DMX Sentenced to House Arrest After Failing Four Drug Tests


He also says DMX traveled at least twice without getting permission from authorities. For now, fans hope he can adhere to the conditions of his house arrest to stay out of jail.

DMX hugged friends after his hearing. "In addition, it sounds like he's a liar".

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An angry Judge Jed Rakoff scolded DMX for violating his bail after he tested positive for cocaine four times in less than four weeks, reports New York Daily News.

"He does have a rap sheet that does suggest more than a passing acquaintance with illegal drugs and more than a passing acquaintance with hand guns", Rakoff reportedly said. The lawyer said that drugs can linger in the body for a month even after someone stops using them and that DMX had an opiates prescription for pain relief. "Just being in there and being able to walk out". He is facing 14 counts related to tax fraud for evading more than $1 million in federal taxes. According to TMZ, the "X Gon' Give It To Ya" rapper reportedly showed up 30 minutes late to his bail bond hearing, and failed four drug tests, but the judge chose to show some mercy. He has pleaded not guilty and declined to comment on the charges outside court Friday.