Please come back: European police start postcard campaign to bring back fugitives


Police are using the opportunity to try and track down unsafe criminals on the run.

Security forces across Europe are sending tongue-in-cheek postcards to their Most Wanted criminals. "However, their exact addresses are still unknown to us".

"While most of us are enjoying a well-deserved summer break, criminals are not taking time off from crime".

At the initiative of the European Network of Fugitive Active Search Teams (ENFAST), Europol started crowdsourcing the search by launching the website in early 2016.

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The postcards feature Europe's Most Wanted fugitives, who have committed serious crimes in 21 European Union countries. Holiday destinations have proven to be popular hiding places for criminals on the run from law enforcement", it continued, "They might even have chosen the same destination as you.

The fugitives are all understood to be in hiding in different countries to their homelands, with some potentially in the UK, Europol said. "Come back to the sun-kissed shores of Italy for a true authentic (food) experience that you will never forget", reads one of the postcards addressed to Marco di Lauro, a member of the Naples-based Camorra mafia syndicate. Their offences include murder, fraud, and drug trafficking. "Come back to enjoy them-we'll have a nice surprise in store for you". We haven't seen you for a while! It said that since previous year, at least 11 people have been apprehended as a direct result of the public's interaction with the EU Most Wanted Platform, where the postcards were published on Friday.

Another four fugitives turned themselves in after they saw they had been included in the list.