Bug-covered baby found abandoned at Houston-area apartments


A newborn baby girl is receiving medical attention after being found alone and covered in ants at an apartment complex in north Houston.

According to Harris County deputies, the child was found about 5 a.m.in a grassy area at the Bridges of Cypress Creek apartments.

"I heard some crying and wining and crying, and I kept walking until I got closer to the noise, and then I look at the ground and there was a baby down there", Albert Peterson, the man who found the baby, told KHOU in Houston. He took the baby to his apartment and called 911, investigators said. "That's just sad, for a human being to do another human being like that", Peterson told the station. Bloody footprints left by the mother could be seen on the sidewalk.

"I picked the baby up, and the baby had mucus and blood and all kinds of stuff all over her body".

"Without this neighbor, we'd be looking at a whole different scene, probably a homicide", said Deputy Thomas Gilliland.

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The trail of blood led investigators back to an apartment in the complex where they found a 21-year-old woman they believe may be the mother of the abandoned baby.

The baby was taken to the hospital for treatment and is said to be in good condition. "It's a miracle the child was found". Officials would normally look for a family member to hand the child to, but if the mother is unable to look after the infant or of no family members are tracked down, then the girl will be put up for adoption.

The woman was taken to a nearby hospital, to be checked out. Police said she has not said why she left the baby in the bushes, and she could face charges for abandoning a child.

You need to give your baby to an employee who works at one of these safe places and tell this person that you want to leave your baby at a Safe Haven.