Boat runs wild after 10 injured in crash


IN conservation officers, members of the Steuben County Sheriff's Department, Steuben County EMS, the Orland Fire Department and the Parkview Samaritan Helicopter were all deployed to the scene at just after 7pm on Saturday (15 July).

Ten people were hurt over the weekend after they were thrown from a boat after being hit by another that was out-of-control, while on Indiana's Lake Gage on Saturday night. The boat continued at a high rate of speed, traveling unmanned around Lake Gage, causing further serious bodily injury and property damage.

Investigators say the boat's driver, 20-year-old Dominique Effinger, was speeding when she cut into a sharp turn, throwing everyone off. Four of the boaters were seriously injured, including one person who lost part of an arm and another who suffered a fractured skull.

Others with less serious injuries were transported to Cameron Memorial Hospital in Angola. He then brought the unmanned boat to a stop.

The incident remains under investigation. Conservation officers warned residents on-shore to move their docked boats and clear the area as the unmanned boat circled closer to boats and docks with each pass.

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The boat was a Correct Craft Ski Ski Nautique, according to the DNR officials, NewsChannel 15 reported. Carlile managed to get hold of the boat and wrangled it, however, it stuck at a pier and rear-ended the conservation officer's patrol boat. It spun out of control, crashed into a dock, and then ran into the boat of Conservation Officer Jake Carlisle.

A Ski Nautique motorboat that was involved in the accident was still under power and unmanned, circling the lake at approximately 30 miles per hour.

Carlile was able to throw a rope from his patrol boat to tangle up the propeller of the runaway boat, the report said.

During the pursuit, the boat hit several other passengers, a dock, and the back end of the patrol boat that police deployed to deal with the situation according to NBC News.