Half-Life Receives First Patch in Years


And now, nearly 20 years after its original release Valve has patched Half-Life.

It seemed that Valve had completely forgotten about the adventures of Gordon Freeman.

No need to get all excited though, as the Patch Notes reflect some final updates to the game based on community feedback. So, after pausing for a long time, the studio had chose to put itself onto the work to fix all the bug reports recently submitted by the players.

Fixed crash when entering certain malformed strings into the game console. So it's cool that Valve is still supporting it, despite Valve clearly not pulling its weight in other areas (releasing or even working on Half-Life Fricking 3). Thanks to Marshal Webb from BackConnect, Inc for reporting this.

My Leg Was Broken
Representatives for Stefani did not immediately respond to the Daily News' request for comment, and Live Nation declined comment. In the docs, obtained by TMZ , Stricklin says Stefani shouted.

Fixed malformed SAV files allowing arbitrary files to be written into the game folder.

Fixed crash when setting custom decalsSo what can we take from this seemingly minor bit of news?

Fixed a crash when quickly changing weapons that are consumable.

With all the talk of Half-Life 3 and how it's never, ever going to happen (especially with the number of writers who have departed the company in recent years), what are your thoughts on this patch?