Facebook's Snapchat-Like Stories Feature is Coming to Desktop


After rolling out stories to Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook app, now the company is testing stories on the Facebook website. In the smartphone version, one can spot the "Stories" feature on the top side of the News Feed. A small question mark icon appears in the Stories module, as well, which will explain the feature's goal, when hovered over with your cursor.

With the first five months, Instagram Stories soared to 150 million daily users.

The Facebook stories feature first rolled out in early 2017, starting off in Ireland before moving on to the U.S. But Facebook users haven't really taken to the feature as quickly as Instagram users have.

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However, this has led many to believe that the company is planning on adding this copied-from-Snapchat feature soon to the platform's web version as well.

Facebook has introduced "Stories" feature on all its platforms including Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp and Facebook mobile. Elsewhere, Stories is inspiring redesigns of other top apps, including most recently, Tinder, Match, and Skype. Facebook is looking to feature stories on desktop, so good luck trying to avoid them.

Moreover, #Facebook's "Stories" feature is very much like one of Snapchat's primary features wherein users can record and upload 20 seconds of themselves via video. It makes one wonder at which point Facebook will acknowledge this, and choose to swap in or sync Instagram stories to Facebook's Stories feature instead.