Sony rolls out beta 5 of PlayStation 4's system updates


Rumors say that the new features, which will be added thanks to the 5.0.0 system update, will make the game console one of the most desirable Sony device so far. The roll out and the change list for the update was announced on a blog post from Sony Entertainment America.

The PS4 5.0 update also has something for players who have set up a community.

Playstation 4 firmware update 5.00 was supposed to not only fix issues with the Playstation 4, but also add in a number of new features and fixed old ones.

Kelly stated that those who are signing up for the beta version will get an email from Sony with instructions to download if they have been selected to test the beta version.

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The company is overhauling the current account system to introduce "Family on PlayStation Network". For instance, Playstation overhauled the family management tab, making it easier to control what your kids are able to play and do on the console. Parents will also have an easier time customizing the parental controls. Under the Family on PSN feature, multiple numbers of adults can be added under the umbrella of a single family.

Under the Friends category, the beta update will be replacing the Favorite Groups tab with the new Custom Lists tab. Once the broadcast is linked to a community, a button will be displayed on the "Live from Playstation" spectator screen, enabling the user to land on the community page. Once this feature gets enabled the comments from the spectators will appear on the VR mode as well, and will not be limited in the cinematic mode only. This new addition will allow PS4 users to create customized list for specific friends and make it easier to manage the lists as well as the groups.

A few changes have also been made to the console's notifications.