Ranveer Singh date night with Deepika Padukone in his new Aston Martin


The man we all love turns 31 and Ranveer planned on expressing his love for Deepika by taking her out for a birthday date in his new fancy vehicle, a stunning Aston martin.The two looked adorable together enjoying each others company and we can't stop drooling over them. In fact, Ranveer-Deepika was also snapped during their drive and the pics of their romantic hangout is going viral on social. The high-spirited actor spent a quiet birthday with his special one. Apparently, Ranveer gifted himself a new set of wheels on his birthday and it was nobody else but Deepika who was the first one to sit beside him to for a drive.

Yes! The couple, who were celebrating Ranveer's birthday, actually went out in the birthday boy's new vehicle to ring in the actor's special day.

The rumoured couple will soon be seen together in Sanjay Leela Bhasnali's "Padmavati" in which Deepika Padukone will be playing the titular role, while Ranveer will portray the lead antagonist Allauddin Khilji.

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Ranveer was spotted driving the INR 3.29 crore (ex-showroom) vehicle with Bajirao Mastani co-star Deepika Padukone in the passenger seat.

While Ranveer looked chirpy as ever, Deepika did not seem happy with the paparazzi. "Padmavati" is slated to release in November this year. Available on Android and IOS.