Google Chrome Canary and Dev Builds Now Come with Built-In Ad Blocker


Google's native ad blocker is definitely part of the Canary build, but we still don't know when it might reach the consumer version of Chrome for Android, or when it will expand across the aisle to iOS.

Earlier this year, Google was rumored to be working on a built-in ad blocker for its Chrome browser. It allows you to toggle on a feature that will "Block ads from sites that tend to show intrusive ads", though it's set off by default, at least in this build.

In April, details emerged of Google's plans to integrate an ad-blocker into its Chrome web browser. The setting for Chrome's built-in ad blocker can be accessed in the ads portion of the application's site settings.

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Google's decision to enable ad-blocker might seem perplexing at first, given the income they rope with online advertising. The ad-blocker has been made available on the Dev and Canary version of Chrome, both of which comes with the lack of any stability. The feature is also being tested in the latest preview builds of Google Chrome for Android. The tool blocks all types of ads which are "offensive" according to Better Ads Standards.

Google says its Chrome ad blocker will to stop showing ads, including its own, if they don't comply with the Better Ads Standards from the Coalition for Better Ads, an ad and publishing group of which Google is a member. Google's AdSense business will certainly be affected by the ad-blocker as it could potentially block ads provided by Google on sites that could be abusing the ads that result in an intrusive experience.

Google is ramping up its efforts to curb the intrusive advertising on its platform, and this move creates a positive picture for the company which has been infamous for quite a time for serving numerous ads on entire Internet, a major contributor to its revenues.