Police Hunt Owners Of Suitcase Containing $1.6 Million In Cash


Australian Federal Police have put out a call for anyone who might have accidentally mislaid a suitcase filled with AUD$1.6m (£950,000) while they were hanging out in New South Wales.

"We're looking for the person that left this sum of money behind at a property in Wetherill Park, NSW", an AFP spokesperson wrote on Facebook.

"Have you misplaced a lazy $1.6 million in cash?"

"We've kicked off a court process to have it listed as unclaimed cash - but if you reckon this cash is yours, we'd be very keen to speak with you", a post on the AFP's official Facebook page read.

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'And by speak with you, we definitely mean to ask where you got a suitcase full of cash from.

Police were quick to respond with one word: "prison". Confiscated cash goes into the Confiscated Assets Account, managed by the Australian Financial Security Authority.

"There are also provisions for the Australian government to approve the sharing of confiscated funds with other jurisdictions including overseas in recognition of their effort involved in joint investigations or prosecutions of unlawful activity".