Author: 0 Senate OKs sanctions bill to punish Russia

The Senate bill imposes mandatory sanctions on people involved in Iran's ballistic missile program and anyone who does business with them. Senators voted overwhelmingly Wednesday to write stiff sanctions against Russian Federation into law and to give Congress a say should President Trump try to lift them, making a bipartisan strike against the government of President Vladimir Putin .

Author: 0 Tropical Storm Cindy weakens to tropical depression. Here's what to expect next

In West Virginia, forecasters warned of possible flooding, damaging wind gusts and severe thunderstorms once what remains of Cindy arrives and merges with another storm front later in the week. Two more were reported on the northwest coast of Florida, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. A tornado was reported on Thursday near Birmingham, Alabama , destroying several buildings and injuring at least four people, according to the National Weather Service ...

Author: 0 Afghan Soldier Wounds 7 US Soldiers in Insider Attack

The others fought a battle with Afghan special forces that had responded to the attack. The attacker was shot and killed and one Afghan soldier was wounded. The Pentagon is weighing the possibility of sending thousands more troops to the country to train Afghan forces to break what Lt. Gen. John Nicholson calls a stalemate there.

Esteri McConnell faces hunt for GOP votes for health bill
Author: 0 McConnell faces hunt for GOP votes for health bill

Republicans, including those in the Senate who will likely vote on their health care bill next week, have justified overhauling the 2010 health care law and Medicaid in part because they say the programs are unpopular and aren't working.

Author: 0 How the Republican health care bill changes Obamacare

Professor Abbe Gluck of the Yale Law School said that, because it doesn't completely overhaul Obamacare , the Senate bill "actually illustrates that the Affordable Care Act is enormously popular". Moran said he would take his time to examine the legislation. Both the House and Senate health care bills would disproportionately hurt lower-income households by reducing funding for Medicaid and offering less generous subsidies to buy health insurance.

Esteri Tourist bus hits top of Paris tunnel, 4 injured, 1 serious
Author: 0 Tourist bus hits top of Paris tunnel, 4 injured, 1 serious

It is believed about 20 people were aboard when it crashed at about 1pm local time with one seriously injured, le Parisien reports. Information on the injured, including their nationalities, was not immediately available. Firefighters had to cut away part of the bus to extricate her. Big Bus Tours, the bus company, told The Associated Press that the driver took the tunnel because other routes in the city were closed.

Esteri How the Senate health bill compares to House, 'Obamacare'
Author: 0 How the Senate health bill compares to House, 'Obamacare'

She says the protesters rely on Medicaid to help them live and she says the health bill amounts to " tax cuts for the wealthy on the backs of people with disabilities ". Alison Barkoff, the director of advocacy for the Center for Public Representation, helped organize the protest . "I hope Mitch McConnell listened to what the demonstrators had to say outside his office today", Sanders tweeted from his Senate account, which is managed by a staffer.

Author: 0 Indiana's ACA health insurance providers propose rate hikes

Federal subsidies also increased though, meaning consumers didn't have to pay much more for their premiums. Celtic is asking for a minimum increase of 24 percent, with a maximum increase of 117 percent. Health insurers Anthem and MDwise are both withdrawing from the ACA's IN marketplace next year. MHS - known in IN as Ambetter - would raise its average premium by 24 percent.

Author: 0 Stefano Rodotà è morto. Il giurista e politico aveva 84 anni

Imposimato, vicino al Movimento 5 Stelle pur non aderendovi, aveva sostenuto la candidatura del Movimento di Rodotà alla Presidenza della Repubblica . Era il padre del diritto alla privacy in Italia , il primo Presidente del Garante per la protezione dei dati personali , l'uomo che ha preso per mano un diritto sconosciuto ai più eppure fondamentale e lo ha reso quello che oggi è, a dispetto dei tempi, delle tecnologie e della trasformazione della società, che già all'epoca - ...

Esteri People with disabilities at risk in Central African Republic
Author: 0 People with disabilities at risk in Central African Republic

However, the local Catholic mission says the death toll could be higher because it has been too risky for Red Cross teams to recover bodies from the streets. "People with disabilities and other at-risk groups should get the protection and assistance they desperately need". Mumuza Muhindo Musubaho, the group's coordinator in Bria, said the injured mostly sustained gunshot wounds, but gave no number of fatalities.

Author: 0 Iran fires missiles at militant groups in eastern Syria

Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) said on its official news website, Sepah News, that several "ground-to-ground, mid-range missiles" were fired from bases in Kermanshah province, western Iran . After passing through Iraqi airspace, the missiles hit positions of the self-styled IS in Syria's Deir al Zour province 650 to 700 km from the launch sites.

Esteri EJ Dionne Jr.: Georgia provides lessons to Democrats
Author: 0 EJ Dionne Jr.: Georgia provides lessons to Democrats

The response from some: It better be. "I thrive on competition", Pelosi said on Thursday, defying calls for her ouster from some members of her own party after Democratic candidates lost a hotly contested Congressional race in Georgia and another race in SC earlier in the week, the third and fourth such losses for Democrats in special elections to replace the appointees of President Donald Trump this year.

Author: 0 Led coalition downs Iran-made drone in Syria

The US military has also targeted pro-Syrian regime militias near At Tanf two other times since mid-May. The military said Binali was killed in Mayadeen, an IS-held Syrian town near the Iraqi border. A defense official, who was not authorized to be quoted by name and spoke on condition of anonymity, said the drone shot down Tuesday was a Shaheed 129 and appeared to have been operated by "pro-regime" forces.

Esteri Former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl dies
Author: 0 Former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl dies

East Germany , who were separated post World War II . " Helmut Kohl has also changed my way of life decisively". Kohl wrote in his memoirs that his conviction German reunification was necessary was vindicated in the fateful autumn of 1989, when protesters' chants in the East shifted from "We are the people" to "We are one people".

Esteri Indiana Democrats, Republicans React To Senate Health Bill
Author: 0 Indiana Democrats, Republicans React To Senate Health Bill

But Paul Ryan's bill contained a fatal flaw . Many will be "looking to see if there are things that we can do to refine it, and make it more acceptable to more members in our conference, to get to 50", Senator John Thune said . "Like in the House bill , older people around 58, 59, 62, who were lower income will certainly wind up paying a lot more for their health insurance if this bill passes in its current form".

Author: 0 Microsoft Reveals Its Project Scorpio Is 'Xbox One X' At E3 2017

Xbox One X has been unveiled at the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2017, shedding its previous name as Project Scorpio . Well, Microsoft is planning to use "super sampling" on the new One X to enhance the visuals of new games, making it look better even on 1080p TVs.

Esteri Fultz steps out in shoes made of basketballs
Author: 0 Fultz steps out in shoes made of basketballs

Boston then used the third overall pick to add small forward Jayson Tatum of Duke, one of the most polished scorers in college basketball. "I mean, say you want to do something, and to go out and do it is unbelievable". Fultz was a bit of a late bloomer, failing to make his high school's varsity team his freshman and sophomore years. Fultz earned a spot in the McDonald's All-American game in 2016.

Author: 0 US pushing China to rein in companies that deal with NKorea

The comments published by the official Korean Central News Agency were North Korea's first reaction to Otto Warmbier's death in a US hospital on Monday after it released him for what it called humanitarian reasons. Divisive trade issues will be tackled separately at a later date. The comments came days after new South Korean President Moon Jae-in's special adviser on unification, foreign affairs and national security, Moon Chung-in, surprised an American audience at his speech in ...

Author: 0 Trump is willing to work with Senate Republicans on health care bill

On Thursday they released this statement: "Currently, for a variety of reasons, we are not ready to vote for this bill , but we are open to negotiation and obtaining more information before it is brought to the floor". Though the Senate GOP's bill repeals the individual mandate , the legislation maintains numerous ACA tax credits that have helped people buy insurance.

Author: 0 China's Trump honeymoon: Unexpected, and at risk of ending

The dialogue with China's State Councilor Yang Jiechi and Gen. Fang Fenghui, chief of the Chinese joint staff department, is a result of the summit in April between President Donald J. Washington has considered further "secondary sanctions" against Chinese banks and other firms doing business with North Korea. The Trump administration has also provided China with a list of entities or people that allegedly support Pyongyang's missile and nuclear weapons network against which Beijing needs ...

Esteri ECB seeks greater power over clearing supervision
Author: 0 ECB seeks greater power over clearing supervision

Under the proposed amendments, the ECB and its national central banks will monitor and address risks associated with central clearing activities that could affect the conduct of monetary policy, the operation of payment systems and the stability of the euro.

Esteri UN Sees Possible Role for Blockchain in Advancing Paris Climate Accord
Author: 0 UN Sees Possible Role for Blockchain in Advancing Paris Climate Accord

The Charlottesville City Council on Monday voted to join the Compact of Mayors, a global coalition of mayors and city officials committed to curbing climate change. Reasonable people can agree that the climate changes but disagree about what should, or even can, be done. Yet Marshall Islands President Hilda Heine says she has to be optimistic because she can't give up on her country and her culture.

Esteri Democrats Play Blame Game With Pelosi After Georgia Election - To GOP's Glee
Author: 0 Democrats Play Blame Game With Pelosi After Georgia Election - To GOP's Glee

The singer was responding to tweets by Rep. Seth Moulton (D-Mass.) that said Democrats need a new message if they want to win in the 2018 midterm elections. "That's a fact we can't keep ignoring", she wrote. She added: "Every action has a reaction, I try to say that to them". But she at least demonstrated one way to achieve a Republican victory in an area that isn't fully supportive of Trump: "by being with him and without him at the same time ".

Esteri Lawyers seek to free inmate featured in 'Making a Murderer'
Author: 0 Lawyers seek to free inmate featured in 'Making a Murderer'

The panel's ruling affirms a decision last August, in which Judge William Duffin tossed Dassey's conviction and characterized the "misconduct" of Dassey's first attorney as "indefensible". The same court that upheald Duffin's ruling previously denied Dassey's request for release pending the appeals process. The case caught the public's imagination in Netflix's documentary series Making a Murderer .

Esteri Saudi security forces kill
Author: 0 Saudi security forces kill "wanted man" in Mecca

After refusing to surrender, a suicide bomber near the Grand Mosque blew himself up, wounding five security officers and six bystanders. Five members of the security forces were slightly injured. He later blew himself up after the security forces tightened the noose around him. Millions of Muslims from around the world have gathered in Mecca for the end of Ramadan .

Author: 0 Jeremy Corbyn polls better than Theresa May on Prime Minister suitability

The results show an extraordinary fall from grace for the Conservative leader , after only 15 per cent favoured Mr Corbyn when she called the election in April. "It's not clear what her mandate is, and she has lost authority overseas". According to the same pll, voters are pessimistic about the deal being negotiated with the EU.

Author: 0 Paesi arabi Golfo, chiudete al Jazeer dimensione font +

I paesi che hanno messo al bando il Qatar - ricordiamo: Arabia Saudita , Emirati, Bahrein, Egitto e Yemen - hanno formulato oggi un catalogo di condizioni per sanare lo strappo con il piccolo e potente emirato. Anche perché nelle modalità appaiono come un vero e proprio diktat. Difficile prevedere la risposta di Doha a questo ultimatum la cui scadenza è prevista nell'arco di dieci giorni.

Esteri Atlanta Hawks see bright future for former Wake Forest player John Collins
Author: 0 Atlanta Hawks see bright future for former Wake Forest player John Collins

This past season, Atlanta went 43-39 and was eliminated in the opening round of the playoffs. "Disappointed is not the word I would use", Schlenk said. John Collins began his Wake Forest career under the radar-as only the third highest rated recruit in the 2015 Wake Forest recruiting class (Doral Moore and Bryant Crawford).

Author: 0 Senate conservatives try to gain leverage over health care overhaul

For example, they want fewer government subsidies created to make health insurance more affordable. "Millions of families will lose coverage entirely". "As we pray for all those in need of healing, let us also act with compassion and wisdom", she said. KODJAK: The plan gets rid of those mandates and instead entices people to voluntarily buy a policy by offering them tax credits based on age and income to help pay premiums.

Esteri Bombings at market in northwest Pakistan kill 15
Author: 0 Bombings at market in northwest Pakistan kill 15

At least eighteen people were killed and at least 100 people have sustained injuries as Turi Bazaar in Kurram Agency's capital Parachinar rattled with twin bomb blasts on Friday's evening, according to media reports. Islamic State Khorasan Province, the Middle Eastern group's affiliate in Afghanistan and Pakistan, has been known to work with the myriad of Pakistani militant groups in previous attacks, including with JuA.

Esteri Mulayam backs NDA Presidential nominee Ram Nath Kovind
Author: 0 Mulayam backs NDA Presidential nominee Ram Nath Kovind

Following the announcement, Prime Minister Modi reached out to Congress president Sonia Gandhi and former prime minister Dr Manmohan Singh to seek the grand old party's support for Kovind. While announcing the decision in Patna , JD (U) leader Ratnesh Sada had stated that Kovind was being supported because he was "Bihar's first governor who has been nominated for this post" and because Kumar had told the meeting that he was "a good man".

Esteri 'Imagine' if Britain stays in EU? Discord at EU summit
Author: 0 'Imagine' if Britain stays in EU? Discord at EU summit

Yet her aims have held - she wants a clean break from the bloc, leaving the lucrative single market and customs union and so reducing immigration into Britain and removing her country from the jurisdiction of EU courts. May will also aim to show that while still a member of the EU, Britain will contribute to other summit discussions, pressing for more action to encourage social media companies to clamp down on internet extremism and for the EU to roll over sanctions against Russian Federation ...

Esteri Hospital: Scalise upgraded to fair condition
Author: 0 Hospital: Scalise upgraded to fair condition

We've learned more today about the man who shot and almost killed Republican Congressman Steve Scalise at a baseball field in Virginia last week. Hodgkinson obtained the weapons used in the shooting legally, purchasing the rifle in 2003 and the handgun in 2016 from licensed firearms dealers. He was married for 30 years, and it appears that that marriage was not going so well .

Author: 0 US Shoots Down Drone In Syria

This is all adding to a growing sense of concern that the war against ISIS in southern Syria might inevitably escalate to see the United States fighting the Syrian regime as well as Iranian-backed forces. "There isn't an over-arching USA strategy driving this", said Charles Lister of the Middle East Institute. An ISIS weapons and munitions cache in northern Deir Ezzor was "precisely struck and completely annihilated", the statement said, adding that several tanks, military vehicles and ...

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