Destiny 2's Preload Date for PS4 Revealed


Talking to Games Radar, "Destiny 2" director Luke Smith explained the reason behind the launch schedule change, saying: "We were looking at a bunch of logistics; the technical diligence".

The original Destiny game was heavily criticized for its story, as players often weren't told why their objective was important and the narrative was often jumbled, with no real explanation about anything.

"I think broadly speaking it's probably the inclusion of a story".

"[Destiny 2 is] actually focusing on having a followable narrative, and having a big sort of storyline, epic scenario". There's the Red War, which is the main campaign the trailers focus on, but there are also adventures that tell you about the worlds that surround you, and unique enemies there.

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While Bungie isn't just yet revealing all of the juicy details on what returning Destiny players will get in Destiny 2, they have gone ahead and shown off some of the emblems you can unlock.

In addition to that news, Bungie announced that any PS4 exclusive content in Rise of Iron will be available on the Xbox One version starting in October.

Players will partake in The Red War, Destiny 2's central storyline and battle against Ghaul of the Red Legion. Xbox One on July 19 -20, and PC players will able to playtest the game in August. "And so, by [originally] going out on a Friday, I think we were putting our technical teams at a risk".

Smith hopes Bungie's attempts at a "cohesive campaign" will help attract new Guardians to Destiny 2, but fans of the science fiction setting will be pleased to learn there'll be other story content, too.