Gavin Barwell - a former housing minister who lost his seat in Thursday's election - would be her new chief of staff. The news of a possible deal came at the end of another torrid day for Mrs May , whose two closest aides both resigned earlier on Saturday, paying the price for the failure to crush the opposition Labour Party and its radical left-wing leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Author: 0 Gordon Strachan: 'We drew but it feels like we lost'

England's players were lucky to escape serious injury in the dying moments of their 2-2 draw against Scotland , after a bottle of whisky bottle thrown from the stands flew past their celebrations of Harry Kane's late equaliser. England goalkeeper Joe Hart , whose Manchester City future remains in limbo following a loan spell at Torino, got nowhere near either shot, by Southgate absolved him of blame.

Author: 0 Theresa May says she'll remain PM despite calls to go

Cameron's European Union referendum asked Britain the wrong question; Corbyn's Labour Party offered a different set of answers: an end to austerity, a commitment to the public good, the faith that generosity is more powerful than greed.

Author: 0 Senate Republicans Edge Closer to a Deal on Health Care

McConnell meanwhile has a working group of 13 Senators - all men - steadily and surreptitiously haggling to reach a consensus on Obamacare. Senate Republicans have also been mulling options to more slowly roll back the expansion of Medicaid that most states accepted under Obamacare, and they are also openly talking about keeping numerous taxes the law imposed.

Esteri Trump signals he won't try to block James Comey's Senate testimony
Author: 0 Trump signals he won't try to block James Comey's Senate testimony

James Comey agreed to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee next week, something that the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director terminated by Donald Trump is reportedly " eager " to do. If Trump tries to stop Comey from testifying about their discussions relating to the Flynn investigation, Comey should just ignore him and do it anyway.