Esteri Trump tweets on Comey, declares 'total vindication'
Author: 0 Trump tweets on Comey, declares 'total vindication'

But by continuing to expostulate, he risks not only incriminating himself but irritating the prosecutor overseeing the probe. The admittance was seized upon by Mr Trump's lawyer, Marc Kasowitz. "Mr. Comey has now admitted that he is one of the leakers". Comey did not make major new revelations about any links between Trump or his associates and Russian Federation, an issue that has dogged the president's first months in office and distracted from his policy goals such as overhauling the ...

Author: 0 Qatar Begins Shipping via Oman to Bypass Food Blockade

The diplomatic crisis, the worst since the 1990 invasion of Kuwait by Iraq and the subsequent Gulf War, has seen Arab nations and others cut ties to Qatar, which hosts a major US military base and will be the host of the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Author: 0 Cosby jurors zero in on pills he gave accuser

He argued that Cosby used his role as a mentor and respected public figure to gain Constand's trust and then drug her and take advantage of her. Detective Richard Schaffer was one of 12 witnesses who gave evidence during the five-day prosecution case.

Esteri 2017's Google Pixel Could Be Available In XXL
Author: 0 2017's Google Pixel Could Be Available In XXL

The Pixel Launcher that's included with Google's Pixel and Pixel XL handsets has proven to be a popular one users, with features such as the Google Now panel and Google Search "pill". This suggests that the new Pixel XL 2 might be larger than the one Google had previously earmarked for release. Android Police reports that Google has cancelled the handset known as " muskie " internally, and is instead deciding on going with a different phone - one that's even bigger than the Pixel XL.

Author: 0 Another Federal Appeals Court Says Trump's Travel Ban Should Remain On Hold

Circuit Court of Appeals called the national security concerns an after-the-fact justification for a policy that was "rooted in religious animus and meant to bar Muslims from this country". The US Justice Department filed an emergency application to the Supreme Court on June 1 , urging it to undo two lower court rulings blocking Trump's decision to prevent entry to travellers from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen for 90 days.

Author: 0 UK PM seeks to form minority government, to meet Queen

If the latter happens, Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the largest opposition party may be invited by the Queen to form a government either as a minority or in coalition with another party or parties. Damian Green, the former work and pensions secretary, was named first secretary of state - effectively the deputy prime minister. But he added: "I don't think we should read these results as calling into question the stance on Brexit which was clearly expressed by the British people".

Esteri Trump accuses Comey of cowardice over 'leaks'
Author: 0 Trump accuses Comey of cowardice over 'leaks'

We know for sure that Trump was never under investigation during the FBI's probe into former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn and the phantasmagorical "Russian hacking" of the 2016 presidential election. Some Republicans on the committee yielded to Comey without resistance. Some challenged him on a few points, with little enthusiasm or success. Such an offence potentially could lead to Trump being impeached by Congress, although the Republicans who control the Senate and ...

Author: 0 US opts out of G7 pledge committing to Paris climate accord

The account in Der Spiegel said that German Chancellor Angela Merkel phoned Trudeau last Tuesday, when they discussed the contents of a communiqué at next month's G20 summit in Hamburg. Kerry noted that the formal withdrawal process from the Paris Agreement will last four years from the date it entered into force, on November 4, 2016.

Author: 0 Griffin to address Trump beheading stunt

Kathy became emotional when a reporter brought up her friend Anderson Cooper's tweet calling the shoot "clearly disgusting and completely inappropriate". I'm under a secret service investigation. they are using me as the shiny object so that no one is taking about this FBI investigation. Did she deserve so much hate for her Donald Trump post? However, she didn't seem cowed saying the President had gone after "the wrong red head".

Author: 0 PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Receiving Two New Maps, 3D Replay System

In light of yesterday's news of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds coming to Xbox One , another E3 show revealed some gameplay updates coming to the game soon. You can see some of the changes in the trailer above. Additionally rain has been adjusted, fog and sunsets are being added. "So it's not necessarily going to be you're going to be sniping all the time".

Esteri Remy Ma Shuts Down Summer Jam 2017 With Epic Performance
Author: 0 Remy Ma Shuts Down Summer Jam 2017 With Epic Performance

Remy Ma and her outfit stole the show at the Hot 97's massive Summer Jam concert held at MetLife Stadium in NY. Remy ended her set by rapping, "To be the queen of rap, you can't have a ghostwriter / That's why this is my house, Flo Rida", before literally dropping the microphone and walking off the stage.

Author: 0 Trump welcomes Romanian president to White House

Also, Trump refused to say whether his private conversations with Comey were taped - a matter at the heart of conflicting accounts of what passed between them. At the time, Comey said, the attorney general was weighing his recusal from all matters related to the Russia investigation - largely for his failure to acknowledge two previous meetings with the Russian ambassador during his January confirmation hearing - and for other "facts" the former director said he could not disclose in a ...

Author: 0 Undertale is coming to PS4 and Vita this summer

There will be a physical copy that will bring quite a few little trinkets along with it. The collectors edition will feature the game, the art book, and a heart shaped music box locket.

Esteri Qatar opens channels with Oman ports amid Gulf crisis
Author: 0 Qatar opens channels with Oman ports amid Gulf crisis

As part of the measures against Qatar, Al-Jazeera has also been blocked in Saudi Arabia , the UAE , Egypt and Bahrain . Analysts estimate that at least 40% of Qatar's food supplies are transported across its land border with Saudi Arabia, which was closed last week.

Esteri Injuries reported in milling plant explosion in Wisconsin
Author: 0 Injuries reported in milling plant explosion in Wisconsin

Two of them were treated and released, while 12 employees were transported to area hospitals by either ambulance, Med Flight or Flight for Life helicopters. As a precaution, parents were instructed not to send their children to public schools on Thursday. Didion Milling Plant operations vice president Derrick Clark said Friday that mill operator Duelle Block, fork lift operator Robert Goodenow and packing machine operator Pawel (pawl) Tordoff died in the explosion and fire late Wednesday.

Author: 0 Cop at frat brothers' hearing: Pledge 'looked like a corpse'

Nancy Grace and Alan Duke discuss the case in this "Crime Stories" episode. His father, Jim Piazza, rocked back and forth quietly in the front row of the courtroom as he heard his final hours described. Doctors told the detective that Piazza must have been in extreme pain from his injuries. Fraternity members tried to dress Piazza but couldn't because his body was too rigid, the detective said.

Esteri Theresa May and inner circle face backlash from furious Tory MPs
Author: 0 Theresa May and inner circle face backlash from furious Tory MPs

That means the DUP will back the government on key votes, but it's not a coalition government or a broader pact. However, her government may lack the support for such an endeavour during negotiations. At the same time, pro-Europe Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson said she wanted to be involved in "looking again" at Britain's aims for Brexit.

Author: 0 Iran urges Arab nations to end Qatar crisis

Qatari officials met Monday with Ethiopia's prime minister and Saudi officials visited the Ethiopian capital over the weekend. Thani, speaking on June 12, welcomed diplomatic efforts to calm the standoff, but insisted that no one can dictate Qatar's foreign policy.

Esteri Grenade attack in J-K's Sopore, four policemen injured
Author: 0 Grenade attack in J-K's Sopore, four policemen injured

He said during investigation it was learnt that two new recruited HM militants namely Mehraj-Ud-Din Mir son of Khazir Mohammad Mir and Mohammad Rafiq Lone alias Rafi son of Ghulam Mohammad Lone, residents of Nathipora Sopore were involved in the grenade attack.

Esteri Third London attacker had been detained en route for Syria
Author: 0 Third London attacker had been detained en route for Syria

Youssef Zaghba is said to have told Italian police "I'm going to be a terrorist" when he was stopped trying to travel to Syria a year ago. "We have always been checking his friendships and verifying that he was not trusting the wrong people, but he had the internet and from there he got everything", Valeria Khadija Collina told L'Espresso in Bologna.

Author: 0 Hawaii Passes Law Committing to Paris Agreement

Along with setting climate change as a priority for the state, the bill creates a state commission dedicated to studying climate change and putting out detailed plans for responding both to sea-level rise and climate change as a whole, with the stipulation that the plans align with the Paris agreement.

Esteri Libia, figlio di Gheddafi, Saif al Islam, è stato liberato
Author: 0 Libia, figlio di Gheddafi, Saif al Islam, è stato liberato

Saif era nelle mani dei miliziani di Zintan che non facevano, né fanno, parte di alcun governo, Al Senussi idem. Il Consiglio sostiene di non essere stato responsabile della detenzione del figlio del defunto colonnello libico affermando che "sono responsabili coloro i quali hanno partecipato a questo tradimento e la storia si ricorderà del loro cattivo comportamento".

Esteri Bear enters Colorado foot race
Author: 0 Bear enters Colorado foot race

A few runners had a little extra spring in their steps after an unexpected competitor showed up during a race through Garden of the Gods park in Colorado on Sunday, KTLA sister station KDVR reported . I want to get on with my race'. "I don't have all day!" "I want to get on with my race, ' so I got the picture and I just turned around and started running again", Sanborn said.

Author: 0 North Korea Rejects New UNSC Sanctions, Intends to Continue Nuclear Buildup

However, the Security Council did vote unanimously to add 15 individuals and four entities linked to the North's nuclear and missile programs to a United Nations sanctions blacklist. President Donald Trump's administration has been pressing China aggressively to rein in its reclusive neighbor, warning that all options are on the table - including military action - if North Korea persists with its pursuit of such missiles.

Esteri Puerto Rico votes for U.S. statehood in referendum
Author: 0 Puerto Rico votes for U.S. statehood in referendum

Rossello will ask Congress to respect the result, but Puerto Rico is seen as a low priority in Washington. "I think it's still a very long, longshot", she said. "But that's not what this plebiscite was about". "Consider the mid-term congressional elections, no member of Congress has ever stepped down due to low turnout in the midterms".

Author: 0 House Democrats Warn Trump on Blocking Comey's Testimony

Trump has already mentioned these conversations himself publicly, going so far as to definitely not threaten Comey over leaking info to the press, making the legality of invoking executive privilege in this case even shakier. The White House is anxious that Comey will have a very different version of those discussions and that he felt pressured by Trump to drop the pending investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

Esteri Korea Launches Scud-class Ballistic Missile
Author: 0 Korea Launches Scud-class Ballistic Missile

North Korea's ballistic missile test on Monday was its ninth this year, the South Korean military says, in an ongoing challenge to new leaders in both the United States and South Korea. Scuds are capable of striking US troops in South Korea, for instance, and the two newly developed missiles tested earlier this month have potential ranges that include Japan, Guam and even, according to some South Korean analysts, Alaska.

Author: 0 The White House's Contradictory Message on Kushner

Dubke's job was to work behind-the-scenes managing the White House communications strategy and responses to crises, such as the firing of FBI director James B. "You're going to have a situation where they're going to have trouble getting A-list or even B-list people to sign up", the lawyer said. Kasowitz has represented Mr.

Esteri Kashmiris 'brainwashed' to take part in stone-pelting: army chief
Author: 0 Kashmiris 'brainwashed' to take part in stone-pelting: army chief

This clearly shows that it was no random comment; it was a pre-planned political move by the Congress Party . Dikshit told a journalist that it was understandable if the Pakistan Army chief used foul language but wondered why the Indian Army chief was giving statements like a " sadak ka goonda ".

Esteri May failed to get the mandate she sought
Author: 0 May failed to get the mandate she sought

Mr Corbyn pointed to the three million votes gained by Labour - as well as seats gained across the UK. The second best, viewed as nearly as unlikely, was a hung parliament . May called the election six weeks ago to secure a stronger mandate ahead of the negotiations in Brussels but landed up weakening the conservatives in Parliament.

Author: 0 Sessions wants his testimony open to public

Senator Susan Collins of ME, another Republican on the Intelligence Committee, said it was wrong of Mr. Trump to even raise the subject, whether he meant to give an order or not. But, added Lankford "releasing his memos is not damaging to national security". Sessions won't be able to tell senators what went on in the meeting - the president had ordered him out of the Oval Office, along with other officials, before speaking privately with Comey , according to Comey's testimony.

Esteri If Bernie Sanders runs for president, can anyone stop him?
Author: 0 If Bernie Sanders runs for president, can anyone stop him?

Sanders repeatedly asked the nominee during a Senate Budget Committee hearing whether his statement was Islamophobic. "I don't believe that for a second". "We can not say we have the free exercise of religion and also require people to practice their faith only in a way that government officials prefer", Lankford continued.

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