Cultura My success 'mostly luck', says Cher as she collects Billboard icon award
Author: 0 My success 'mostly luck', says Cher as she collects Billboard icon award

Stealing the lime light on sunday evening at the 2017 Billboard music awards , Drake with a stupendous win of 13 trophies surpassed Adele as the artist with most BBMAs in one night. However, Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons summed up his career succinctly, noting he was "a true innovator", "a musical architect", "a prolific songwriting" and "a legendary performer".

Author: 0 Memorable words from the National Spelling Bee

We would like you to spell a word. Vinay had a very simple mindset going in: "It was just fun to see how far I would go", she said. She tried further to plot the word in her enormous mental vocabulary. White House press secretary Sean Spicer did not admit that "covfefe" was a typo when asked Wednesday. Within six hours, it had had garnered 127,000 retweets and 62,000 likes - taking its place as one of his most popular tweets ever.

Author: 0 Tell senators about yourdislike for health bill

Three-fourths (76 percent ) of the public thinks the health care plan recently passed by the House does not fulfill most of the promises President Trump has made about health care while 14 percent say it fulfills most or all of his promises.

Cultura Sachin: A Billion Dreams, Hindi Medium tax-free in Delhi
Author: 0 Sachin: A Billion Dreams, Hindi Medium tax-free in Delhi

The film is continuously generating buzz before the release. 'Sachin: A Billion Dreams' has released all over India and overseas in over 2800 screens . This is one of the most awaited movies of this year. Narrated by Sachin himself, " Sachin: A Billion Dreams " takes viewers on an inspirational journey and tells how a Mumbai boy went on to become the "God of Cricket".

Author: 0 Ex-Penn State officials face sentencing in Sandusky scandal

Former Penn State President Graham Spanier , former Penn State vice president Gary Schultz and former Penn State athletic director Tim Curley are scheduled to be sentenced for child endangerment Friday in Harrisburg, Pa ., for failing to report now-convicted sexual predator Sandusky to authorities in 2001.

Author: 0 'Pirates Of The Caribbean' Sails To The Top Of The Box Office

Dead Man's Chest came out in 2006 and brought in an opening-weekend revenue of $135.6 million. Alas that's not happening, even $200 million might be a stretch for the 5th Pirates of the Caribbean movie . Meanwhile, Paramount has to deal with " Baywatch " the way Warners lived with " CHiPS ". As most people know, the summer time is when the big blockbuster movies come out.

Cultura Musica: morto il direttore d'orchestra Jeffrey Tate
Author: 0 Musica: morto il direttore d'orchestra Jeffrey Tate

Settantaquattro anni, il noto direttore d'orchestra inglese Jeffrey Tate si è spento intorno alle 14. È stato stroncato da un malore mentre si trovava nello spazio vicino al guardaroba . L'Orchestra Sinfonica Nazionale e la Direzione di Rai Cultura hanno espresso profondo cordoglio per il maestro che era stato Primo direttore ospite della compagine sinfonica della Rai dal 1998 al 2002, e successivamente Direttore onorario fino al 2011.

Author: 0 Curry, Durant power Warriors past Cavs in Game 1

That's all he needed to say. The series resumes on Sunday in Oakland and Lue is confident in the Cavs' ability to make adjustments after getting an up-close look at the Warriors . "We could be a lot better than we were tonight but in the Finals you get a 'W, ' we'll take it", Durant said. Not only did he guard LeBron, but he guarded Kevin Love for a while.

Cultura Finale Champions League, conferenza Zidane:
Author: 0 Finale Champions League, conferenza Zidane: "Bale o Isco? Ecco cosa dico"

Vinto tanto, ma sudato tanto. Una volta in finale tutti sono motivati. Abbiamo lavorato moltissimo per arrivare fino a qui. "Non sentiamo la pressione, viviamo con questo genere di pressioni da sempre sia da giocatori che da allenatori". La cosa più difficile per me è mandare sei giocatori in panchina. JUVENTUS - "Non solo solo catenaccio, sarà una partita bella e aperta". Hanno giocatori offensivi molto molto bravi.

Cultura Patty Jenkins eyeing 'I am Superman' with Ryan Gosling
Author: 0 Patty Jenkins eyeing 'I am Superman' with Ryan Gosling

And with Trevor to navigate her through London and later to the front lines, Diana discovers she has much to learn about men, mankind, and even herself. " Wonder Woman " plays out as an origin story for the comic world's most famous female superhero. " Wonder Woman " I must say is the oddly rare superhero story that breathes fresh life into the jaded cosmos of comic-book super-heroics.

Author: 0 Tutto può succedere: Giulia va a convivere con Alberto. Le anticipazioni

Ieri sera, giovedì 1 Giugno , è andata in onda su RaiUno la nona puntata della fiction " Tutto può succedere 2 ", commedia familiare con le nuove avventure della caotica e frizzante famiglia Ferraro , che in queste tredici nuove prime serata dovranno vedersela con ritorni, partenze e nuovi arrivi che animeranno e sconvolgeranno le loro vite e le loro abitudini quotidiane.

Author: 0 NBA 2K17 Predicts Epic NBA Finals And Winner

Three hundred and 32 days ago, we all agreed that adding Kevin Durant - by anyone's measure a top five player in the National Basketball Association - to a team that had just won 73 games and had come within seconds of claiming back-to-back titles meant that the Warriors had locked up the 2016-17 National Basketball Association title.

Cultura Jerry Garcia's guitar fetches $1.9M
Author: 0 Jerry Garcia's guitar fetches $1.9M

An anonymous charity matched his pre-premium $1.6 million bid, bringing the total donation for the Southern Poverty Law Center to $3.2 million. When the instrument went back to guitar maker Doug Irwin for repairs, he chose to incorporate the motif in a more permanent way.

Cultura United Kingdom police arrest 9th man in concert bombing investigation
Author: 0 United Kingdom police arrest 9th man in concert bombing investigation

He said his son visited Libya a month and a half ago and was planning to return to Libya to spend the holy month of Ramadan with the family. Dozens were also wounded in the incident. Up to 3,800 military personnel would be available to support police, Home Secretary Rudd said, amid warnings of another potential attack. Citing unnamed federal security sources, Focus reports that British-born Salman Abedi twice flew from a German airport in recent years and wasn't on any worldwide watch list.

Cultura Three Mile Island to shut down in September 2019, owner says
Author: 0 Three Mile Island to shut down in September 2019, owner says

To avoid that prospect, some states, including NY and IL, have asked ratepayers to subsidize with payments similar to those that solar and wind-power projects receive. Small amounts of radiation escaped, though no injuries were reported . The latter is perhaps the closest analogue to nuclear's current woes, and perhaps the best example of another fuel source whose decline could lead to the disruption of a major job sector and the abandonment of existing infrastructure.

Cultura Star Wars Celebrating 40 Years Since The Release of Episode IV
Author: 0 Star Wars Celebrating 40 Years Since The Release of Episode IV

Check it out below. Vanity Fair wrote that the covers will be available online Wednesday, on newsstands in NY and Los Angeles on May 31 and around the country on June 6. But don't expect to find any significant plot points within these covers. "Wrapped in a brown trench coat with its collar upturned, Fisher is looking into your soul in the photo, shot by renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz , named as 'The Legacy".

Author: 0 Saudi Cartoonists Show Trump Morphing From Enemy To Partner

Some regarded his speech as a positive step towards Muslims. U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross took time Monday morning to commend the lack of protests against President Donald Trump during his visit to Saudi Arabia . During Trump's speech in Saudi Arabia, he accused Iran of funding terrorism. The remarks by Zarif came in response to Trump's anti-Tehran comments in Riyadh on Sunday and his arms sale deal with Saudi Arabia.

Author: 0 Wonder Woman Is The Superhero We Need And The One We Deserve

We may see her in even more roles as her performance in the new movie has been praised by a lot of people that have seen the movie already . The beauty of Patty Jenkins' film is in Diana's gradual awakening to the awfulness of being a woman in the 20th century.

Author: 0 Palestinian woman stabs Israeli soldier, is shot: army

It's the first such meeting between senior Israeli and Palestinian officials in Ramallah since 2014, when US -mediated peace talks collapsed. A senior Israeli official is expressing disappointment over Trump's decision against relocating the embassy to Jerusalem and is accusing the USA of caving in to Arab pressure.

Author: 0 Can 'Wonder Woman' end the summer movie slump?

Unlike other DCEU films, you actually care about what's going on, the plot unfolds in a coherent way, and the characters act like they should. When an American spy ( Chris Pine ) crashes on her island, she learns of a great war - World War 1 - that is taking place in the world and she makes the decision to leave her home behind and help the people of earth fight their battle.

Cultura Kirsten Dunst trashes Spider-Man reboots
Author: 0 Kirsten Dunst trashes Spider-Man reboots

The clip offered a first look at Donald Glover's yet-to-be-confirmed character and also showed Michael Keaton at his villainous best-playing menacing Vulture, Spider-man's comic-book adversary. Listen, I'd rather be in the first ones than the new ones . Spider-Man 3 happened, no matter how much we try to block it out. But while anticipating is growing (particularly among fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe), some people aren't as thrilled about the reboots.

Cultura Gonzalez gets 1st win since April as Nats beat Giants 6-3
Author: 0 Gonzalez gets 1st win since April as Nats beat Giants 6-3

Each player appealed his penalty, keeping both eligible to participate until resolutions are reached. Baseball Senior Vice President Joe Garagiola Jr. Both players were ejected from the game, and Strickland had to be dragged from the field by three of his team-mates. "It doesn't matter what I say or what I do, really , I just didn't think that the judges, whoever the judges were, have ever been in the situation".

Cultura Syrian rebels say Russian jets halt advance on desert outpost
Author: 0 Syrian rebels say Russian jets halt advance on desert outpost

As partner forces engage the remnants of ISIS' control in Mosul, the PMF have successfully cut ISIS off outside the city and on Monday retook a number of villages on the Syrian border, Reuters reported. "This has coincided with a march toward the Syrian border by Shi'ite militias from Iraq", namely the Badr Organization, which is part of the Iran-allied Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) now fighting alongside USA -backed Iraqi forces, adds the news outlet.

Author: 0 'Wonder Woman' is Banned in Lebanon Because Gal Gadot is Israeli

The movie was pulled from screens in the country hours before it was set to premiere because leading lady Gal Gadot is Israeli. " Wonder Woman " passed Lebanon's screening procedures, The Guardian notes, but the government reportedly responded to pressure from the Campaign to Boycott Supporters of Israel-Lebanon to ban what they called "the Israeli Soldier film".

Author: 0 Pirates 5 box office sailing to $300 million

The Memorial Day weekend watched two big movies clash at the box office for the number one spot. In case you'd forgotten, Guy Richie's King Arthur has the privilege of being the first casualty of summer 2017. Dead Men Tell No Tales has had a healthy start to its cinema run - but the devil is in the detail when it comes to its box-office numbers. Last weekend's other major release, Baywatch , has been a huge disappointment in its opening days.

Author: 0 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' Will Not Include A Han/Leia Style Romance

The weapon, which "doesn't have a fancy name yet" seems to be less high tech than the usual blasters and lightsaber the Star Wars universe usually brings and instead comes in the form of a collapsible pole. The image is published nearly forty years to the day after Leia made her big screen debut in the original Star Wars , in 1977. We'll find out more about this pair when Star Wars: The Last Jedi releases on December 15th.

Cultura Black Eyed Peas, Robbie Williams added to Manchester concert
Author: 0 Black Eyed Peas, Robbie Williams added to Manchester concert

Tickets for Ariana Grande's One Love Manchester benefit concert , for the victims of the recent terror attack at Manchester Arena , went on sale Thursday. The Old Trafford Cricket ground holds 26,000 which is 5,000 more than the Manchester Arena . Anyone who attended that show has been offered free tickets to this weekend's concert.

Author: 0 Manchester United cool their interest in signing Griezmann, say sources

FIFA, who also banned Barcelona from registering players for two transfer windows in 2014 for a similar misdemeanour, welcomed the upholding of the transfer ban. As a effect, Atletico Madrid remains banned from registering players both nationally and internationally for two complete and consecutive transfer periods.

Author: 0 Lebanese officials ban Wonder Woman

A security official said violators of the ban would have to face legal consequences, but did not specify. The said special events are in honor of the upcoming premiere of the " Wonder Woman " movie on Friday, June 2, in the United States.

Cultura China will continue with climate pact even if US pulls out
Author: 0 China will continue with climate pact even if US pulls out

Zinke was appearing at a news conference in Anchorage, Alaska with Sen. "Please don't change the (political) climate for the worse", European Council President Donald Tusk tweeted. "AGAIN!", the United States president said in a tweet. The Kremlin says Russian Federation is committed to the Paris climate change accords. Putin is meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi later on Thursday.

Cultura Actor Rajkumar's wife, Parvathamma Rajkumar Dies at 77
Author: 0 Actor Rajkumar's wife, Parvathamma Rajkumar Dies at 77

All the shootings of Kannada films have been cancelled for the day in respect of the dead. Parvathamma was joined in hospital on May 14th earlier in the month after she developed some complications. She also had received the prestigious awards such as Rajyotsava Award, and Dadasaheb Phalke Award. However, in some interviews , Parvathamma indicated that her mother had been against the idea of her marrying an actor with a travelling theatre company.

Author: 0 Vladimir Putin admits Russians 'may' have hacked U.S. election

The Russian President insisted that sanctions against Russia have had "zero effect" and said his country will be forced to respond to the development of USA anti-missile systems in Alaska and South Korea. The involvement of Russian Federation in election hacking has been raging hugh uproar since the US Presidential elections. "If they're patriotically minded, they start making their contribution, " he said.