Iran's elite force rejects Saudi claims of foiled attack


"The three captured members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards are now being questioned by Saudi authorities", it said, citing a Saudi official.

The Saudi Ministry of Information said in a statement that the boat, which was sailing along two other boats, was heading towards the field of Marjan in what looked like a terrorist attempt.

"It is clear this was meant to be a terrorist act in Saudi territorial waters created to cause severe damage to people and property".

"There is no evidence that they are military personnel", ILNA news agency quoted Aghababaie as saying. The seized boat contained a stash of "weapons for subversive purpose" and had three men onboard.

Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on Tuesday the USA forces should not be present in Iraq under any excuses. Yesterday Iran accused the Saudi coastguard of killing one of its fishermen after two fishing boats may have strayed into Saudi waters.

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The latest standoff between Iran and Saudi Arabia comes after a week of continued escalations in the region.

On Sunday, Iran has launched six ballistic missiles into Syria, targeting positions of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) terrorists in retaliation for the twin attacks in Tehran earlier this month.

"The countries agreed to establish a coordination council to upgrade relations to the hoped for strategic level and open new horizons for cooperation in different fields", said the statement carried by the official Saudi Press Agency. Saudi Arabia regularly accuses Iran of interfering in the affairs of its neighbours, claims rejected by Tehran.

Saudi Arabia and other Arab governments cut ties with Qatar June 5, claiming among other things that the country is supporting Iran. Iran has indirectly blamed Saudi Arabia for the attacks and has vowed revenge.