Local airman in Guam tells family not to fret about North Korea


With rough, calloused hands, Guam local Marco Martinez steadily trims his fishing line.

North Korea's announcement warned that it is preparing a plan to fire four of its Hwasong-12 missiles over Japan and into waters around the tiny island, which hosts 7,000 USA military personnel on two main bases and has a population of 160,000. "And we do have over 200 thousand civilians and military there, and I think that our government and our leadership recognizes that that is American soil". United States forces on the island were not immediately available for comment.

"This grave situation requires the KPA to closely watch Guam, the outpost and beachhead for invading the DPRK, and necessarily take practical actions of significance to neutralize it", the statement said.

On Wednesday, officials in Guam scrambled to release statements urging calm, even if just a day earlier President Donald Trump vowed to unleash "fire and fury" on North Korea.

Analista said North Korea's threat to bomb the U.S. territory worry Filipinos there but it there is no disruption in their daily life for now.

Like Martinez, most of the dozen or so residents CNN spoke to weren't panicked. He deployed a few weeks ago to Guam and is stationed at Anderson Air Force Base, where he works as a mechanic on B1 bombers.

"Kim Jong Un's reckless behavior can not be tolerated", she said, "and I strongly urge the president to explore every avenue to peacefully respond to it and avoid further escalating this situation".

But aside from the reassurance of the Governor himself, the tourists are still concerned about the situation. Plan to remain inside for at least 24 hours, it says. And he's pretty sure he's not alone.

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Also from the northern village of Dededo, Lou Meno said, "We have little kids that they don't know what's going on, and what is the president doing to protect us?" "That's just sometimes how people are - they don't want to show their fear inside". But to one Triad family, the North Korean threat hits very close to home.

"Whatever is required of him I know that he will step up to the plate", Gilbert said. "But we'll see what's gonna happen next". People are anxious about their families stressing out, not a nuclear showdown.

"I'm not really too anxious about it. We've been talking about this for more than two years". "At the same time, the governor of Guam helped assure people that things are in place especially the security umbrella that we hope will intercept any missile attack against Guam", he adds.

Local historian Malia Ramirez - who specializes in oral history, the verbal passing down of traditions from the elders - said he could sense the worry at the local laundromat Thursday. Anytime something like that happens you get a little anxious. "It shares false information supposedly coming from the Navy regarding North Korea", Calvo stated on his Facebook page. Jacob Martinez, 29, a purchasing officer at a high-end hotel, said he was frustrated that Guam, an island smaller than Singapore and about 11,000 km away from the US mainland, might be dragged into a major conflict.

The island is no stranger to conflict.

Guam has been a US territory since 1898, when Spain ceded it in the wake of the Spanish-American War.

Brian Cruz's parents were born and raised on the island of Guam.

"There's nothing in the world other than God that would make me relocate and move away from my home".