Five GOP senators now oppose health bill _ enough to sink it


One of the Republican senators who's opposing his party's health care bill as written says the Senate shouldn't vote on the plan this week.

McConnell needs nearly every Republican to support the bill.

"There are folks in the Republican conference who desperately want this to devolve to the states", said Whitlock, who's now vice president for health policy at ML Strategies, a lobbying and consulting firm.

During a White House meeting last week with 13 Republican senators, Trump said the House version was "mean" and urged the senators to make it more generous.

While discussing the Republican health bill during an interview that aired Sunday on Fox & Friends, Trump said it would be great if lawmakers from both parties could "come up something that everybody's happy with".

Fair to say there isn't anything you like in this new plan?

Reaction to the proposal ranged from lukewarm to outright derision.

The bill would let states get waivers to ignore some coverage requirements under Obama's law, such as specific health services insurers must now cover. She was asked about the bill's impact on lower-income Iowans now covered by Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act. Trump made the plan's repeal a centrepiece of his 2016 election campaign. Republicans and Democrats will be negotiating with the Senate parliamentarian, who oversees the chamber's rules, next week to decide what can be included in the bill and what cannot. Adults 50 to 65, who don't get health insurance from their employer, will likely face higher premiums.

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Ever since Obamacare was enacted in 2010 without any Republican votes, House Republicans voted dozens of times to repeal it, a futile effort as long as Obama was president. It's hard to imagine the Senate bill's numbers looking much better than that. The conventional thinking is that low-income people are in for deep trouble.

MARTIN: How would this work at the state level? That would focus the aid more on people with lower incomes than the House legislation, which bases its subsidies on age. The North Carolina representative told reporters the Senate bill "does not have enough conservative support" to get by the House without changes.

"Right now it's just too big of a deal, it's a life-and-death situation for so many people", she said Friday at Flake's office. Just as before the law took effect, people with little means will show up in emergency rooms when they are in serious straits. "I will oppose it coming to the floor in its current form, but I remain open to negotiations".

"I think this is a real issue and I think this is something that needs to be addressed", said Susan Giaimo, a Marquette biomedical science professor.

The Republican health care bill is uniformly opposed by Democratic Senators, but could pass without them if Republicans line up.

"It is going to make insurance more expensive".

He did, however, acknowledge that there are problems with the current health care system that need to be addressed. The House bill would create massive problems but at least fix a few marginal ones. There is uncertainty over whether abortion-related provisions will meet Senate rules, but those provisions could be included in another Senate bill.

Hillary Clinton put on the boxing gloves once again to fight back against the forthcoming Senate healthcare bill. "But I think we're going to get it". McConnell and other leaders, meanwhile, are trying to rally support for a vote on the bill this week, but may be short of the support necessary to pass it. Only 13 percent said it would improve the quality of healthcare.