Cultura Women's bathing suit looks like a man's hairy chest
Author: 0 Women's bathing suit looks like a man's hairy chest

It's created by Beloved Shirts , a clothing company known for its T-shirts that resemble popular junk foods, including pepperoni pizza, doughnuts, and ramen. Twitter appears to be equally confused by the design. "WHOOOO would NEED this?" wrote another. If you've ever wished to have someone else's body while making your way to the pool then your wish has been answered, albeit a little hilariously and awkwardly.

Author: 0 Cosby Defense Team Highlights Accuser's Early Fumbles

Constand originally said the alleged assault took place on March 16, 2004, then switched to January 2004. "I said, " Tell me everything you physically did to her.' He said that he was touching her breasts". At two meetings at his Philadelphia home, Cosby twice tried to initiate physical contact with the then director of operations for women's basketball at Temple University, where the TV star was on the board of trustees.

Cultura (Ri-)Annunciato Beyond Good and Evil 2
Author: 0 (Ri-)Annunciato Beyond Good and Evil 2

Ancora non è stata annunciata una data di uscita. Nello specifico, Laura Kate Dale (insider che aveva svelato Mario + Rabbids), ha pubblicato un tweet nel quale dichiara di aver sentito dire da una fonte affidabile che Beyond Good & Evil 2 sarà un'esclusiva temporanea di Nintendo Switch per un anno, prima di arrivare sulle altre piattaforme.

Cultura BMW 6 Series GT revealed
Author: 0 BMW 6 Series GT revealed

Base price for the 640i xDrive GT is set at $69,700, almost $11,000 more than a 540i xDrive. Compared to the 5 Series GT , the new 6 Series GT seems to be more aesthetically pleasing, with the horizontal bulge above the rear wheel arches helping to break up the car's visual height.

Author: 0 WWE Monday Night Raw 06/12/2017 Highlights (Samoa Joe, Brock Lesnar)

Will Samoa Joe meet "The Beast" head on ahead of their clash for the Universal Championship at Great Balls of Fire or will these two animalistic competitors save the fight for pay-per-view? WWE has announced that Brock Lesnar will open Monday's Raw television show.

Cultura Deputy AG Rosenstein set for budget hearing Tuesday
Author: 0 Deputy AG Rosenstein set for budget hearing Tuesday

But let's take solace in the fact that, at least for the moment, there's someone associated with this administration who appears to be acting in good faith. After initially being praised by Republicans and Democrats for his integrity, Mueller has had his impartiality as special counsel questioned by some Trump supporters in recent days.

Author: 0 Katy Perry's confessional weekend

I could only do me". What do you think of Katy Perry flashing her bum to the world? However, Katy shot down the speculation. And the likes of feuding with Taylor Swift and having your relationships - including a failed marriage to Russell Brand - picked apart can't be easy either.

Cultura Airport: Emergency workers focused on saving woman
Author: 0 Airport: Emergency workers focused on saving woman

Paul International Airport. The flight was inbound from Dallas. An EMT came onto the plane at the airport, removed the woman from the restroom and dragged her face-up by the hands through the plane, another passenger said. Passenger Art Endress said attendants realized something was amiss when the plane started its descent and one passenger didn't return to her seat. An airport spokesman said the first responders were from Allina Health, and they moved the woman as quickly as they could in ...

Cultura Kathy Griffin: Donald Trump 'is trying to ruin my life'
Author: 0 Kathy Griffin: Donald Trump 'is trying to ruin my life'

Griffin became emotional and broke down in tears at multiple times during the press conference , which she said was her first ever, but also tossed in several jokes. I feel terrible. I make mistakes. I am sorry. I went too far . "And then the doubling and tripling down by Kathy Griffin's enablers and supporters in continuing to attack the Trump family - and specifically Barron Trump - it is unacceptable", Malkin said.

Cultura 'Wonder Woman' Earns $103.1 Million At The Domestic Box Office
Author: 0 'Wonder Woman' Earns $103.1 Million At The Domestic Box Office

And yes, Jenkins knows exactly where she wants to take Diana next: "The story will take place in the US, which I think is right", she told Entertainment Weekly . But that all changed with the release of Wonder Woman , and DC was rewarded in kind. Internationally, the movie brought in $122.5 million, boosting its global haul to $223 million after just one weekend.

Cultura Rosenstein Says He Won't Fire Special Counsel Unless There's Good Cause
Author: 0 Rosenstein Says He Won't Fire Special Counsel Unless There's Good Cause

Sure, Trump had made his displeasure with the existence of a special counsel clear. Trump would have fired Comey for investigating the Trump-Russia issue, then dismissed Mueller for investigating the Trump-Russia issue. Essentially, Rosenstein is saying he would not approach a presidential order to fire Mueller in the same way that he approached the president's request to come up with a pretext for firing FBI Director James Comey .

Cultura Georgia man wrangles snake out of gas pump
Author: 0 Georgia man wrangles snake out of gas pump

The snake was found at the Cowboys Shell Gas Station in Cedartown, Georgia. Radke said he's not scared of snakes. That's when Radke wrapped his shirt around his hands and used the nozzle to grab the snake's head and force it out of hiding.

Author: 0 Trump Says He'd Testify That Comey Lied About Loyalty Demand

The Senate hearing never revealed whether Trump had, as he hinted in a May 12 Twitter post, a secret recording system which would render moot Comey's nine memos-to-self about his private conversations with Trump and even much of his testimony about his recollections of the calls and meetings.

Cultura Inmates escape through a jail ventilation system - again
Author: 0 Inmates escape through a jail ventilation system - again

The names of the inmates and the charges they face have not been released. The others are accused of property crimes. Deputies say a resident saw people who appeared to be the escaped inmates staying in an area home after their vehicle broke down.

Cultura Stefano De Martino in vacanza, ecco con chi è stato paparazzato
Author: 0 Stefano De Martino in vacanza, ecco con chi è stato paparazzato

Complice il caldo e gli sguardi languidi, questa volta Stefano riuscirà a concretizzare con una delle due? Secondo alcune indiscrezioni il ballerino di Amici e la bellissima modella, finita al centro del gossip anche per la breve relazione avuta con l'inviato dell'Isola dei Famosi Stefano Bettarini , avrebbero trascorso insieme molto tempo e poi, sempre secondo alcune indiscrezioni, avrebbero trascorso la serata insieme lontani da occhi indiscreti.

Author: 0 Jeff Sessions Testifies Before Senate Intelligence Committee

The Oregon Democrat appeared to touch a nerve during his questioning of Sessions. "Well, some of that leaked out of the committee that he said in closed session", Sessions said. Federal Election Commission records indicate that some members of Mueller's team have made political donations to Democrats , according to a CNN report.

Author: 0 Donald Trump: Ex-attorney general's action on Clinton inquiry 'totally illegal'

If Mrs. Lynch , Attorney General Lynch, made law enforcement decisions for political purposes, that's called misconduct in office. "President Obama's statement that he thought she shouldn't be charged because she didn't intend to violate the law is the real Clinton obstruction because that is a statement by him that this is the way I want that investigation to come out", Mukasey said Tuesday in an interview with FOX Business Network's Maria Bartiromo.

Cultura Choc a
Author: 0 Choc a "Il Segreto": un atroce omicidio sconvolgerà Puente Veijo

Monique (Joelle Zilberman) e Lucas (Alvaro morte ) portano a Miel Amarga un neonato , Marcos , al quale vogliono garantire tutta l'assistenza possibile, visto che, a loro parere, ha solo poche ore di vita. Ma le parole di Hernando non sembrano aver turbato Elias , che è sempre più convinto che Camila gli appartenga, e pertanto in breve tempo diventerà sua moglie.

Cultura CNN cuts ties with Kathy Griffin over video
Author: 0 CNN cuts ties with Kathy Griffin over video

There won't be anymore spray-tanning, hair-dying or stripping with Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper on CNN's New Year's Eve countdown. Cooper was quick to denounce his long-time pal, calling the image "disgusting" and "completely inappropriate".

Cultura Nozze segrete in Corsica tra Laetitia Casta e Louis Garrel
Author: 0 Nozze segrete in Corsica tra Laetitia Casta e Louis Garrel

I due attori si sono sposati in gran segreto. La festa, a cui hanno partecipato 40 invitati, è proseguita fino all'alba. In queste si può vedere la bellissima Laetitia Casta in abito bianco arrivare alla cerimonio che si è tenuta al tramonto sulla spiaggia di Lumio a bordo di un gommone con al suo fianco il futuro marito e i tre figli: Satheene , avuta dal regista Stéphane Sednaoui , Athena e Orlando avuti da Stefano Accorsi .

Cultura Belen Rodriguez contro Virginia Raffaele:
Author: 0 Belen Rodriguez contro Virginia Raffaele: "Non sono una mutanda..."

In più, Belen ha ipotizzato che la Raffaele continua ad imitarla per mostrare ai telespettatori la sua di fisicità: "All'inizio era leggera nell'imitazione , adesso è troppo ". L'opzione matrimonio con Iannone però non è del tutto accantonata. Belen riserva parole di stima verso SuperSimo e racconta il giorno del casting per l'isola: "Non bisogna scordarsi di chi ti ha scoperto".

Author: 0 Attorney General Jeff Sessions to testify in public hearing

Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden of OR, also a member of the intelligence panel, sent a letter to panel Chairman Richard Burr of North Carolina and Warner asking for the hearing to be open. But intelligence committee members at first were unaware of a planned hearing. The hearing will bring sharp questioning for Sessions and likely some uncomfortable moments from the Trump administration.

Cultura YouTube Star Austin Jones Arrested on Child Pornography Charges
Author: 0 YouTube Star Austin Jones Arrested on Child Pornography Charges

The singer, who is known for performing versions of other artists' material as well as his own original songs, faces a minimum of 15 years on each count if convicted. In 2015, Jones issued an apology and admitted he was seeking professional help in therapy after he allegedly lied about his age while soliciting videos of underage girls twerking.

Cultura 'The Mummy' Shows No Signs Of Life At The Domestic Box Office
Author: 0 'The Mummy' Shows No Signs Of Life At The Domestic Box Office

Fortunately, the Gal Gadot film debuted with $103 million at the box office while the #Tom Cruise movie is looking at a dismal $23 million debut in North America. Last weekend, Wonder Woman crushed the $65 million estimate that box office analysts had forecast and launched with a massive $103 million. His thriller, one of the widest openings yet for "Moonlight" distributor A24, sold a modest $6 million in tickets.

Cultura Swift returns to Spotify
Author: 0 Swift returns to Spotify

This comes just after Katy hit out at Taylor yet again , insisting she tried to "assassinate" her character . The announcement by Swift may ramp up rivalry with Perry, 32, who released her new album's first single, "Swish Swish", last month.

Cultura Bill Cosby Jury Examines His Deposition During Sexual Assault Deliberations
Author: 0 Bill Cosby Jury Examines His Deposition During Sexual Assault Deliberations

In a note to Montgomery County Judge Steven O'Neill shortly before lunch, the jury also asked for more definition of part of the third charge, which accuses Cosby of penetrating Constand's genital area and states he "substantially impaired" her ability to control her conduct by administering drugs or other intoxicants "without the knowledge" of Constand.

Author: 0 Chris Evans explains his contract extension with Marvel

But after vast pressure from the fans and Marvel studios he made a decision to stay for Avengers: Infinity Wars . With many fans speculating that Captain America might end up dying in one of the upcoming films, it remains to be seen whether Marvel Studios will extend Evans's contract and what will happen to his character.

Author: 0 AG Rosenstein sees no reason to fire Mueller

On Monday night, Chris Ruddy , a friend of President Trump's, told "PBS NewsHour" host Judy Woodruff that the president was "considering perhaps terminating the special counsel" appointed to oversee the Russian Federation investigation, Robert Mueller .

Cultura Tiziano Ferro
Author: 0 Tiziano Ferro "conforta" i fan: fuori dallo stadio arrivano le pizze!

Per citare uno dei suoi ultimissimi successi , è sicuramente stato un bel " Conforto ". Dalle 11.00 di questa mattina inoltre, si sono aperte le porte della biglietteria di Viale Europa 142 per permettere ai fan di ritirare i propri ticket d'ingresso preacquistati, per un concerto che ha fatto registrare quasi il tutto esaurito.

Author: 0 Attorney General Sessions to face US Senate panel in public

Despite his willingness to discuss these points, the attorney general is expected not to answer questions about conversations he has had with President Donald Trump , such as any conversations he had with Trump leading up to former FBI Director James Comey's firing.

Cultura Attorney General Sessions next up for Capitol Hill scrutiny
Author: 0 Attorney General Sessions next up for Capitol Hill scrutiny

On "Fox & Friends" Monday, Conway noted Comey's testimony that Loretta Lynch, as President Barack Obama's attorney general, directed him to describe the FBI probe into Hillary Clinton's email practices as a "matter" and to avoid calling it an investigation.

Cultura Xbox One X officially confirmed at E3
Author: 0 Xbox One X officially confirmed at E3

We already heard numerous official specifications prior to the Xbox E3 2017 Media Briefing, where the console was formerly revealed. Microsoft's next console, codenamed Project Scorpio , will be called Xbox One X , the company said today.

Author: 0 Uomini e Donne, Claudio Sona e il ricatto dell'ex fidanzato

I più malpensanti del web pensano che tra di loro ci sia solamente un rapporto di convenienza legato al business , sfruttando la loro momentanea popolarità. Ci sono state cose negative nel nostro rapporto, ma è anche vero che ce ne sono state altrettante di positive. Ci siamo salutati abbracciandoci, con una promessa " lasciamo fare al destino".