Two Israeli Arabs Indicted for Supporting ISIS


It was cleared for publication on Friday that during a joint Shin Bet-Israel Police operation last month, two brothers from Umm al-Fahm were arrested on suspicion of supporting ISIS. A gun was found in the possession of the other brother, the agency said, though there was no indication they planned an imminent terror attack.

The security forces raided the home of Mahmoud 'Abd al-Karim Qassem Jabarin, 25 years old, and Na'im 'Abd al-Karim Qassem Jabarin, 20 years old, and found ISIS paraphernalia and a Carl Gustov gun on the roof of their home.

In order to do so, Mahmoud contacted another Umm al-Fahm resident who had previously traveled to Syria and joined the Islamic State in 2014.

An automatic weapon had been discovered in a sweep of the brothers' home.

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Aside from being charged with swearing allegiance to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, Muhamad was accused of being in contact with a foreign agent while Naim was charged with possession a firearm.

The Shin Bet said that despite Islamic State's losses on the battlefield in Syria and Iraq, the group is actively trying to recruit new members, mostly through the internet.

Sympathy toward IS among Arab-Israelis is considered to be low, but the Shin Bet said it "views Israelis who support [IS], and certainly those who maintain contacts with the organization's activists and go out to fight in its ranks, as a serious security threat".

The Shin Bet said it would continue to watch such suspects and take the necessary action against them to prevent the spread of the Islamic State's doctrine in Israel, as well as preventing Israelis from going to fight on the group's behalf.