Forecasters: Good Chance That Clouds Will Hide Eclipse


What about this solar eclipse in August?

On average, a Solar Eclipse's path will cross where you live once every 375 years.

There will be a total solar eclipse that crosses south-east Asia, Australia, the Pacific, the Indian Ocean and Antarctica.

Time of total solar eclipse: About 1:07 p.m.

Meanwhile, parks and rooftop parking garages began to fill in downtown Boise, Idaho, as the eclipse inched closer to the United States' interior.

Earth will still experience partial eclipses, but total eclipses of the sun will be a relic of the distant past.

Windsor, Ont., is also closing its six outdoor pools because of the eclipse. It will darken the skies along a path from OR to SC. We're collecting the best photos from along the path of totality, a 70-mile-wide, 3,000-mile-long swath from OR to SC where millions of people are assembled to watch the spectacle. For the rest of the week, we'll remain in the upper 70s with more sunshine. During full totality, observers wielding binoculars could see red prominences licking up from the sun as well as the star's faintly glowing outer atmosphere, known as the corona.

Paulette Simmons of Nashville came to the zoo after a doctor's appointment, saying she decided on the location because she wanted to see how the animals reacted. The sky will take on an eerie grayish, dim glow. A wave of darkness swept in from the west. Day turned into night, to the cheers of the Oregon Solarfest assembly at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds in Madras. This may get in the way of the start of the eclipse at 11:48 AM. But they typically occur over oceans or other nonpopulated areas.

Many ancient cultures anxious an eclipse caused pregnancy complications such as blindness, cleft lips and birthmarks. So it's no surprise that Twitter blew up on Monday with tweets and memes about Trump watching the eclipse.

ANSWER: They will measure the temperature of the outer atmosphere (corona), a vast region of super-heated gas. Move the sun up to increase or decrease brightness. They warn of possible damaging winds and large hail.

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Below are the steps to make your own solar eclipse viewer.

There's been a lot of coverage of the potential danger of viewing the eclipse without proper eye protection. Before and after totality, eye protection is necessary for anyone in the narrow path of totality. Use tape to keep it in place. Sunglasses are not sufficient. However, we'll have some cloud cover and rain to get through. If you are considering using them, you need to make sure you are following NASA's safety precautions. "At that time, we thought we were invincible, as most teenagers do".

December 4, 2021 there will be a total solar eclipse passing the south of Australia, some of South America, and all of Antarctica.

There are ways of enjoying one of nature's greatest shows. Only use a telescope or binoculars if they are fitted with reliable solar filters created to fit directly on the instruments and the operator knows how to use them. A long list of retailers and organizations in the metro-east were providing glasses for free or at a low cost. has ads for glasses at about a dollar each. NASA suggests the alternative method of the pinhole projection.

Hold the box in such a way to where the eclipse can reflect onto the foil.

- Tape the cutout to the bottom of the cereal box, then close the box.

Don't miss this eclipse.

If you don't have any special eclipse glasses, you can still see the eclipse.

Larry Scheckel is a retired Tomah High School physics teacher.