Microsoft to Publish PUBG on XBox One But What About PS4?


Notably, last night was Bluehole's announcement of the shared "vision" the two companies hold.

Technology giant Microsoft has announced plans to partner with PLAYERUNKNOWN and Bluehole to bring PLAYERUNKNOWN's Battlegrounds (PUBG) to the Xbox One.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, which is still in early access for for PC players via Steam, is a insane popular take on the Battle Royale shooter formula. At times even rivaling CS:GO for most concurrent players. Hence it is important to take this bit of a news as a rumor only.

"The great thing as a gamer is no matter if you're a fan of RPGs, or racers, or shooters, no matter what kind of game you like, these games are going to look and play better on Xbox One X", he said. Now they will not have to do it alone. Note the very specific wording there. Is this now a Xbox console exclusive? Which could mean the earlier suggestions of a timed Xbox exclusive followed by a PS4 launch later in 2018 is still on the table.

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Microsoft will be publishing the Xbox One version of the game when it releases later this year. Exclusivity agreements are done in the hopes that they will encourage more people to buy a particular platform.

Playerunknown himself, Brendan Greene, has stated that PUBG is intended as a service rather than a game and that he expects a 10-year lifespan for the title. In March this year, we launched PUBG into Steam's Early Access and have continued to evolve our game ever since.

News came out of Gamescom 2017 revealed an extension of the partnership between Bluehole and PLAYERUNKNOWN. Microsoft will help lighten the load of marketing and help bring the game to Xbox.

ShadowPlay Highlights is Nvidia's technology that's created to capture your most exciting in-game achievements so that you can share that killer headshot with the hater who doesn't believe you made it. Kim did not give a precise release date for the Xbox Game Preview version or the full version. It's likely you've experienced one or the other. Let us know by commenting in the comments section below.