Esteri Expo, indagato il sindaco di Milano Sala.
Author: 0 Expo, indagato il sindaco di Milano Sala. "Provo profonda amarezza"

La stessa azieda si è poi aggiudicata anche la gara della Piastra , per un valore di 272mila euro . A questo punto firma un atto di "Annullamento del verbale di nomina della commissione giudicatrice" e un nuovo verbale di nomina della Commissione giudicatrice, riportando la data del 17 maggio, cioé il giorno antecedente la prima seduta pubblica della commissione.

Author: 0 GOP's challenge: finding votes for Senate health care bill

A group of four Senate conservatives issued a joint statement saying they are dissatisfied with the health care reform bill introduced by the leadership but did not rule out negotiations to change the bill more to their liking. Dean Heller and Susan Collins have also withheld support. And it would end the tax penalties under Obama's law on people who don't buy insurance - the so-called individual mandate - and on larger companies that don't offer coverage to their employees.

Author: 0 Russian Federation threatens to treat USA aircraft as targets in Syria

Earlier today, the United States military shot down its second unmanned areal vehicle over Syria in the past two weeks. The ministry said strikes in neighboring Iraq , also part of the USA -led coalition campaign, will go on. Pentagon spokesman Navy Captain Jeff Davis said the USA military shot down the Shahed 129 as it approached an established coalition combat outpost near al-Tanf in southeast Syria , where the holding training sessions for local fighters against the ...

Esteri Vehicle bomb in Afghanistan targets security forces waiting for pay
Author: 0 Vehicle bomb in Afghanistan targets security forces waiting for pay

Hayatullah Hayat. He said many are missing in the ensuing chaos as witnesses, survivors and ambulances struggled to ferry first the most seriously wounded to hospital. The blast occurred when the military servicemen and civilians arrived at the bank to receive salaries, according to the broadcaster. The insurgents control large swathes of Helmand province, of which Lashkar Gah is the capital.

Author: 0 Trump on solar, taxes, welfare

Taking credit for the concept, Mr Trump told supporters: 'Pretty good imagination, right? Trump is believed to be citing a report from the International Institute for Strategic Studies; he previously retweeted a link to a CNN story on the report published in May.

Esteri Trump suggests he was trying to keep Comey honest with 'tapes' tweet
Author: 0 Trump suggests he was trying to keep Comey honest with 'tapes' tweet

Mr Trump ended a month-long guessing game on Thursday by tweeting that he never made and does not have recordings of his private conversations with Mr Comey. Trump describes Mueller's friendship with Comey as " very bothersome ". The timing drew attention away from the release of the Senate's health care bill, which the White House hopes can provide Trump a much-needed legislative victory.

Esteri Verizon starts selling the Moto E4, unlocked model lands on June 30
Author: 0 Verizon starts selling the Moto E4, unlocked model lands on June 30

Not much is known about the upcoming Moto G5S Plus but it is expected to have several feature upgrades over the Moto G5 Plus from screen size to processor to camera. And if you go by the specs that were revealed during the launch , Moto E4 Plus does come with a massive 5000mAh battery . The Moto G Play is also well-equipped for wireless communication.

Esteri Hawaii Becomes First US State To Adopt Goals in Paris Climate Accord
Author: 0 Hawaii Becomes First US State To Adopt Goals in Paris Climate Accord

A coalition of mayors, governors, universities and businesses is pledging to meet the USA emissions targets in spite of Paris withdrawal. The bills outlines several strategies, plans, and advancements to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with the worldwide treaty's goals.

Esteri Here's how Niantic will take on Pokemon Go cheaters
Author: 0 Here's how Niantic will take on Pokemon Go cheaters

They are now publicly branding all "Pokemon" caught via " Pokemon Go " hacks and cheats. This Pokemon may not work as they are expected to be. According to Niantic , "With the announcement of Raid Battles and the new battle features , we are staying true on our commitment to ensuring that Pokémon GO continues to be a fun and fair experience for all Trainers".

Author: 0 Addio al giurista Stefano Rodotà. Il M5S lo voleva capo dello Stato

Rodota' ha sempre affiancato all'attivita' accademica l'impegno sociale, caratteristica che lo ha portato ad essere candidato per l'elezione del Presidente della Repubblica Italiana del 2013 , votato dal Movimento 5 Stelle , da Sinistra Ecologia Liberta' e da alcuni parlamentari del Partito Democratico.

Author: 0 Oscar to enter exchange market in six states

Oscar's return to New Jersey comes much sooner than expected, especially since Schlosser said when the company pulled out that he was "look [ing] forward to seeing the individual market stabilize" so that Oscar could serve more markets. As politicians continue to squabble over the future of Obamacare, prompting major health insurers to pull out of markets. "We're not offering a conventional insurance product", he said of Oscar and Cleveland Clinic's plans.

Author: 0 North Korea denies torturing American detainee Otto Warmbier

Only under the current administration of Donald Trump , North Korea received several such requests and agreed to send the student back home "in consideration of his bad health", the statement said . "To make it clear, we are the biggest victim of this incident". But a former Obama administration official told NBC News last week that there was "no higher priority than securing the release of Americans detained overseas" and that the U.S.

Author: 0 Lalu again appeals to Nitish to reconsider decision on Kovind

After the meeting Lalu Prasad of the RJD said he would meet Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and “appeal to him again to rethink” his partys decision to support the NDA nominee, which he called a “historic blunder”. The announcement has expectedly made it a Dalit versus Dalit contest but the way the BJP made the first move, taking the Opposition by surprise, Kumar's candidature looks like an afterthought.

Author: 0 Governors Wary of Medicaid Cost Shift in Senate Health Bill

Those who don't have coverage now or lose their coverage and don't find new coverage within 63 days could be forced to pay a penalty if they want to participate in state health care exchanges set up under Obamacare. For example, the bill proposes to allow states to let insurance companies off the hook for requiring certain essential health benefits in all plans, such as coverage for mental health, maternity care or prescription drugs.

Esteri Modern Warfare Remastered to See Standalone Release at Exceptional Price
Author: 0 Modern Warfare Remastered to See Standalone Release at Exceptional Price

MWR was originally released as a part of the Legacy or Digital Deluxe Editions of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare , which launched in November 2016. Modern Warfare had some memorable missions, such as "All Ghillied Up", "Charlie Don't Surf", and "Crew Expendable". The remaster, which was originally made available for purchase in November of past year, is built upon the original Modern Warfare , which was released all the way back in 2007 on last-generation consoles.

Author: 0 Judges Rule 'Making a Murderer' Confession Was Improperly Obtained

Brendan Dassey , one of two men whose case was profiled in the highly addictive Netflix documentary "Making A Murderer," is close to getting released in prison. During Dassey's interrogation, investigators can be seen feeding him information and leading him to give the answers they were looking for regarding the murder of Teresa Halbach .

Author: 0 London council evacuates residents amid fire safety concerns

Police in London have said that the Grenfell fire started in a fridge freezer, and outside cladding and insulation failed safety tests. 'We anticipate that these works will be completed within three to four weeks. A Hotpoint FF175BP model was found to have been the fridge-freezer at the centre of the tragedy and followed witness reports from June 14 that one resident claimed his appliance was responsible.

Author: 0 McConnell faces hunt for GOP votes for Senate health bill

McConnell stitched it together behind closed doors, potentially moving President Donald Trump and the GOP toward achieving perhaps their fondest goal - repealing former President Obama's 2010 statute, his proudest domestic legacy. Former President Barack Obama took to Facebook to ask Republicans to reconsider their efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act , also known as ObamaCare .

Esteri Google to stop reading your Gmail to help sell ads
Author: 0 Google to stop reading your Gmail to help sell ads

The change brings Gmail in line with the paid G Suite service that is geared towards corporate customers - Google said that it wanted to standardize its practices to appease its more than 3 million G Suite customers. 'Users can change those settings at any time, including disabling ads personalization'. Likewise, removing any issues or preconceptions some might have about the nature of Gmail and ads.

Author: 0 North Korea test-fires another rocket

USA officials have said North Korea has test-fired another rocket. The sources said that tests held in the city for Yun sun. This technology can later use to create an Intercontinental missile capable of reaching the US West coast. Outside observers say Pyongyang's space programme is a fig leaf for weapons tests. US officials have warned that North Korea is on the path to successfully developing an ICMB capable of hitting the United States unless something changes.

Esteri Kmart to close midstate store
Author: 0 Kmart to close midstate store

Sears stores have struggled with a consumer shift toward online shopping, tough competition from Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and Target Corp., and what analysts have decried as a cycle of underinvestment in stores, which many shoppers see as exhausted or lacking inventory, Crain's reported .

Esteri Dog that mauled 2 kids in car seats to be euthanized
Author: 0 Dog that mauled 2 kids in car seats to be euthanized

To help pay for its expanded coverage to around 20 million people, Obama's law increased taxes on higher income people, medical industry companies and others, totaling around $1 trillion over a decade. "If the bill is good for Nevada, I'll vote for it and if it's not, I won't", said Heller, whose state added 200,000 additional people under Obama's law.

Author: 0 BJP's Goa allies back Kovind for president's post

Raut said Thackeray may "answer many questions later this evening" when he will address the party workers on the Shiv Sena's 51st foundation day. Mr Thackeray said that Sena never played caste-based politics. The Shiv Sena, the second largest constituent of the NDA, has had an uneasy relationship with the BJP ever since the two parties parted ways ahead of the 2014 assembly polls.

Esteri Congressman Ryan says party's message is why Democrats losing elections
Author: 0 Congressman Ryan says party's message is why Democrats losing elections

In Georgia's 6 congressional district, Republican groups ran ads linking Democrat Jon Ossoff to Nancy Pelosi . Ossoff's supporters say they plan to reorganize and will try to force Republicans to compete in local and state elections in historically safe territory, similar to the congressional district in suburban Atlanta.

Esteri Census: US more diverse, white population grows least
Author: 0 Census: US more diverse, white population grows least

Despite the rapid growth in the population of other racial groups, whites will remain in the majority in the US until after 2040. The nation's median age is 37.9 years as of July 1, 2016, compared to 35.3 years in 2000, the Census Bureau reported Thursday.

Esteri Missouri AG sues drugmakers for fraudulent opioid advertising
Author: 0 Missouri AG sues drugmakers for fraudulent opioid advertising

The suit alleges Stamford, Connecticut-based Purdue Pharma LP , Malvern, Pennsylvania-based Endo Health Solutions and Johnson & Johnson subsidiary Janssen Pharmaceuticals fraudulently misrepresented the risks associated with the drugs they manufacture and sell, according to a news release.

Author: 0 Seconda prova esame di maturità: guida alle tracce

Questi esami di Maturità saranno i penultimi a svolgersi secondo la classica modalità di tre prove scritte e un colloquio orale: dal 2019 l'esame cambierà a seguito delle innovazioni previste dalla riforma Buona Scuola del governo Renzi, che prevede, per esempio, due sole prove scritte e nuovi criteri di ammissione.

Author: 0 Senate GOP health bill: Tax cuts for rich

Overall the plan will benefit the wealthy and young adults, but hurt larger numbers of people who are old or poor. This health care bill would hold on to the provisions of the ACA that make sure insurance premiums for people with pre-existing conditions are not higher simply because of those conditions.

Esteri Australia to resume airstrikes against IS targets soon
Author: 0 Australia to resume airstrikes against IS targets soon

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which include Arab and Kurdish fighters and are supported with air strikes by a USA -led coalition, began an offensive two weeks ago to seize the northern city from Islamic State , which overran it in 2014.

Author: 0 Blumenthal, Murphy Awaiting Senate Health Care Bill

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is hoping to push the measure through the Senate next week. But in this case, the fate of the Senate bill past its own chamber is unknown. Several Republican senators have already said they oppose the bill, at least as of now. Democrats say GOP characterizations of Obama's law as failing are wrong and say the Republican plan would boot millions off coverage and leave others facing higher out-of-pocket costs.

Esteri Another leadership test for Pelosi, who's weathered many
Author: 0 Another leadership test for Pelosi, who's weathered many

These myths sustained Democrats through the darkest early days of the Trump era, but they've since lost their luster. So, I have no idea what the recent result in the special election to fill the vacancy in Georgia's Sixth District Congressional seat will mean 17 months from now.

Esteri YouTube Reaches 1.5 Billion Monthly Users
Author: 0 YouTube Reaches 1.5 Billion Monthly Users

CEO Susan Wojcicki made the announcement during her annual presentation at VidCon , the online video conference that happens in Anaheim, Calif., every summer. Wojcicki introduced two new mobile capabilities, including a feature that automatically reformats videos shot vertically or in square to render normally on a viewer's smartphone.

Esteri Trump takes veiled shot at Obama for Warmbier's late release
Author: 0 Trump takes veiled shot at Obama for Warmbier's late release

Mr Trump wrote on Twitter. She said the US would be consulting with China on implementation of U.N. Security Council resolutions that are meant to restrict revenue and technology for the North's nuclear and missile programs. Mourners have gathered for the funeral of a USA college student who was detained in North Korea for more than a year and died shortly after returning home in a coma.

Author: 0 Fox News' Chris Wallace Nails Trump's Lawyer in a Brazen Lie

In May, ABC News reported that Rosenstein was displeased with the White House portrayal of former FBI Director James Comey's firing as originating from him and was on the verge of resigning, according to an administration source. Former US attorney Preet Bharara, whom Trump fired in March after Bharara refused to resign along with a raft of other Obama-era Justice Department attorneys, slammed Trump's choice to pick the attorney for his team.

Esteri 'Super Mario Bros.' is reimagined in augmented reality with Microsoft's Hololens
Author: 0 'Super Mario Bros.' is reimagined in augmented reality with Microsoft's Hololens

A demo for the HoloLens , Microsoft's augmented reality headset, proves that might not be the case; Super Mario Bros . actually works pretty well from a different perspective. "The most time was probably spent on tweaking the game to work in a large outdoor environment", Singh wrote in an email to UploadVR . "The final level was more than 110m long!" Thankfully, we get the direct feed from Singh's HoloLens camera so that we can "see" what he sees as he traverses through the level, and ...

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