Mobileye to Build a Fleet of 100 Level 4 Autonomous Test Cars


Silicon Valley giant Intel on Aug 9 announced plans for a fleet of self-driving cars following its completion of the purchase of Israeli autonomous technology firm Mobileye.

In the aftermath of the closing of the transaction in the amount of $ 15 billion, Intel announced that it would test these cars that are fully autonomous in Europe, Israel and the United States. These cars will also be rated as "level 4" according to the NHTSA classification of autonomous vehicles. That's why the team is casting a wide geographic net to figure out how self-driving cars react in different situations and environments around the world.

Building a fleet "of cars and test them in real conditions will allow to have a feedback immediate, while accelerating the implementation of new technologies for cars are completely autonomous", said Amnon Shashua, co-founder of Mobileye, which runs the company for the account of Intel.

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It's unclear which cars will be used as test mules, but Intel did say it would be using multiple models from different brands.

The Intel test fleet with include various types and makes of vehicles, and capitalise on Mobileye's expertise in computer vision, mapping and sensing. The rest of the vehicles will consist of "multiple auto brands and vehicle types", to prove that Mobileye's self-driving technology works with various platforms.

Intel's acquisition is created to propel the growing initiative for the autonomous driving industry, while also making the company a more well-rounded technology provider that can compete with other industry heavyweights. "We want to enable automakers to deliver driverless cars faster while reducing costs".