Solar Eclipse of the sun August 21st


You may even forget the eclipse was going to happen that day.

Corona: During the total eclipse, the corona of the sun will be visible. And during that period of time, the filters that you would want to wear are approved by the ISO standards, and we have those at our office.

We'll add other events if we become aware of them, so check back with

The Museum will have educators stationed with a special telescope, equipped with safe solar filter, to view the eclipse from 1:20-4 p.m.

We're just over a week away from the epic eclipse, and one Nashville university has chose to delay the first day of class so students and teachers can enjoy the sight.

What happens is that you can develop what we call photokeratitis - basically a burning sensation on the eye.

The rods and cones in the human retina are very sensitive to light. But you can not do so without proper eye protection.

Filters that are made have a coating that has aluminum chromium and a silver coating. Only specialized glasses should be used to view the show. But only welders glass of at least Shade 12 is safe to use.

So how do people make sure that their glasses are certified?

Books-A-Million and Toys R Us in Knoxville, along with Lowe's in Harriman say they may get more in next week.

The eclipse is only expected to last about two minutes, but Bart Treece with Washington's Department of Transportation says visitors from BC need to be prepared for what he describes as a "multi-day" experience. I had wondered for some time why no one but me seemed to be getting excited about the upcoming eclipse, but it seems the rest of America is catching up with me at last.

What about pinhole viewers? The more you know!

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You mean as far as indirect viewing? Under no circumstances should you ever look directly at the sun. The image on the white surface will still give you a great view.

During that short moment the sun is blocked, not only will darkness fall upon the Earth, but the air will drop in temperature, and brighter stars and planets will be visible.

That's a great question.

Totality: It's safe to take your glasses off now and look up. "Oregon will get a 2 minute eclipse".

There is no location in Florida where you'll see 100 percent of the sun obscured by the moon - a total solar eclipse.

The eclipse Pettit filmed in 2012 is different than the coming August eclipse, although the view from space will be similar.

"Cloud cover and smoke still allow the UV rays to come through and cause damage to your eyes", said Jennifer Johnson, safety officer for the event.

Baily's beads: As totality approaches, watch for Baily's beads around the rim. That's the bad thing.

If you're in NY in the next few days and still need solar eclipse products, B & H Photo Video has everything you need for the best viewing experience. That reduction in vision could be temporary or it could be a permanent loss of vision.

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So how can you watch the eclipse then? Be wise, be smart. "If you don't do that soon, it's going to be too late".