The Flash Showrunner Wants To Make A Big Change To Season 3


The actor posted a mirror photo of himself in which he is seen putting his legs up on a chair and is wearing his Flash suit trousers.

Gustin was spotted wearing his new speedster costume while filming a scene for Season 4, episode 3 in downtown Vancouver on Friday.

The Speed Force really does change speedsters, doesn't it? And apparently, that's exactly what's in store for The Flash season 4.

Last season on The Flash, in the episode "The Once and Future Flash", Barry Allen traveled to the future and met his older self, who wore a new Flash costume with gold trims on the boots, gauntlets, and a new gold belt. It should come as no surprise to fans of the series that Barry will exit the Speed Force so soon in the new season - he is the lead character, after all, and there is a time jump between seasons.

"In those six months, the team has taken on a dour and somewhat accepting attitude about Barry's fate", Valdes says. The new suit also has fewer gold accents around the ribs, but keeps the thick gold accents on the forearms. Compared to that previous costume, the new suit looks to be more leather-like with gold or yellow-like streaks accentuating "The Flash's" upper torso. "If Barry gets out of the Speed Force, I think a new suit would be good", he said at the time.

"[Iris is] obviously sad and depressed and also maybe a little angry of how he left without consulting her and without thinking about how it would affect her", she says.

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"Barry, when he comes out, won't be himself initially, because of how insane this experience is", Gustin said in an interview with CinemaBlend.

For a series known for its optimistic superhero, The Flash got pretty heavy in season 3.

It does seem like an appropriate visual cue to celebrate the fourth season of "The Flash" on The CW.

Hopefully, that's enough reassurance that, despite the dark note it ended with, Season 4 will bring back not just Barry, but the humor that made us love The Flash so much in the first place.

"There is still time before the fourth season of "#The Flash" speeds away on #The CW. Now, we know Wally won't be the only hero with new duds in season 4, as Barry's suit will be getting an upgrade - once he exits the Speed Force, of course.