'Game of Thrones': New Photos Tease Fallout From That Fiery Battle


Let's just repeat this for clarification: Daenerys is Jon Snow's aunt.

In one, the King of the North - played by Kit Harrington - solemnly marches across one of its barren cliffs, while another finds him in earnest conversation with Daenerys, who has vowed to help in his battle against the Night King and his army of ghouls.

After a thrilling and nerve racking The Spoils of War episode, the stills of the Eastwatch, the fifth episode has arrived.

To really understand this, we're going to have to break down the two families involved: House Stark and House Targaryen.

Side note: Bastards aren't allowed to take the surname of their fathers, and instead each region of Westeros has a go-to bastard last name-for the north (because it's bloody cold), the chosen name is "Snow". Daenerys would be expecting Jon to be scared but he won't be. It's clear to everyone around them that Jon is attracted to Dany, with Davos even commenting on his longing looks at the Targaryen queen, but he was quick to put a stop to any suggestion that he would make a move (he's got White Walkers to battle).

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Daenerys is finally able to celebrate a win. I wish I had more time, but now I'm too far behind to start.

So would it be incest if Daenerys and Jon hooked up?

In real life this is called an "avunculate marriage" and is actually legal in Argentina, Austria, the Netherlands, Russia and a few other countries in the world, so in Game of Thrones the union of Dany and Jon might be considered an intermarriage. It is one of the three remaining Wall castles - along with Castle Black and The Shadow Tower - still manned by the men of the Watch.

Complicating matters for Jon is the return of Bran Stark to Winterfell. However, his head was abruptly chopped off at the end of season one.

In short, Game of Thrones' most engaging moments appear to be about dialogue rather than the gruesome violence we might normally associate with the story. Dany's dragons, destructive as they are against the living, would be even more effective against the dead.