Author: 0 British prime minister names new chief of staff

The political turmoil comes as Britain is due to start negotiating on June 19 the terms of its exit from the European Union in talks of unprecedented complexity that are supposed to wrap up by the end of March 2019, when Britain actually leaves.

Esteri Leo Varadkar becomes Ireland's first openly gay Prime Minister-elect
Author: 0 Leo Varadkar becomes Ireland's first openly gay Prime Minister-elect

Irish politicians were among the last sectors of our society to come out of the closet but now at least we've got one gay man and a lesbian, Catherine Zappone , both in the cabinet. And now, thirty years later, his child will be the first youngest person ever to hold the office. Its piece details again how the gay son of an Indian immigrant is set to take the role of taoiseach .

Author: 0 British pundit eats own book after bet on United Kingdom election results

Emily Thornberry had approached to congratulate the leader of Britain's opposition Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, after his arrival at the Islington count centre on Friday morning. I'm saying this out loud. "I was surprised that Jeremy Corbyn got 2 percentage points more than I had expected and I did say that I would eat this book", the pundit admitted on London-based SkyNews, adding, "Two percentage points make a big difference and I am a man of my word".

Esteri Coats refuses to discuss Trump conversations
Author: 0 Coats refuses to discuss Trump conversations

The directors of the Office of National Intelligence and the National Security Agency testified on Wednesday that they have not been pressured by President Trump on the ongoing Russian Federation investigation, undercutting recent reports that they were.

Esteri The New XBOX Has Been Revealed And It's Next Level Awesome
Author: 0 The New XBOX Has Been Revealed And It's Next Level Awesome

The Xbox One X is a notable markup from the Xbox One S , which received a $50 price cut during the announcement and now is available for $249. The new Xbox can play the same games as the Xbox One but with better graphics - something the rival PlayStation 4 can do.

Author: 0 Belt and Road initiative lauded at SCO summit

PM Modi and Sharif had on Thursday night exchanged pleasantries at a cultural gala in Astana , amid frosty bilateralties, deadlocked talks and escalation of hostilities along theLoC in Jammu and Kashmir . "Taking forward #IndiaUzbekistan coop'n". Advisor to Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz was also present in the meeting. Speaking at the SCO summit in Astana on Friday, the Chinese president called on member states to strengthen solidarity and cooperation as the ...

Esteri White House clams up about Russian Federation investigations
Author: 0 White House clams up about Russian Federation investigations

As the nation tries to figure out Trump meant when he tweeted covfefe , White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer claimed that it was code word understood by Trump and a few people. Co-host Brian Kilmeade prompted Conway to explain whether it was the Russians or Kushner who proposed the secret communications. Republican and Democratic operatives in recent days have said the problem with a West Wing makeover will be finding qualified and capable Republican hands who are willing to work ...

Author: 0 Blasts at Afghan funeral kills at least 12

Abdullah was one of several senior government officials attending the funeral at the time of the explosions , though he was unharmed. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said he and Abdullah "share a commitment" to "bring terrorists to justice".

Author: 0 Three US soldiers killed in Afghan 'insider attack'

In the meantime, a U.S military spokesman in Afghanistan told CNN "we are aware of an incident in eastern Afghanistan ". Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid said the militants claimed responsibility for the attack. Spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid claimed on Twitter that four U.S. soldiers were killed in the attack. The police were killed in a friendly fire incident when a US airstrike occurred on an Afghan border post.

Esteri BBC says driver killed, four journalists injured in Kabul attack
Author: 0 BBC says driver killed, four journalists injured in Kabul attack

Kabul police said the tanker had a permit giving it access to the restricted zone. World leaders have offered sweeping condemnations of "one of the biggest" attacks to hit Afghanistan's capital, Kabul . "None of their injuries appear to be life-threatening". The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade said there was nothing to suggest any New Zealanders had been caught up in the bombing .

Author: 0 Top two aides to British PM Theresa May quit

May's bet that she could strengthen her hand by crushing what she believed to be a weak opposition Labour Party backfired spectacularly on Thursday as voters stripped her Conservative Party of a parliamentary majority. We have more in common with them than we do the other parties. But former party leader Iain Duncan Smith said a leadership contest now would be a "catastrophe".

Author: 0 Team USA earns 1-1 draw at Mexico

Once the former Man United man found Vela on the right in front of DaMarcus Beasley , it was advantage Mexico . I think Bradley showed his class tonight as well as Kellyn Acosta . "We're really confident going into that game and we'll come out with a win there too", Pulisic added bullishly of the trip to Mexico . Who will be the key player? However, despite the optimistic words of Christian Pulisic , the usa are heavy underdogs.

Esteri Karnataka Bandh may not affect normal life tomorrow
Author: 0 Karnataka Bandh may not affect normal life tomorrow

Their charter of demands among others include farm loan waiver, Prime Minister's intervention in the Mahadayi river water dispute, a permanent solution to the problem of water scarcity in arid areas, and exile of Maharashtra Ekikaran Samiti (MES) activists from the state for their alleged "anti Kannada" activities in Belagavi.

Author: 0 Sanders 'Delighted' by Corbyn's Success in UK Election

The Conservative leader had called Thursday's snap election in a bid to extend her majority and strengthen her hand in the European Union divorce negotiations, but her gamble backfired spectacularly. "Regardless of the question of who will form a government in Britain, time is ticking". He said the March 2019 deadline “leaves us with no time to lose.

Author: 0 China apoya sanciones adicionales a Pyongyang

A finales de mayo, los países que componen el G7 acordaron ejercer más presión sobre Pionyang en el desarrollo del programa de misiles y de armas nucleares, según declaró la primer ministra británica Theresa May. Entre las empresas sancionadas, figuran las rusas Ardis-Bearings LLC y vinculada al programa nuclear de Pyongyang; y la Independent Petroleum Company (IPC), acusada de suministrar petróleo a Corea del Norte; así como Korea Computer Center ( KCC ), una compañía estatal de ...

Esteri Trump Says British Election Results 'Surprising'
Author: 0 Trump Says British Election Results 'Surprising'

Defense Secretary Michael Fallon said on the Andrew Marr show he believed the Conservative Party and the DUP will be able to hold together in government. "We are ready for the negotiations". Former Treasury chief George Osborne pulled no punches in his assessment of May's chances of survival as the conservative leader, though this may have been payback for his unceremonious dismissal from her cabinet past year.

Esteri Buemi inherits win after Rosenqvist penalised
Author: 0 Buemi inherits win after Rosenqvist penalised

He kept Nick Heidfeld at bay and finished runner-up to Rosenqvist. Race one victor Felix Rosenqvist was fifth, with Jean-Eric Vergne sixth for Techeetah and Sam Bird next up. Vergne and Prost were next up, while Oliver Turvey , di Grassi and Engel rounded out the top 10 in the session. Winner Tejas Manek from Mumbai, India will travel to Berlin to present the racesuit in person before enjoying the racing as a guest of the team.

Author: 0 British leader reaches tentative deal to shore up rule

May had called the election to build upon her majority; instead, the party lost it. Opponents of Prime Minister Theresa May's Conservative Party rally in Parliament Square in London . PROPPING DUP THE TORIES Who are the Democratic Unionist Party and what's in the 2017 DUP manifesto? "Not necessarily the case". The two parties are broadly politically aligned, but it remains to be seen what price the DUP will seek to extract for its support.

Author: 0 Britain's May seeks deal with Northern Ireland party to cling to power

But the ballot-box humiliation has seriously — and possibly mortally — wounded her leadership just as Britain is about to begin complex exit talks with the European Union. She inherited a 17-seat majority in the Commons, but called the snap vote to take advantage of opinion polls putting her on course for a landslide.

Esteri Bahrain bans social media sympathy for Qatar in diplomatic row
Author: 0 Bahrain bans social media sympathy for Qatar in diplomatic row

Kuwait's emir has traveled to Qatar and met that country's leader as part of his efforts to mediate an end to a crisis that's seen Arab nations cut ties to the energy-rich country and attempt to isolate it. Qatar's emir has said such a view is a big mistake. "Qatar has to redress its path and has to go back to all previous commitments, it has to stop media campaigns and has to distance itself from our number one enemy Iran".

Author: 0 Lies, Leaked Memos, and Speculation: What's Next After Comey's Testimony

Richman declined to comment in an email to ABC News. Comey said it should be special counsel Robert Mueller's task to determine whether Trump had obstructed justice, and therefore, had opened himself up to possible impeachment proceedings, keeping the allegations on Russian Federation in mind.

Esteri Iran has sent five planes of food to Qatar: airline
Author: 0 Iran has sent five planes of food to Qatar: airline

A previous mediation effort by Kuwait in which the Amir, His Highness Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah, shuttled between Riyadh, Abu Dhabi and Doha , failed to achieve an immediate breakthrough. Saudi Arabia's main demand "will be for Qatar to end its indirect support for" opposition groups in Saudi and Bahrain, he said. Hamas' presence is a political representation of the Hamas movement", he said, noting, "We do not support Hamas, we support the Palestinian people.

Author: 0 US Senate minority leader invites Trump to testify on Capitol Hill

President Donald Trump to testify before the U.S. Congress on his campaign's alleged ties to Russian Federation after the latter expressed his "100 percent" willingness to testify under oath about the events that led to the firing of James Comey as Federal Bureau of Investigation director.

Author: 0 India takes a dig at Pakistan on terror sponsoring

Speaking at the SCO Summit , Prime Minister Modi on Friday termed terrorism as the main encroacher of the human rights and values. In addition to the final Astana Declaration, the SCO leaders have signed 10 other documents, including a convention on combating extremism and a declaration on the joint fight against global terrorism.

Author: 0 UK PM May seen fighting for survival after election failure

Mr Corbyn didn't think Mrs May could survive after failing to win a majority and was keen to bring her down. A deal with the DUP and their 10 lawmakers would give her a workable majority. "Everything is subordinate to the need to stop Corbyn , including Brexit" one influential Eurosceptic tells me. Analysis previous year by researcher David Kingman of the Intergenerational Foundation, a youth-focused charity, concluded Britain "suffers from one of the largest gaps between the electoral ...

Esteri Senior UK Conservative lawmaker in Belfast for talks with DUP -PA
Author: 0 Senior UK Conservative lawmaker in Belfast for talks with DUP -PA

British Prime Minister Theresa May's office says the Democratic Unionist Party has agreed principles to support her Conservative minority government. Conservative Party chief whip Gavin Williamson met DUP leaders in Belfast on Saturday to negotiate a deal, details of which are to be discussed Monday at a Cabinet meeting, reports Efe news.

Esteri Watch the new trailers for Doom and Fallout 4 in VR
Author: 0 Watch the new trailers for Doom and Fallout 4 in VR

You get to create your character, decorate your room, then you step outside of the Vault and follow an animal around until you find something threatening. The first-person view doesn't necessarily look too different from the base game, of course, except modified extensively to support a more viscerally analogous real-world shooting action.

Author: 0 US Attorney General Agrees To Appear Before Panel Probing Russian Actions

If you go back to Comey's testimony of last week, he was asked why the Federal Bureau of Investigation leadership had not briefed Sessions on some of the conversations that Comey had with President Trump. According to Trump, Comey leaked " more [information] than anyone thought possible". "Totally illegal? Very 'cowardly!'" James Lankford, a Republican from Oklahoma, told CBS' Face the Nationthat the hearing is likely to be open but emphasized that nothing has been decided.

Esteri May seen fighting for survival after election failure
Author: 0 May seen fighting for survival after election failure

May thought that because Corbyn was so unpopular and seemingly out of the mainstream, she could turn a relatively small Conservative Party majority into an overwhelming advantage in Parliament. The Conservatives won 318 out of 650 seats-throwing away a 17-seat majority. The main opposition Labour Party surpassed expectations by winning 262.

Esteri UK prime minister makes Cabinet appointments
Author: 0 UK prime minister makes Cabinet appointments

Having secured the largest number of votes and greatest number of seats in the general election , it is clear the Conservative and Unionist party has the legitimacy to provide that certainty by commanding a majority in the House of Commons .

Esteri Spate of arrests in Iran following terrorist attacks
Author: 0 Spate of arrests in Iran following terrorist attacks

Police on Thursday said they now held six suspects as part of their investigation into the attacks. Iranian lawmakers said the intelligence minister had assured them that "all Islamic state elements have been eliminated" in the country.

Author: 0 N.Ireland's DUP says talks ongoing with PM May's Conservatives

But two of her top aides - joint chiefs of staff Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill - quit their posts on June 10 after becoming a focus of blame for the Conservatives' election disaster. Davidson also said she had received reassurances from May that the party's deal with the DUP would not involve a rollback of gay rights. "We have made good progress but the discussions continue", DUP leader Arlene Foster said.

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