Packers: Team submits evidence of two illegal hits by Eagles to NFL


He was leaning forward on the run trying to gain yards after a catch when Sullivan lunged and hit Dupre high for the tackle. "But, yeah, that was a insane hit".

McCarthy said that he submitted both Eagles safety Tre Sullivan's helmet-first tackle of Dupre and wide receiver Bryce Treggs' crackback block on Randall to the National Football League to be reviewed, saying both went against the NFL's renewed focus on player safety.

"We all watch the same videos; there is emphasis each and every year about how we can make the league better, obviously player safety is always at the forefront of that". Most players from both teams dropped to a knee while medical personnel attended to him. Obviously those two hits fit in that category.

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After reviewing tape of the hits on Friday, McCarthy said they were illegal.

"So you don't want to see your players ever get injured, specifically if it's not within the climate of what the league is looking for as far as the proper way to block and so forth", McCarthy said. He stayed down for a moment before being helped off the field and taken to the locker room. Randall was diagnosed with a concussion, and Dupre was carted off the field on a stretcher. Before the game ended, the Packers announced that Dupre had feeling and movement in all of his extremities. Pat McKenzie and the athletic training staff. "Just on the reaction of the players on the play, you know it potentially may be a bad situation". "Good spirits, both doing good and they're both in the concussion protocol". Dupre was evaluated at a hospital and returned to Lambeau Field on Friday.

"As soon as he got here, he was telling me the last thing he remembered and about how he was in the hospital".