Author: 0 Trump to announce climate decision Thursday

Walsh also echoed Trump's campaign slogan, saying that while he thought America was "always great", it's also important to "make America great again in the area of the environment". A decision is supposed to come this week on whether the United States will remain in the Paris climate change deal. Mr Trump's chief economic adviser Gary Cohn has discussed the possibility of changing the USA carbon reduction targets instead of pulling out of the deal completely.

Author: 0 Trump creates a Twitter 'covfefe'

Internet reacts to Presiden't " covfefe " tweetThe tweet went viral, getting almost 120,000 retweets and 150,000 likes in 6 hours. Radio show host Laura Ingraham tweeted in response to Trump's guess-the-meaning post that, "It's so bad-the collusion b/t (between) the Dems & the press, the establ (ishment) vs the ppl (people), that we needed a new word to describe it all".

Author: 0 Iranian People Chose 'Engagement With the World,' Rouhani Says After Re-Election

At a summit meeting this weekend in Saudi Arabia between President Donald Trump and leaders of predominantly Muslim countries, Iran was pointedly not invited. "We made the victory again". It's believed that over 40 million people placed their vote, which equates to about 73% of the population. Rouhani's engagement with the outside world, without the types of banking and visa restrictions, as well as economic sanctions resonated with voters who have disliked the country's isolation.

Esteri China hope Pakistan, India may be closer at Astana
Author: 0 China hope Pakistan, India may be closer at Astana

Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF ). Both China and Russian Federation on Thursday said India will become a full member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) when Prime Minister Narendra Modi attends the summit-level meeting in Kazakhstan capital Astana on June 8 and 9.

Esteri China vows to adhere to Paris climate deal
Author: 0 China vows to adhere to Paris climate deal

By withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement , President Trump is putting this country against every other nation on Earth with the exception of Syria and Nicaragua. "The entire discussion about climate was very hard, if not to say very dissatisfying". A source briefed on the decision told Reuters Mr Trump planned to make good on his campaign vow to withdraw the USA from the pact.

Esteri Sterling hammered by poll showing risk of hung parliament
Author: 0 Sterling hammered by poll showing risk of hung parliament

The 2015 election led to the first majority Conservative government for 18 years - and she would have thrown that power away in the space of two years. The latest poll further muddies the picture around the likely outcome of the June 8 election. He added: "This has been the general pattern of general elections for an age, and whether you believe our poll findings or those of others will depend on whether or not you think Jeremy Corbyn can actually buck that trend".

Esteri Trump conferma: USA fuori dall'accordo di Parigi
Author: 0 Trump conferma: USA fuori dall'accordo di Parigi

L'accordo, infatti, si basa sulla "politica del consenso" e non prevede alcuna sanzione per chi non ne rispetterà i termini. "L'amministrazione Trump si sta unendo a una piccola manciata di nazioni che rifiutano il futuro ", il primo commento dell'ex presidente Barack Obama , che aveva siglato l'intesa con i capi di Stato di altre 194 nazioni.

Author: 0 Clinton lost because 'she was awful candidate'

But, she also added: "I won 3 million more votes than the other guy". After she described how Russian forces had used technology to ruin her campaign, she urged Facebook to consider adapting their algorithms so fake news can be sifted out of people's news feeds.

Esteri Korea fires shots at N. Korea after object crosses border
Author: 0 Korea fires shots at N. Korea after object crosses border

Seoul's military believe the uobject was launched from North Korea and local media has reported that it could have been a drone. Other analysts attribute Kim's resolve to develop a reliable nuclear weapons capability to an effort to raise the stakes in future negotiations with South Korea and the push for economic support and pledges of nonaggression.

Esteri India, Spain express need for EU-India FTA
Author: 0 India, Spain express need for EU-India FTA

What has Modi done in Germany? He arrived in Spain late Tuesday from Germany. "They positively accessed the contribution and cooperation between India and Spain at the moment and also agreed to expand the cooperation and consultation between India and Spain to counter terrorism , extremism and radicalistion", said Bagley.

Esteri Trump To Pull Out of Paris Climate Agreement
Author: 0 Trump To Pull Out of Paris Climate Agreement

Rep. Ed Perlmutter (D-Arvada): "Abandoning the historic Paris Climate Agreement would be a mistake and jeopardizes American leadership in reducing harmful greenhouse gases and combatting climate change". "The nations that remain in the Paris Agreement will be the nations that reap the benefits in jobs and industries created", Obama warned in a statement.

Esteri Want a visa? The Trump administration wants to creep on your profiles
Author: 0 Want a visa? The Trump administration wants to creep on your profiles

Earlier this year, Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly told a House committee USA visitors could be asked to surrender passwords for their social media accounts for examination by law enforcement. Those seeking a visa to enter the United States will now have to air out their dirty social media laundry, which could bring the approval process to an agonizingly slow pace.

Author: 0 Texas 'bathroom bill' fading as legislative session wraps up

Democrats, teachers and advocates for Texas' poor warned that the lean new budget for a booming state - which boasts four of the five fastest-growing large cities in the US - will have lasting consequences. "They stripped out our language". Flanked by almost two dozen of the state's 31 senators - most Republicans and Democrats - Patrick blasted Straus' poor leadership and that of House leaders.

Author: 0 Trump To Announce Decision On Paris Climate Accord

China is the top emitter of man-made carbon dioxide emissions, and the United States is second. A vote to remain also would mark a beginning - not an end - of questions about how the Trump administration will affect global climate change efforts.

Author: 0 Theresa May: Back my vision of brighter Brexit future

Theresa May has promised to "reach out to everyone, in every community" in the final week before the general election , as she set out an upbeat picture of post-Brexit Britain in an attempt to inject fresh vigour into the Conservatives' campaign.

Author: 0 Putin says attempts to contain Russia won't work

Raising the possibility of involvement by what he portrayed as free-spirited Russian patriots, Putin said hackers "are like artists" who choose their targets depending how they feel "when they wake up in the morning". But it said the former leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party had "raised the interest" of FBI investigators because of his relationships with individuals connected to both the Trump campaign and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

Author: 0 Here's how much we've spent in Apple's App Store

As the focus steadily shifts to the camera, the photo and video category have also started picking heat. Apple's booming App Store biz highlights the increasing importance of services revenue to the company. Users are sure loving the App Store - app downloads increased 70% compared to previous year, and paid app subscriptions rose 58% in that same period.

Author: 0 Philippines launches air strikes in bid to retake ISIS-occupied city

Inside this lakeside city dotted with hundreds of mosques, a powerful militant designated by the Islamic State group as its leader in the Philippines has managed to unify a disparate group of gunmen under a single command. In the video, Suganob pleads with Duterte to withdraw government forces from the city of Marawi , where troops have been clashing with unexpectedly formidable ISIS-linked militants since last week.

Esteri PPG retreats from AkzoNobel buyout attempt
Author: 0 PPG retreats from AkzoNobel buyout attempt

PPG boss Michael McGarry said it had hoped Akzo's management would see the benefits of merging the two groups, but the Dutch group has been steadfast in rejecting PPG's advances. AkzoNobel has made clear that it does not want to be a part of that consolidation, even with some shareholders pressuring company leaders to negotiate.

Author: 0 Departure of communications aide could be first in Trump shake-up

White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway has for weeks dismissed reports that Trump could be planning a major shakeup of his administration to confront scandals revolving around the Russian Federation probe. "I work here every day". Mr Johnson noted that a White House staff shake-up is hardly a new concept and is by no means unique to the Trump administration.

Esteri Police release Tiger Woods' DUI arrest video
Author: 0 Police release Tiger Woods' DUI arrest video

In the video, Woods first appears in the frame of the dashcam as he places his right foot on the police vehicle, appearing to sway side to side as he attempts to tie his shoe. He was released "on his own recognizance" which means he promises to co-operate with future legal proceedings. He "had extremely slow and slurred speech".

Author: 0 House panel issues subpoenas for Flynn, others

Its work - already the subject of intense public scrutiny - has received even more attention since Trump fired Comey as director amid a probe into whether Trump's campaign coordinated with Russians to influence the 2016 presidential election.

Esteri Alfano rompe con Renzi ma salva Gentiloni
Author: 0 Alfano rompe con Renzi ma salva Gentiloni

No da Giuliano Pisapia , che si dice "negativamente colpito dalla convergenza di tanti su un sistema proporzionale che condurrà alle larghe intese ". "Non è accettabile che nel 2017 ci siano ancora i piccoli partiti che mettono i veti". "Accettiamo la sfida della soglia al 5% sulla legge elettorale , ma ritengo conclusa la collaborazione con il Pd ".

Esteri Philippines says 500 militants involved in siege
Author: 0 Philippines says 500 militants involved in siege

THE military is looking into circumstances surrounding the deaths of 11 soldiers killed in an airstrike in the conflict-torn Marawi City . "Accidents happen, like this", Defence Secretary Delfin Lorenzana told a news conference."It's very sad to be hitting our own troops", he added.

Esteri Ottawa announces softwood lumber aid package
Author: 0 Ottawa announces softwood lumber aid package

The government package announced Thursday is meant to help forestry companies explore new markets and innovate. The money also includes measures to support workers who want to upgrade their skills and transition to a different industry. Senior government officials speaking on background said the package was put together with input from trade lawyers who ensured it meets Canada's worldwide obligations.

Esteri Former President Obama responds to decision to withdraw from Paris agreement
Author: 0 Former President Obama responds to decision to withdraw from Paris agreement

The president described the decision as necessary to protect the US economy from burdensome emissions restrictions and foreign interference in USA energy policy. "This agreement is less about the climate and more about other countries gaining financial advantages over the U.S.", the president said. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., and 21 other Republican sent Trump a letter last week urging him to follow through on his campaign pledge to pull out of the climate accord.

Esteri Did your name make the 2017 hurricane names list?
Author: 0 Did your name make the 2017 hurricane names list?

If correct, that would make this year's storm season about average. Stay informed by listening to weather radio, check with the National Weather Service and local emergency agencies. Forecasters are quick to point out when a hurricane is coming, the public's attention shouldn't necessarily be on the strength or category of the storm, but on the storm surge it generates.

Esteri Philippine airstrike kills 11 soldiers in besieged city
Author: 0 Philippine airstrike kills 11 soldiers in besieged city

There were a total of 120 militants killed since last Tuesday, when a failed government raid to capture one of Asia's top militants in Marawi triggered the siege of the city by the rebels. "I am one of those who are really hurrying it up", he said. "We will maintain our present dialogue with the MI and MN and the traditional mainliner", Duterte said, referring to the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF).

Author: 0 Jury Seated in Cosby Trial

After prosecutors struck two black women from the panel, defense lawyer Brian McMonagle attacked what he called the other side's "systemic exclusion of African-Americans". Defense lawyers had complained not enough minorities were seated on the jury. See what Cosby's daughter had to say about the controversy in the BET Breaks video, above.

Esteri Trump communications director Dubke is leaving, white house says
Author: 0 Trump communications director Dubke is leaving, white house says

Mr Sean Spicer , the White House press secretary, on Tuesday held his first White House briefing since the President returned from a nine-day worldwide trip amid talk that Mr Spicer's own role may change. Flynn handed in his resignation in February after it was revealed he misled top White House officials about his contacts with Russian officials.

Author: 0 Trump to announce decision on global climate deal on Thursday

The vast majority of world nations have backed the major climate agreement, with Syria and Nicaragua the only states from the 197 entitled to be in the pact that have rejected it. The U.S. and China are the two biggest emitters of carbon in the world, and if the U.S. were to leave the agreement, it could significantly jeopardize the pact's potential to succeed, according to Climate Central .

Author: 0 White House officials refuse to comment on Jared Kushner's Russian Federation ties

I grew up up during the Cold War, with all of its worries about Russian Federation infiltrating our government and trying to take us over. One of the strategies Donald Trump employed as he began putting his name on the US political map years ago was championing "birtherism", the long-held conspiracy theory that President Barack Obama was born outside of the USA and hence should never have been elected.

Author: 0 N Korea fires third short-range ballistic missile

China condemned the latest test, reiterating that UN Security Council resolutions had "clear rules" about North Korean missile activities and urging Pyongyang not to contravene them. Less than two days earlier, Japan's Prime Minister met with US President Donald Trump and five other leaders from some of the world's most powerful countries at the G7 summit in Italy.

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