Apple may drop the S from the iPhone


In the past, Apple has reduced the size of battery and kept the same battery life, so expect the iPhone 8 to last for the same length of time - or better. Images and video of a copper-tinged "iPhone 8" have been circulating for several days. Separately, the smartphone's different colour variants have been leaked on video and another report has suggested that the phone will not be unveiled until November due to the issues associated with fingerprint scanner implementation.

The most noticeable change will come at the front of the handset, where we'll probably see no Touch ID, and an edge-to-edge screen - much like the one on Samsung S8.

UI designers start to have fun with the iPhone 8 notch and bunny ears screen layout. Interestingly, though, most rumours and mock-ups point to a vertically mounted array, with one lens above the other. So what's the iPhone 8 all about and when is it being released? Tim Cook has mentioned AR quite a bit recently and there's even an ARKit in iOS 11.

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Winget released a similar video earlier this week, offering a glimpse at other "iPhone 8" mockups as well as the LCD-based "iPhone 7s" and "7s Plus". Also, I am curious about the potential size increase of the iPhone Plus model. For example, perhaps when we get a chance to do an iPhone 8 vs iPhone 7S Plus camera comparison we will find the iPhone 8 is best-suited for AR while the iPhone 7S Plus has its own strengths like portraits. What if Apple goes with a white front for the silver device? For me, this is where the iPhone 8 surges ahead of the iPhone 7.

Someone quickly made a mock-up of what the new iPhone screen could look like in terms of usable space. Some people might think it's insane to release the "old-looking" iPhone 7S Plus alongside the futuristic iPhone 8, but as Danny points out in his video, there is likely to be a few people who want the classic navigation options and appearance of the iPhone 7S Plus over the iPhone 8 which is a drastic change from the usual iPhone design.

Verdict: iPhone 8 wins.