Apple deciding whether to invest in LG's OLED production?


The Cupertino firm is, so South Korean sources are reporting, weighing a considerable investment into one of LG Display's production lines, which would be earmarked entirely for Apple's needs.

At the moment the Korea Herald report was unclear as to when LG's OLED production for iPhones would begin.

This year is a breakthrough for SDC as the company has for the first time entered the iPhone display chain with its AMOLED offering. The company's WitsView division notes that since 2015 Samsung Display has been looking for more sources of demand to expand its presence in the AMOLED market.

Apple now has to rely on Samsung, and with LG Display dropping into the mix, the tech giant will have greater say when negotiating component prices for future iPhones.

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"Samsung Display is the only display maker that meets Apple's strict quality criteria for now", said an industry source on condition of anonymity. LG is 70% of the way there, and Chinese manufacturers are not even up to LG's level yet.

Apple is reportedly in talks with LG Display to invest about 2 to 3 trillion won (US$1.75-2.62 billion) into the Korean display maker's new OLED production lines exclusively dedicated to Apple orders. The production capacity of these two plants is expected to touch 180,000 to 270,000 units of the sixth-generation OLED panels per month, which would be around 30% more than its A3 plant, which is now the largest OLED plant of Samsung Display.

ET News says that Samsung already expanded one of its existing plants to hit a production target of 135,000 panels per month, while the new facility should help ramp the number up to 270,000 units in total.