Court refuses to drop FaceTime class action lawsuit against Apple


Back in February 2017, two Californians sued Apple in a proposed class-action lawsuit over the fact that the company disabled an older version of iOS. This specifically affects iPhone 4 and 4S users since the units were the ones with the outdated iOS version most affected.

The lawsuit began early in the year when iPhone owners accused the company of breaking FaceTime, Engadget reports.

U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh disagreed with Apple's stance that customers didn't lose economically since FaceTime is a free service.

"FaceTime is a "feature" of the iPhone and thus a component of the iPhone's cost", says Koh. "Further, although Apple knew that it had intentionally disabled FaceTime, Apple told consumers that FaceTime had stopped working because of a 'bug resulting from a device certificate that expired.' Apple did not tell users that Apple had intentionally caused the digital certificate to expire prematurely".

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"Plaintiffs claim that Apple intentionally "broke" FaceTime in order to reduce the cost routing calls through third-party servers", the report noted.

Apple's decision to stop supporting FaceTime on the iPhone 4 was a result of a patent lawsuit it lost against VirnetX which resulted in Apple switching to a cheaper method to support the video calling feature.

Another hearing is scheduled for August 23, 2017, with a preliminary trial date set for January 28, 2019.

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