Barnaby Joyce latest MP to be caught up in dual-citizenship bungle


He said he was shocked to receive that information, adding he had been born in Tamworth and had always been an Australian citizen.

Deputy Prime Minister and Nationals leader Barnaby Joyce has announced to parliament that the New Zealand High Commission informed him last Thursday, based on preliminary advice, that he may be a New Zealand citizen by reason of descent and he has now referred himself to the High Court.

Given the strength of the legal advice the Government has received, the Prime Minister has asked that I remain Deputy Prime Minister and continue my Ministerial duties.

Under section 44 of the Australian Constitution, anyone who holds dual citizenship is ineligible to sit in parliament.

This is the latest in a surprisingly high amount of MPs to be caught out in a section of the constitution numerous public didn't even know existed.

Joyce is the fifth politician to have his citizenship called into question since former Greens senator Scott Ludlam resigned last month after discovering he was a dual citizen with New Zealand.

Joyce asked for the matter to be referred to the Australia's high court for a ruling on his eligibility.

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"The concept of New Zealand-Australian citizenship was not created until 1948", Joyce said.

Less than two weeks later, Resources Minister Matt Canavan quit cabinet after it was revealed he may have dual Italian citizenship.

After Joyce's statement to parliament, Malcolm Turnbull wrote to the Labor leader Bill Shorten on Monday inquiring whether or not he wanted to refer any cases of Labor MPs to the high court on the basis it would be desirable that all cases are heard at the same time. He emigrated to Australia as a British subject but under NZ law, Mr Joyce's father was automatically designated a citizen by descent.

One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts has also been referred to the High Court over his British citizenship status.

Mr Joyce's father was never a NZ citizen because NZ and Australian citizenship did not exist in 19747.

Two Greens senators resigned from parliament last month after discovering they were dual citizens due to their birthplace.