4-year-old steals the show at graduation


Sophia's mother Michelle Neshin posted the video on Facebook, captioning, "When the last song of graduation is supposed to be mellow::::: and you didn't get the memo".

(Inside Edition) - A young girl in Florida showed the audience just how far she'd go when she stole the show at her preschool graduation.

Speaking to ABC News, Michelle, 28, said her daughter has a "huge personality" but that the performance "was something else, even for her".

Sophia's class performed two songs from "Zootopia" prior to this closing number from "Moana", which definitely took the cake. "I had no idea it was coming".

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As seen in the video above, Sophia stands out among her classmates as she belts out the catchy Disney song with passion, emphasizing her high notes with dramatic arm movements reminiscent of a tiny Whitney Houston.

Neshin, 28, said she was in "utter disbelief" at her daughter's over-the-top emotion while singing. I think it didn't hit me until afterwards.

What's Sophia's favorite part of her viral video fame?

She has passion enough oozing out of her to share around the whole class and is the ultimate spirit animal for everyone at that moment when your favourite song comes on in the vehicle and you just can't help but belt it out.