Sylvester Stallone to guest star in 'This Is Us' Season 2


During Thursday's session for "This Is Us" at the Television Critics Association summer press tour, now underway in Beverly Hills, showrunner Dan Fogelman revealed the "Rocky"/"Rambo" action hero will be guest-starring in the show's second season in a multi-episode story arc. Stallone will, appropriately, play Kevin's co-star. "We needed a big star for his (Kevin's) movie", said Fogelman, "and we're really excited about the (episode) script". Essentially it's a speech about life and lost fathers that Kevin and Stallone's character have off-camera. Moore also will spend a "lot of time" in aging makeup for the later years in which her widowed character has remarried, Fogelman said. If you're obsessed with how Jack died, this season will provide "all the answers", he promised. That's very hard because I felt like her performance is in me and my performance is in her and what we do together is what and who Jack and Rebecca are. She staged her play The Cake this summer in L.A. and Rupp starred. "The first episode has a big giant piece of the puzzle that will potentially set the internet abuzz and hopefully give some momentum toward that storyline".

As for the Emmys, he says, "I just hope I survive it".

In other words, we probably never have to really say goodbye to Jack.

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The good news? Season two will be on our screens this year. The past story picks up the morning after Jack and Rebecca's big fight. As the frenzy continues, the showrunner assures that the burning questions surrounding Jack's fate will finally be answered in season 2.

Randall finds out more about how his parents made a decision to adopt him, while he and Beth are thinking of adopting another baby. In the scene, which takes place in the present, the now-older Rebecca is telling Randall how she and Jack chose to adopt Randall in the hospital, when he was a newborn baby. He points to where their child - who they lost - was to lie in a crib, and it was near baby Randall. "He became you", Rebecca tells present-day Randall in the clip. I was exhausted and grieving and he just kept pushing me.

At this stage of your career, what did the Emmy nomination mean to you? Sometimes in a marriage, someone has to push to make the big movies, and often it was your father. "Your father wasn't flawless, but he was pretty damn close". It's too soon in his life, it's too soon or too young in the character's that he impacts and I think it's something that no matter what, there's no way around it hurting.