Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Might Have Its Fingerprint Sensor Under The Display


So it comes as no surprise hearing the Samsung is trying once again and will most likely introduce the feature on its upcoming Galaxy Note in 2018. While he thinks that Android devices are heading the way of Apple's Face ID and TrueDepth camera, Samsung is still pushing through, at least temporarily, with the under-display optical fingerprint sensor, which might debut in the Galaxy Note 9. Well apparently it is more efficient than having a dedicated light source and will save on battery life due to the OLED screens battery-friendly properties. It's that one feature Apple didn't add yet to the iPhone X and if everything goes as planned, then Samsung may do so first.

Samsung's success as a component supplier is well-known. There is no word on whether future super premium iPhones will reintroduce a fingerprint sensor, whether capacitive or in-display. In that time 3D facial recognition may improve enough such that the fingerprint sensor will be made obsolete. Samsung LSI and Egis are also competing to win the contract.

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So, according to the rumour mill, allegedly Samsung wanted to put an under-glass fingerprint scanner on the Galaxy S8 series, but didn't manage to get it working just right in time, and instead opted to put a surface-level fingerprint scanner on the back panel, just adjacent to the camera. Samsung said to the CNN "We sincerely want quick recovery of our customer and the person, but we will also authentically advocate or recommended that people or customer should not use the third party battery for their Samsung gadget".

As reported, Samsung is already receiving samples from 2-4 companies that can supply the necessary hardware to make this implementation work. He can be seen reaching for his Galaxy Grand Duos when it suddenly bursts into flames, emitting blue sparks and setting his shirt on fire.