U.S. 'taking all possible actions' to defend against North Korea


Ellison later retracted his comment, which were made at the Netroots Nation conference, an annual gathering of left-wing and progressive activists.

"You have this guy making bellicose threats against somebody else who has very little to lose over there", Ellison, who also serves as the Vice Chair of the Democratic National Committee, said.

Ripley said, "All of these responses, these fiery responses that we've seen from North Korea so far haven't been direct quotes from Kim Jong-un".

Asked if that meant that he does not expect any future missile tests, Pompeo said he is "quite confident" that North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un "will continue to try to develop a missile program, so it wouldn't surprise me if there was another missile test". "So if you don't want to get caught, deer-in-the-headlights, start calling for diplomacy in North Korea immediately".

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Gasps could be heard from the crowd of left-wing activists when Ellison made his remarks. "It's tailor-made for somebody to misuse". No, that's not a dare, as you say. "So between that and Trump's promise to unleash fire and fury at North Korea, you could be forgiven for your confusion about whether you're listening to the fictional Daenerys Targaryen on "Game of Thrones" or the very real President of the United States. What we need is someone bringing calm to the situation, not spiking it".

"Trump spent this week ratcheting up the rhetoric even as his own cabinet tried to take it down".

"With radical beliefs like these, Democrats need to decide whether Keith Ellison deserves to speak for their party going forward", Ahrens said. The hermit kingdom has continued its slow march toward a credible nuclear deterrent, much to the dismay of the United States and its allies in the region.

Ahrens was not alone in his criticism, as many reactions on Twitter agreed.