Esteri Trump announces rollback of some Cuba policies
Author: 0 Trump announces rollback of some Cuba policies

President Donald Trump on Friday ordered tighter restrictions on Americans traveling to Cuba and a clampdown on USA business dealings with the Caribbean island's military, saying he was canceling former President Barack Obama's "terrible and misguided deal" with Havana.

Esteri Freed US student `brutalised´ by North Korea captors - father
Author: 0 Freed US student `brutalised´ by North Korea captors - father

The reclusive country accused the University of Virginia student of anti-state activities. Doctors who have examined OH college student Otto Warmbier delivered a grave assessment Thursday of the 22-year-old man who came back to Cincinnati this week in a coma after 18 months held in custody in North Korea .

Esteri Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein: Robert Mueller Won't Be Fired Without Cause
Author: 0 Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein: Robert Mueller Won't Be Fired Without Cause

Neal Katyal , the former acting solicitor general who helped write the 1999 regulations , said that while it seems extraordinarily unlikely , Trump does technically have the right to fire Mueller. It was not clear whether Mr Ruddy, who speaks to the president often, was basing his remarks on a specific conversation with him or entirely on Mr Sekulow's comments.

Author: 0 Trump attacks obstruction of justice probe by former Federal Bureau of Investigation chief Mueller

Trump followed up about an hour later with another critical tweet: "You are witnessing the single greatest WITCH HUNT in American political history - led by some very bad and conflicted people!" Special counsel Robert Mueller is exploring the possibility the President obstructed justice, according to " The Washington Post ", which cites unnamed sources who claim the head of the NSA and the Director of National Intelligence will be interviewed as soon as this week.

Esteri Victims of Orlando nightclub shooting remembered
Author: 0 Victims of Orlando nightclub shooting remembered

People who lost friends in this tragedy said they're still heartbroken, and that will never go away. "And it's been kind of hard to figure out as a community, and I think that Sacramento has done a really great job of rallying around our community, our LBGT-plus community, and wrapping their arms around it to protect us", said Kelsie Hale, who attended the vigil.

Author: 0 Top three cut at Erin Hills in first for US Open

Champ said a practice round with former British Open victor Louis Oosthuizen and four-times major victor McIlroy on Monday helped his confidence. "Yeah, it was a bit of a roller coaster". Koepka is one of those players that the smart guys like to put in their fantasy league. "You look back, and I just grinded it out".

Esteri Egyptian court sentences 31 to death over prosecutor killing
Author: 0 Egyptian court sentences 31 to death over prosecutor killing

Barakat, whose convoy had been targeted by assailants, died of organ failure caused by his severe wounds in a hospital several hours after the assault. On the same day, the court must return a verdict for other defendants. The July 22 verdict can be appealed against. Only in the case of the death of the attorney General figure 67.

Author: 0 Tower Block Fire Survivors Storm London Town Hall

The officer said that the current information is based only on the number of people they believed were present inside the tower when it caught fire during the wee hours of Wednesday. Residents say they were ignored and want the government to take responsibility. He said: "The investigation is a police investigation. You have to be prepared to receive people's emotions, and not be so frightened about people", former Conservative cabinet minister Michael Portillo told the BBC .

Esteri Saudi guards fire on Iranian boat, killing fisherman
Author: 0 Saudi guards fire on Iranian boat, killing fisherman

Iran's official IRNA news agency later quoted Aghababaie as saying one of the boats was missing. "The ordeal lasted almost 10 hours during which we faced multiple interrogations and lock-up", he said, expressing gratitude to the Turkish authorities for solving the issue.

Author: 0 Vice President Mike Pence hires outside counsel in Russia probe

Cullen, who supported Trump's rival Jeb Bush during the race for the Republican presidential nomination, also represented Tom DeLay , a Texas Republican and former majority leader of the U.S. If the report is true and if it is confirmed that Trump obstructed justice by trying to get Comey, and perhaps others, to end the Russian Federation probe, that could lead to the President's impeachment by Congress, something that many Democratic lawmakers say they would pursue if circumstances warrant.

Author: 0 London Police Raise Death Toll In Tower Fire To 30

Coinciding with her 91st birthday, the British monarch joined the people gathered in front of Buckingham Palace to pay tribute to the victims of the blaze that erupted on Wednesday at Grenfell Tower in North Kensington , Efe news reported.

Esteri Trump thrusts US, Cuba back toward hostile relations
Author: 0 Trump thrusts US, Cuba back toward hostile relations

President Barack Obama and Cuban leader Raul Castro agreed to reopen embassies in each other's capitals - officially restoring diplomatic relations for the first time since 1961. Many recent changes to boost ties to Cuba will stay as they are, and Trump still wants to engage with Cuba in hopes of forging "a much stronger and better path".

Author: 0 Wife of congressional baseball shooting suspect tells of disbelief

The bullet had fractured bones and torn through internal organs, according to a hospital statement late Wednesday night. Rep. Steve Scalise is still in critical condition, but his health is improving, the Congressman's surgeon said two days after Scalise was shot at a practice for the Congressional Baseball Game .

Esteri More airlines bar unruly MP
Author: 0 More airlines bar unruly MP

He left to a Six Days Holiday to France along with his family members. Aviation minister promises probe into ruckus by D Reddy . The Minister also said there was no need for a probe as CCTV footage has a time stamp too. "I know how to defend myself in the whole episode". The Lok Sabha MP has also said that he is going to raise the issue at the lower house of the Parliament.

Esteri Sharing Wi-Fi password just got easier with iOS 11
Author: 0 Sharing Wi-Fi password just got easier with iOS 11

The iOS update will be available free to iPhone, iPad, and iPod users sometime this fall, Apple said. The unsupported devices run on the 32-bit processors. Meanwhile, the iOS 11 update will improve digital assistant Siri's voice and language capabilities with the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Author: 0 Witch Hunt! : Trump tweets he is under FBI investigation

Mr Rosenstein played a part in the dismissal of former Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey who was sacked by Mr Trump in May. Though some in the White House have preached caution, fearing a repeat of the firestorm over Comey's firing, many in Trump's orbit - including his son Donald Trump Jr.

Esteri Carrasco shines, Encarnacion homers, Indians beat Twins 8-1
Author: 0 Carrasco shines, Encarnacion homers, Indians beat Twins 8-1

Heading into Saturday's nightcap, the Twins were in danger of ending their 37-day stay atop the division. Zach McAllister (1-0) earned the win with two hitless innings of relief for starter Ryan Merritt , who was recalled from Triple-A Columbus to make his season debut.

Esteri Amazon buying Whole Foods, making strong move into groceries
Author: 0 Amazon buying Whole Foods, making strong move into groceries

He knew his dad would be impressed with the variety, which is not so easily found in Mumbai. Amazon, which for years has been testing new technology and innovations in quiet corners, now would have a network of physical locations to test and implement those ideas.

Author: 0 Missing: The desperate hunt for lost relatives after London tower block fire

He said: "I think she reassured them, that to some extent, by underlining that concerns about the numbers that police were going to be asked to give realistic assessments rather than just figures". "Sadly we do not expect there to be any survivors", Cundy said. Six victims of the blaze have been provisionally identified. The protesters were angered when no one from the council came out to address their concerns, reporters said.

Author: 0 Scalise still critical, but expected to recover: Doctor

David Bailey , one of the Capitol Police officers injured in the shooting at a baseball field in Alexandria, Virginia , threw out the first pitch at the game. Earlier Friday, House Speaker Paul Ryan paid a visit to his injured colleague, who faces the prospect of a lengthy hospitalization after getting shot in the hip at a baseball practice by a deranged man with grudges against Trump and the GOP.

Author: 0 Shot US Congressman Scalise in Need of Additional Surgery

US House Majority Whip Steve Scalise's condition was "as critical as you can be" when he arrived in hospital, but he's since improved. Mr Scalise , who has had two surgeries, will need additional operations and will be in the hospital for "a considerable period of time, presumably weeks", Dr Sava said.

Author: 0 Donald Trump blasts obstruction of justice probe reports as 'phony'

The committee, which is investigating Russia's meddling in the presidential election and whether any of Trump's associates had ties with the country at the time , expects Kushner to provide documents and face questions from the senators. President Donald Trump says the economy is improving and job numbers are up, despite the "phony Witch Hunt" against him. Trump's continuous tweeting about the "phony" Russian Federation investigation has many people wondering why he is still able to ...

Esteri Trump tweet appears to confirm investigation
Author: 0 Trump tweet appears to confirm investigation

At a minimum, it is going to require incontrovertible evidence Trump meant to obstruct justice. Confidants and advisers close to Mr Trump said his fury was mounting at the probe and he had been yelling at TV sets about its press coverage.

Author: 0 Republicans divided as Trump reverses some Obama Cuba policy

Under the President's executive order, the Trump administration will begin strictly enforcing the exemptions that allow travel between the U.S. and Cuba and prohibit commerce with Cuban businesses owned by the military and intelligence services.

Author: 0 Newt Gingrich: Trump Cannot Obstruct Justice

His remarks were reported by CNN . Those words, of course, do not square with perhaps the most famous vote Gingrich ever cast as a member of Congress - a vote in favor of the impeachment of then-President Bill Clinton . So far the last six months everybody on the left is walking around chanting 'watch for the Russian connection. Turns out, even Dianne Feinstein, the ranking Democrat on the Intelligence Committee says there is zero evidence of collusion .

Esteri Trump rolls back some, not all, changes in US-Cuba relations
Author: 0 Trump rolls back some, not all, changes in US-Cuba relations

By restricting individual to Cuba , the new policy also risks cutting off a major source of income for Cuba's private business sector, which the policy is meant to support. In practice, however, many recent changes to boost ties to Cuba will stay as they are. Trump was clear in speaking of "cancellation" of the Obama policy on the island and made any negotiation of "a better agreement" to the process of democratic openness that Cuba lives.

Author: 0 Security stepped up at College World Series in Omaha

Dyson is one of four area players looking to lead Florida to its first national championship, as he is joined by Venice's Mike Rivera and Dalton Guthrie, and Sarasota's Nick Long. WALKER TO START MONDAY: Regardless of whether LSU wins or loses Saturday night, freshman right hander Eric Walker will replace senior left-hander Jared Poche in the rotation as the No.

Esteri Trump slams obstruction of justice story on Twitter
Author: 0 Trump slams obstruction of justice story on Twitter

Eight hours later, after a busy day meeting with governors and witnessing the formal investiture of his pick for the Supreme Court, Trump returned to the topic again in a pair of tweets suggesting that Hillary Clinton, his Democratic opponent in the election, should be under investigation instead of him.

Esteri Sheriff Clarke no longer taking job with Homeland Security
Author: 0 Sheriff Clarke no longer taking job with Homeland Security

Though Clarke said he was joining DHS last month, no formal position had been offered - and he was still serving as Milwaukee sheriff on Friday, The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports . He was to serve as a liaison between DHS and local and state law enforcement agencies. During the presidential campaign, he called on Trump supporters to riot with "pitchforks and torches" because of the media coverage the Republican campaign was receiving.

Author: 0 Trump restores some Cuba penalties, rejecting 'oppressors'

Florida Senator Marco Rubio , who campaigned viciously against Mr Trump during last year's Republican primary, played a central role in the drafting of new Cuba policy . This will essentially shield United States airlines and cruise lines now serving the island. "President Trump will treat the Castro regime as a malevolent dictatorship that it is", Diaz-Balart said.

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