Chicago hospitals seeing baby boom nine months after Cubs World Series win


The babies also got complimentary memberships in the team's "Newborn Fan Club", and numerous parents in the hospital were thrilled with the distinction of their child being born as part of the "World Series baby" wave.

The Cubs won the World Series 38 weeks ago, today.

Dr. Melissa Dennis, an OB-GYN at advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center, was wondering what was going on. As summer and another pennant race looms, maybe the maternity ward will be busy once again, nine months from now. We don't know if it was a lot of sex or a little bit of sex, but it was just the right amount of sex to force this post into existence. Theo Hettinger arrived on July 17.

"Luck was on our side that night", Erin says.

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While there is no scientific evidence that the uptick is connected to the Cubs victory, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence from parents that celebrating the Cubs may have been the cause.

Joe Pelnar, father to baby Addison, chose the name based on the crosstreets that Wrigley is located on, not after star shortstop Addison Russell, but his son still has a connection to the team's win.

Advocate Illinois Masonic celebrated Wednesday the "World Championship Babies" complete with Clark the Cub, the World Series trophy and some newborn swag for the babies.

To their credit the Cubs are looking to capitalise on the phenomenon, with "world championship babies" offered free fanclub membership at a healthcare event in the city earlier this week.