Esteri BJP rakes up 'goon' like non-issue to submerse farmers' woes: Congress
Author: 0 BJP rakes up 'goon' like non-issue to submerse farmers' woes: Congress

Bihar's Deputy Chief Minister Tejashwi Yadav refused to comment on Sandeep Dikshit's remark over Army Chief General Bipin Rawat. While speaking at a party event here, Gandhi said no politician should make any comment on the Army Chief. This clearly shows that it was no random comment; it was a pre-planned political move by the Congress Party. He also said the Indian Army had depth and was gentlemanly and as it was a great institution, it brought along a particular culture with it.

Author: 0 Powerball Ticket Seller Will Receive $1Million

Saturday's jackpot is the seventh largest jackpot in Powerball history, according to California Lottery . The winning numbers were were 20, 26, 32, 38, 58 and the Powerball number 3. Alberre says the store just off a highway caters to retirees who live in Sun City and motorists who are passing through. This year started out tough for Alberre and his father because the father is suffering from pulmonary fibrosis lung disease.

Esteri Democrat to grill US Attorney General Sessions on Comey firing
Author: 0 Democrat to grill US Attorney General Sessions on Comey firing

Republican Senator James Lankford , a member of the intelligence panel, told CBS' " Face the Nation " the decision was not finalized, but "I assume that this will be public". "Totally illegal? Very 'cowardly!'" It is much more believable that his spidey sense - or his "gut"- led him to make a prescient decision to keep a record of the truth in case things got weird.

Esteri BJP forms panel to forge consensus on presidential candidate
Author: 0 BJP forms panel to forge consensus on presidential candidate

Mukherjee's term expires on July 25. The BJP's efforts to talk to all parties also come at a time when the Opposition is getting together to put up its own candidate to contest against the one chosen by the NDA. The panel consists of the Congress leaders in both the Houses of Parliament - Ghulam Nabi Azad and Mallikarjuna Kharge, besides senior JD (U) leader Sharad Yadav and others.

Author: 0 Apple introduced a powerful iMac Pro

The Surface desktop is posing some serious competition for Apple, and now we know what Apple thinks of it: look out, Surface, there's more powerful iMac coming. The iMacs, however, have user upgradeable memory , so it's ironic that its Pro version wouldn't. The new iMac Pro will start to ship from December, priced from $4,999 and up.

Author: 0 Usa, Melania Trump ha finalmente traslocato alla Casa Bianca

Il marito, di solito generoso twittatore, non ha commentato l'arrivo della consorte e del figlio a Washington . Melania e Barron Trump sono arrivati a bordo dell'Air Force One in compagnia del presidente, alla base militare di Andrews, nei pressi di Washington , mentre il bambino, che indossava una t-shirt che recava la scritta "The Expert", giocava con un "fidget spinner", gadget di gran moda.

Esteri Bradley's stunning early goal helps US to 1-1 tie at Mexico
Author: 0 Bradley's stunning early goal helps US to 1-1 tie at Mexico

They finished The Hex 7-1-2 , with Clint Dempsey leading the squad with nine goals. Let's just say Mexico's fans at Estadio Azteca didn't exactly roll out the welcome mat for the U.S. Against Vela, DaMarcus Beasley had no chance. This was a moment of sublime skill, one you don't normally expect from a US team usually defined by its rough-and-tumble athleticism.

Author: 0 It's safe to buy a new Mac or iPad again

The 10.5 inch iPad Pro is available this week online or in-store starting at $650. That laptop-ness will become much more realistic in September when Apple releases iOS 11 . In other words, the iPad is an in-between device. It also serves as a mat to rest the iPad on when working. It's also pricey for a tablet, according to the site.

Author: 0 Police storm Malaysian plane after passenger 'bomb threat'

All other flights were diverted to Avalon, near Geelong, with Melbourne Airport in lockdown at the time. "Safety and security are of Malaysia Airlines' utmost priority". " The Australian Security authorities screened all baggage, and they are being transferred to the respective flights that passengers are rebooked on", MAS added .

Author: 0 USA responsible for creating Islamic State

Iranian police officers secure the area around the mausoleum of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini following an assault there and on the country's parliament building that left at least 17 people dead last week. While condemnations of the attacks poured in from around the world, US President Donald Trump refused to denounce the terror attacks and instead accused Iran of supporting terrorism.

Esteri New 4K 21.5-inch iMac has removable RAM and Kaby Lake
Author: 0 New 4K 21.5-inch iMac has removable RAM and Kaby Lake

Well, Apple is more than willing to reintroduce this idea because according to the latest 4K 21.5-inch iMac teardown , there are two core components that you can easily upgrade if you feel that the performance is finally catching up to the AIO.

Esteri IOS 11 Can Automatically Delete Unused Apps To Save Space
Author: 0 IOS 11 Can Automatically Delete Unused Apps To Save Space

But you know what is cooler? And for half-precision computation, ideal for machine learning , iMac Pro delivers up to an incredible 22 Teraflops of performance. A Green Dot spokesperson told Recode , "Today, Apple announced that it will bring its users the ability to make and receive person to person payments quickly, easily and securely with Apple Pay this fall".

Esteri How Theresa May's Snap Election Backfired
Author: 0 How Theresa May's Snap Election Backfired

The resignations of Timothy and Hill, on whom May had been heavily reliant since her previous job at the interior ministry, will be a personal blow. Labour won 262 seats in the General Election, up from the 232 secured by Ed Miliband in 2015, but the Conservatives remain the largest party in Parliament.

Author: 0 Philippines' Duterte says didn't seek US support in city siege

The military has asked Facebook Philippines "to conduct necessary measures to take down these fake accounts", Herrera added. The U.S. Embassy in the Philippines confirmed the move in a statement released to several media outlets. Padilla also said that before martial law could be lifted, there has to be an assessment as to whether this could be done following Marawi's liberation because the security of the whole of Mindanao , not just of one city, has to be considered.

Esteri Trump brands former Federal Bureau of Investigation chief a 'leaker'
Author: 0 Trump brands former Federal Bureau of Investigation chief a 'leaker'

Trump, in his first press conference since Comey's congressional testimony on Thursday, also reiterated that he felt vindicated by what was said. Former FBI Director James Comey testifies before a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on Russia's alleged interference in the 2016 U.S.

Esteri Macron opens a 'demanding' dialogue with Putin in France
Author: 0 Macron opens a 'demanding' dialogue with Putin in France

Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told Russia Today that the government "does not agree" with Macron's comments. The Russian strongman, who hosted Macron's far-right rival Marine Le Pen for talks during the election race, also shrugged off allegations that Russian hackers infiltrated Macron's campaign.

Author: 0 Half-staff flags, bells mark 1 year since Pulse massacre

Holding hostages during his standoff with police, Mateen claimed allegiance to a leader of the Islamic State militant group before he was killed in an exchange of gunfire with authorities.His widow, Noor Salman, is charged in federal court with aiding and abetting Mateen's attack and lying to authorities.

Author: 0 Los Angeles replaces its gay pride parade with 'resist' march

The Resist march featured groups who feel threatened by Trump's administration, including Planned Parenthood, the American Civil Liberties Union, GLAAD, and Black Lives Matter, underscoring the wider threat many believe the president poses to marginalized sections of society.

Author: 0 Brexit talks may not start on time

May is seeking a deal with a small Northern Irish party to stay in power after she gambled away a parliamentary majority in an election she did not need to call. "Going overseas and being seen to be the prime minister and talking to the president of France... is a classic move to shore up authority at home", said Colin Talbot, professor of government at the University of Manchester.

Esteri China, Panama establish diplomatic ties
Author: 0 China, Panama establish diplomatic ties

China and Panama signed a joint communique Tuesday on the establishment of diplomatic relations. The decision was widely seen as part of China's strengthening efforts to squeeze Taiwan following Tsai's Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) administration took office on May 20, 2016, which adopts a less conciliatory attitude toward China.

Esteri White House condemns Russian crackdown on protesters
Author: 0 White House condemns Russian crackdown on protesters

The request from the Journal sought recordings or transcripts of any recordings made after January 20 at the White House . Trump has been coy about whether any recordings exist of his private conversations with Comey, who was sacked by the president in May.

Esteri Rafael Nadal Makes History With 10th French Open Title
Author: 0 Rafael Nadal Makes History With 10th French Open Title

Today's win also earned the Spaniard a 15th Grand Slam crown. "I try my best in all events, but the feeling that I have here is impossible to describe". The four points Nadal won, included two forced errors from Wawrinka and a blistering forehand victor. The American-Czech pair defeated unseeded Ashleigh Barty and Casey Dellacqua of Australia 6-2, 6-1 for their third successive major title.

Esteri Sixth-grader Ananya Vinay wins National Spelling Bee after nailing 'marocain'
Author: 0 Sixth-grader Ananya Vinay wins National Spelling Bee after nailing 'marocain'

Each year, more than 11 million students take part in the Scrips National Spelling Bee. The 12-year-old from Fresno, California , won the spelling competition Thursday night after numerous rounds against Rohan Rajeev . The 12-year-old had to spell 35 words correctly to win the 90th edition of the prestigious competition. Ananya and Rohan, an eighth-grader from Edmond, Oklahoma, went head to head for nearly 20 rounds.

Esteri US arrests former Panama president sought for extradition
Author: 0 US arrests former Panama president sought for extradition

US authorities have arrested former Panamanian President Ricardo Martinelli on an extradition warrant from his country. The information about Martinelli's arrest was confirmed by his relatives, La Estrella de Panama news portal reported on Monday, adding that the ex-president was expected to be extradited to his home country soon.

Esteri Queen's Speech Delayed, Tories Reassess
Author: 0 Queen's Speech Delayed, Tories Reassess

Prime Minister Theresa May is trying to thrash out details of a parliamentary arrangement with a party from Northern Ireland to get her the votes to run a minority government after last week's election, which saw her Conservative Party lose its majority.

Author: 0 Hamas: Cutting electricity to Gaza would be 'catastrophic'

Gaza's Hamas rulers are warning of an outbreak in violence if Israel's government goes ahead and reduces electricity supplies to the coastal strip. This is a burden Israel preferred not to bear, despite UNRWA's well-documented cooptation by terrorist elements from Hamas and other groups. Further protests were prevented by a show of force by Hamas security and jailed demonstrators were released in the following weeks.

Esteri Iran celebrates as national team earns World Cup spot
Author: 0 Iran celebrates as national team earns World Cup spot

It marks the fifth time Iran have qualified for the World Cup finals and the first time they have achieved the feat twice in succession. Iran , managed by former Real Madrid and Portugal coach Carlos Queiroz since 2011, tops Group A of Asian qualifying.

Author: 0 Senate Republicans Are Using A Special Rule To Vote On Health Care

The bill would make dramatic funding cuts to Medicaid , which in 2016, provided health insurance coverage to 24 percent of the county's non-elderly adults. The Obama administration called that a misreading of the law. That could provide coverage for people with pre-existing conditions , while at the same time helping lower premiums for those who remain in the regular insurance market.

Esteri Sprint will be the Essential Phone's
Author: 0 Sprint will be the Essential Phone's "exclusive" carrier

Launched last month, the Essential Phone has been in news since then. Will the prospects of you purchasing the Essential Phone be diminished if you can't buy it from a different cellular carrier? That being said , Sprint is going all-in with its promotion of the device and doing its best to make it sound like there's really no other option but to switch to its network.

Author: 0 New South Wales Blues name unchanged line-up for State of Origin II

Instead of picking several players past their due date, Walters has made a decision to put together a squad which, regardless of whether it is capable of starting a dynasty, at least includes the nucleus of the Queensland squad for the next couple of years.

Esteri Qatar begins shipping cargo through Oman to bypass Gulf rift
Author: 0 Qatar begins shipping cargo through Oman to bypass Gulf rift

That's created chaos across the Gulf's Sunni nations, whose citizens regularly intermarry and conduct business across countries sharing historic and cultural bonds. But the Kuwaiti-backed search for a solution has been buffeted by conflicting signals emanating from Washington. In a statement on Friday, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told Gulf states to ease their measures against Qatar which he said were forcing the separation of families and causing children to be pulled out of ...

Esteri Russian Opposition Leader Arrested Amid Putin Protests
Author: 0 Russian Opposition Leader Arrested Amid Putin Protests

The demonstrators appeared to skew predominantly younger - those who were born or grew up during Vladimir Putin's 17 years of leading Russian Federation. An Associated Press reporter saw about 50 protesters seized by police in the gathering at Mars Field. He had mobilised support through social media for the protests across the country on Russia Day.

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