Justin Bieber Makes A Surprise Visit To A Children's Hospital


Justin paid a visit to Children's Hospital of Orange County where he made dreams come true for several Beliebers by showing up unexpectedly in their rooms.

One mother named Brandie Runner shared the insane story of how her daughter Victoria got to meet JB.

Not only did he spend time talking to them but also prayed along with them. She wrote, "So. our nurse comes in and asks Victoria if she's been asked about having a visitor?"

Runner said that a nurse asked Victoria if she "likes "x" person" (meaning Bieber), which Victoria replied yes. 'In [Bieber] walks. Introduces [himself] to Victoria and we sit stunned.

Runner added in another pic, "We still can't believe Justin Bieber came in to meet my chicklette".

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"Today I got a once-in-a-lifetime chance to share a heart to heart conversation, several smiles, hugs, but most importantly a attractive prayer that @justinbieber said", one patient wrote.

'This is the side the world deserves to see of him, ' she wrote. What a blessing this day was to her (& I).

"His lovely soul and personality that definitely touched my heart forever. I never knew he had this big of a heart (sic)", mother of a patient, Brandie, captioned a video on Instagram. God is so good man!

A young Justin Bieber busking at the mere age of 13, before he became famous!