Eric Bolling's $50M Defamation Suit Against Journo "Utterly Devoid Of Merit"


Bolling filed a $50 million defamation lawsuit in state Supreme Court in Manhattan against Yashar Ali, a Huffington Post contributing writer.

"The lawsuit Eric Bolling filed is utterly devoid of merit, and we demand that you dismiss it immediately", said Patricia Glaser in a blunt letter sent to Bolling's attorney Michael Bowe on Friday (read it here). Since then, Fox News sidelined Bolling and is running an internal investigation.

Included in the letter are screen shots of racist tirades made by Bolling's supporters on Ali's Facebook page (Ali is of Middle East descent).

Last week, Ali reported that Bolling allegedly sent lewd unsolicited photos of "male genitalia" to several female colleagues years ago. Bolling responded with a statement saying that he "recalls no such inappropriate communications". Glaser wrote that "Bolling's recollection and belief hardly constitute a denial of the accusations against him". Attorneys for Bolling claim that Ali's report had injured their client's reputation "through the intentional and/or highly reckless publication of actionable false and misleading statements". "Furthermore, truth is always a defense to defamation", Glaser's letter continued.

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The Daily Beast obtained Ali's response letter to the lawsuit with his lawyers writing, "We view your decision to sue Mr. Ali in his individual capacity, for $50 million, without also naming the Huffington Post, as a calculated effort to harass and intimidate Mr. Ali personally".

Glaser, who has also represented media figures such as Rush Limbaugh and Keith Olbermann, wrote Friday that her team would welcome the "opportunity to depose Mr. Bolling and review his message history, as we presume that you have instructed him to preserve communications". "At worst, you were aware his claims were false but proceeded regardless". "She is right about one thing".

Facing sanctions and what could be a probing, to put it lightly, discovery process, he might want to rethink that public profile - at least until the investigation at the much accused and once Roger Ailes run FNC is concluded, which I hear, it is not.