Rep. Engel Compares Trump To Kim Jong Un


North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump function more like cult leaders than leaders of a country. Ellison, a Minnesota Democrat, later retracted that but still said he thinks Trump is "irresponsible".

"You have this guy [Trump] making bellicose threats against somebody else who has very little to lose over there", Ellison said.

"The President has to act like the President of the United States, when you hear words come out of his mouth it seems like they could come out of the mouth of Kim Jong Un", he continued.

"The time for cranking up the antiwar machine is right now", Rep. Ellison said. "So if you don't want to get caught, deer-in-the-headlights, start calling for diplomacy in North Korea immediately".

Markets extend losses as Korea tensions escalate
Japan is the world's biggest creditor country and there is an assumption investors there will repatriate funds in a crisis. The S&P shed 1.4%, its worst week since March, while the Nasdaq posted a weekly loss of 1.5%, its worst since June.

"That was one of those I wish I'd not said", Ellison said.

The United States should put economic pressure on North Korea through China, according to Republican Congressman Ron DeSantis, who represents parts of Northeast Florida. "We're not North Korea, thank god". "And I think it's something that has been tested in recent-enough memory that Kim Jong Un realizes that we have a capacity". And so, what we need to do is try to tamper down this crisis.

The remarks drew outrage, and in an interview after the panel with the Washington Post, Ellison went into damage control.

"With radical beliefs like these, Democrats need to decide whether Keith Ellison deserves to speak for their party going forward", the RNC rapid response director said.