Dominion Power investing in wind energy project off Virginia Beach coast


But a new, roughly $300 million fixed-price contract with Denmark's DONG Energy has cleared the way for construction of two 6 megawatt wind turbines, company officials said.

Named the Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind project, which is exclusively owned by Dominion, will place two turbines - each 6-megawatts - about 27 miles off the Virginia Beach coast.

Along with clean energy, it will provide Dominion Energy with valuable experience in managing offshore wind resources.

This phase one development of two wind turbines will be built approximately 27 miles off the coast of Virginia Beach on a 2,135-acre site leased by the Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy.

Engineering and development work will begin immediately, Dominion said Monday.

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Dominion said the development will provide "critical operational, weather and environmental experience needed for large-scale development in the adjacent 112,800-acre site leased by Dominion Energy from the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management".

There is now only one large-scale offshore wind farm, off the coast of Rhode Island and privately owned by Deepwater Wind.

Others are planned off the coasts of Massachusetts, New York and Maryland.

Dominion Energy chairman, president and chief executive Thomas Farrell said: "Today marks the first step in what I expect to be the deployment of hundreds of wind turbines off Virginia's coast that will further diversify our energy production portfolio, create thousands of jobs, and reduce carbon emissions in the Commonwealth". The company owns 22 offshore wind farms throughout Europe and Asia.

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