Has The Blue Whale Game Taken Its First Indian Life?


A 14-year-old boy in Mumbai allegedly ended his life by jumping off a building and it was suspected that it was linked to Internet's Blue Whale Suicide Challenge game. He also informed his friends that a man from neighbhouring building was trying to stop him from jumping and he also shared the picture of the said person with his friends.

The report further cited gamers and IT experts saying that The Blue Whale challenge is hard to track and hunt down, and that there is nothing much the government or police can do to stop the spread of the game. However, he was declared dead upon admission, the police said. The police said his father is an aeronautical engineer.

Meghwadi police are probing messages circulating on social media that he was playing the game that is based on a 50-day dare.

A team to Manpreet's school was sent by the Meghwadi police, to check with his classmates, but it turned up nothing. Singh did not leave behind any suicide note and the police has filed an Accidental Death Report as of now.

A police officer who is part of the investigation said, "We have recorded the statement of the witness and are investigating the case". "The teenager's friends were chatting on social media groups about his death being linked to the Blue Whale online challenge". After signing up, a participant is assigned daily tasks for the next 50 days.

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Read:Blue Whale challenge? At the same time, post mortem report of Siddarth Hospital at Goregaon do not support the findings of police department as the blue whale mark was not present on his body, which is a major identification mark seen in those who play this game. The unsafe online game takes enthusiasts through 49 challenges before prompting the users to "win the challenge by committing suicide".

According to a report, the ringleader of the suicide game in Russian Federation has already been arrested and jailed for three years for inciting young people to kill themselves. Ostensibly, the final instruction is to commit suicide.

The participants are then asked to carve the whale onto their body.

If this does happen to be true, Manpreet will be the first Indian victim to fall into the trap of the online suicide game.