China Warns They Won't Aid North Korea If They Attack US


On Tuesday, Trump said any additional threats from North Korea would be met with "fire and fury".

China is the North's biggest economic partner and source of aid, but says it alone can't compel Pyongyang to end its nuclear and missile programs.

Tension between Washington and Pyongyang keeps ratcheting up as U.S. President Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un trade heated threats.

For the United States to be more specific on how it plans to counter the bluster coming from the North Korean leader would make Trump the bad guy and Kim the bullied one.

This week, Washington and Pyongyang have several times exchanged sharp statements.

Not to be outdone, North Korea issued its own warning, saying that if the US launches an attack, they will "immediately reduce the USA mainland into a field of nuclear war". Heretofore, the administration has urged China to press North Korea as a kind of subcontractor to achieve American objectives.

Two soldiers martyred, three injured in encounter with terrorists in JK's Shopian
Seven civilians are reported to have sustained pellet injuries during the clashes and have been shifted to hospital for treatment. Meanwhile, a fierce exchange of fire is going on in the village where three militants are believed to be trapped.

In so doing, it would prevent a scenario straight from "Dr. Strangelove: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb".

The statement Friday does not mention any specific actions China would be willing to take, although some Chinese scholars and state media have called on Beijing to take on a shuttle diplomacy role to facilitate talks between the USA and North Korea. Washington has been repeatedly stating that no option including the use of military force could be ruled out. China's incentive to help implement denuclearization will be to impose comparable restraints on all of Korea.

For now, the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) is right in allaying fears over the possible effects on the country of Pyongyang's plan to direct is four Hwasong-12 missiles at Guam, which is located some 2,414 kilometers from Manila.

China would also have a stake in the political evolution of North Korea following denuclearization, whether it be a two-state solution or unification, and in restrictions on military deployment placed on North Korea.

It always pays to be on the side of caution.